10 Mistakes That Stop Your Weight Loss Journey?

Losing weight requires a lot of hard work and determination. We are aware of all the rules and suggestions during the process of losing weight. It can be hard to figure out which tips are really helpful. We often make mistakes during the process of losing weight.

In this article, we discuss some of the most common mistakes made while trying to lose weight. Failure to correct all these mistakes can also lead to weight gain. Although it may seem easy to exercise and live in a calorie deficit, these mistakes can be very dangerous.

Ten mistakes that are slowing you down:

1.Stress: The biggest reason for weight gain is stress. Being stressed about something can affect your metabolism and even cause you to overeat. Apart from general stress, trying to lose weight can also lead to stress. The relationship you have with yourself and your mood has a much greater effect on your weight than you might think.

2. Skipping Meals: Another crash diet technique that people opt for is that they start skipping main meals like breakfast, lunch or dinner. It doesn’t really help, and may instead spoil your health. If you don’t eat breakfast and try to curb your hunger, you may end up eating a lot during lunch. Being hungry can also lead to gastric problems, which can further upset you. Instead what you should do is plan your meals in such a way that you complete your meals on time. With this process, you will also be fit and healthy for exercising.

3.Fiber Cutting: Many weight loss diets encourage you to cut down on ‘carbs’. Most of the foods rich in carbs are rich in fibre. Fiber may be advertised as useless. But this is wrong. It is extremely important for the healthy functioning of our digestive system. It also helps us to feel energetic for a longer period of time. Go for healthy and less processed fiber-rich foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

4. Not Eating Enough Protein: While trying to lose weight, we believe that a high protein diet is needed only when we are going to the gym. Rather a protein-rich diet is essential when going to the gym, but it is also used for all other types of weight loss process. Protein provides us with energy, increases metabolism, improves our muscles and health.

5. Being Inconsistent: Be it our diet or workout routine, the inconsistency affects our weight instantly. Lack of proper routine can confuse the body. It is important to follow a proper routine. Plan your routine for the week in advance which can help you stay motivated.

6.Not Doing Enough Research: Lack of proper research can lead you to make decisions that may do more harm to your body than good. Lack of proper guidance and research can lead to health complications. It is essential to get reliable guidance while going on a weight loss journey.

7. Eating Canned ‘Healthy’ Foods: Ready to eat, packaged ‘healthy’ foods are not as healthy and promote weight loss as we think. Most of them are ways in which we fool ourselves that we are eating a healthier version of our favorite foods when there is not much difference in calories or nutritional content. Packaged foods contain various preservatives, sugar, sodium and other components which can be harmful for health to include in your food. The best way to lose weight through diet is to actually cook your food at home and thus you will be aware of the ingredients and their quantity in what you eat and control it accordingly. Using less oil or butter, which cannot be done if you are consuming packaged foods.

8.Not Drinking Enough Water: Our body often confuses dehydration and hunger. The feeling of thirst is often confused with being hungry. This leads to unnecessary overeating. However, drinking enough water can help speed up your weight loss journey. Water enhances metabolism, energy levels, muscle health, blood flow and many other factors.

9. Focus on Exercising Only: Extensive exercise can be compared to getting fit for losing weight but this is wrong. To lose weight, you should pay attention to your lifestyle, what you eat and how much exercise you do. Over-exercise cannot be an excuse for an unhealthy and high calorie diet. Your body needs healthy food to lose weight and get enough energy to exercise.

10. Not Getting Enough Sleep: As discussed above, our lifestyle plays a huge role in our weight loss journey. Lack of sleep can reduce your productivity and energy levels during workouts. A poor sleep cycle can make it difficult for you to stay motivated. You are encouraged to sleep uninterruptedly for at least 7-8 hours per day.

In the end, eating less and exercising more is not as easy as you might think. Our body is extremely complex and working on it. Lack of proper or reliable tips can make it difficult to lose weight. It is important to do your research before proceeding with a suggestion. We would also recommend you to speak to an expert Encourage you so that you are adopting the right way to lose weight.

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