40 Years Of Nikaah: Boycott’s appeal was made even years ago, to avoid the ruckus, the film was named ‘Nikah’

40 Years Of Nikaah: Some movies are ahead of time and time. Sensitive issue like triple talaq is now in discussion while BR Chopra had made a historical film on this subject 40 years ago. The film ‘Nikah’, starring Raj Babbar, Deepak Parashar and Salma Agha, was released on 24 September 1982. This was Salma’s first film and the success of this film made her an overnight star. Like today the trend of boycotting many films is going on, years ago the same was done for ‘Nikah’. It is a different matter that at that time there was no social media, nor was there a hashtag trend. On the completion of 40 years of the release of the film, let us tell how Salma got the film and how her friend saved BR Chopra from getting into trouble.

When Salma Agha, who stepped into acting from the film ‘Nikah’, was seen in tears on the screen, her beauty started being discussed, Salma was successful in getting a special place in the heart of the audience. Salma got this film by luck and it was the first film that made her luck so bright that even after 40 years have passed, the film remains intact. It is said that when the famous filmmaker BR Chopra heard Salma’s voice, he was so impressed that he offered for his film ‘Divorce Talaq Talaq’, although this title was later changed to ‘Nikah’. The talk of changing the title also happened by chance, its story is no less interesting.

Salma Agha and Deepak Parashar are still remembered for the film ‘Nikah’. (Photo Credits: Deepak Parashar/Twitter)

Salma Agha shows the pain of Muslim women on screen
In the film on triple talaq 40 years ago under the direction of BR Chopra, actress Salma Agha showed the pain of Muslim women on the silver screen in a very spectacular way. Salma had stunned by giving her painful voice to the song ‘Dil Ke Arma Aanso Mein Bah Gaye’. When the film was released, the story of the film was very much discussed. The actress of this film Salma became famous. Viewers are still curious to know about Salma.

Memorable film of Raj Babbar-Deepak Parashar
The superb chemistry and songs of Bollywood veteran actor Raj Babbar Raj Babbar and Salma Agha made ‘Nikah’ a superhit. At the same time, Deepak Parashar also became very popular. After this film, Deepak and Salma Agha did many films but they are still remembered for ‘Nikah’. Last year, on the completion of 39 years of the film, Deepak Parashar, in a post on social media, called the film a memorable and iconic film of his life.

deepak post

(Photo Credits: Deepak Parashar/Twitter)

Friend advised BR Chopra to change the name
It is said that there was a lot of ruckus about the story of the film ‘Nikah’. Earlier it was named ‘Talaq-Talaq-Talaq’ on triple talaq. But to avoid controversy, the name was changed to ‘Nikah’. A Muslim friend of his had come to meet the film’s director BR Chopra. The talk of the film came out in a few words, but as soon as the friend heard the title of the film ‘Talaq-Talaq-Talaq’, he said that hey it will be amazing. Whichever wife will hear the name of the film from her husband, then saying talaq-talaq-divorce thrice, her marriage will be broken and divorce will happen. BR Chopra also understood its seriousness and after much thought changed the name of the film to ‘Nikah’ and thus avoided getting into a big trouble.

40 years have passed since the release of the film Nikah. (Photo Credits: Deepak Parashar/Twitter)

Some people appealed not to watch ‘Nikah’
However, it was not easy for producer-director BR Chopra to make a film on such a sensitive subject. According to media reports, many people even went to court to stop this film. Well somehow ‘Nikah’ was released, some Muslim organizations against the film put up posters outside theaters, appealing not to watch the film. But the film audience liked it so much that the cinema hall remained housefull. The film won all the awards

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Salma made ‘Nikah’ a super hit with acting and singing
Salma Agha got Filmfare Best Singer Award and Best Actress for the songs ‘Dil Ke Arma Aanso Mein Bah Gaye’, ‘Dil Ki Yeh Arju Thi’. Dr Achla Nagar received the Best Writer Award for the script. BR Chopra got the Filmfare Award for Best Director and Ravi got the Best Music Director.

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