5 mild symptoms of coronavirus that can make a person a possible spreader of covid, do not ignore


Do not ignore the problem of coughing and sneezing.
If fever lasts more than two days, see a doctor.

Symptoms of Coronavirus: The coronavirus is still not completely over. New Kovid cases are coming to the fore in the country every day. However, in comparison to the last two years, the cases of corona have been very less. Nevertheless, the coronavirus cannot be ignored at all. Even today, the coronavirus is present in the air and surrounding things. In such a situation, whoever has the problem of fever, cold, cough, sore throat, they should be more alert about their health, because without doing a covid test, it cannot be known that cough-cold, sneezing, runny nose is normal. Or there are mild symptoms of corona.

When these mild symptoms can infect another person, you will not even know. Gradually, the symptoms of mild covid can also take the form of an epidemic. In such a situation, you should be alert even if you have flu, cough-cold. Wear mask, wash hands, use sanitizer. Ignoring these mild symptoms similar to covid can make you a potential covid spreader.

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Who is the silent spreader of Covid?

TOI According to a news published in, if you have cough-cold, then take some caution, as it is also included in the mild symptoms of Kovid. It can also spread to others. Individuals who fall under the category of silent spreaders are asymptomatic, presymptomatic and mild symptomatic. The asymptomatic, presymptomatic person is not aware that they are unknowingly spreading the virus from person to person. At the same time, people suffering from mild symptomatic spread the infection due to their carelessness.

Do not be careless if you see these symptoms

fever and chills
If you have a fever or are feeling chills, do not be careless, especially if the fever is more than two days. Fever can also occur due to change in weather or any other infection, problem. But, if the fever is being caused by corona, then you can also infect the people around you. Better see a doctor. Isolate yourself at home.

having a cough
If you are coughing, do not be careless, as the droplets released during coughing may contain the virus. This increases the chances of people around to get infected with Kovid. If you have a cough, keep a handkerchief over your mouth, keep wearing a mask. In this situation, take full care of social distancing until you come to know that the cough is due to being infected with the virus or it is a cough due to cough-cold.

frequent sneezing
Like coughing, sneezing also releases droplets from the mouth. If you are sneezing frequently, then be careful. Sneezing is also included in the mild symptoms of corona. Coronavirus may be present in air droplets. It is better to keep a handkerchief over the mouth while sneezing, wear a mask and stay in a separate room. Visit the doctor and confirm whether it is a Kovid-19 infection or not.

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running nose
A runny nose is also included in the mild symptoms of corona, which makes a person a possible spreader of corona. The problem of runny nose or congestion in the nose usually occurs during cold or flu, so people often do not take this problem seriously. In the event of corona, they become the reason for the spread of Kovid. Whenever you clean your nose, dispose of the napkin properly. Throw it in a place where there is less chance of spreading the virus.

sore throat
Sore throat is also included in the symptoms of corona. If this problem is bothering you for a few days, then see a doctor. Itchy throat or sore throat was a typical symptom seen in most people during the third wave of corona, which was caused by the Omicron variant. Apart from this, if you are troubled by problems like muscle pain, headache, body ache, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, then do a Kovid test once on the advice of a doctor and isolate yourself at home.

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