5 signs and symptoms of high cholesterol level seen in feet, do not ignore

Symptoms of High Cholesterol in Legs: The increase in cholesterol in the body is not correct. This increases the chances of getting cardiovascular disease. Also, the risk of having coronary artery disease, stroke can also increase. There are two types of cholesterol, good and bad cholesterol. Due to the increase in the amount of bad cholesterol, many types of symptoms can be seen in the body and these symptoms can also appear in your feet. However, the symptoms of high cholesterol level are not visible in most of the people, hence it is also named as silent killer. High cholesterol level is detected through blood test. People who are overweight and have a high amount of body fat are more likely to develop cholesterol. However, some signs and symptoms in your feet also indicate that your cholesterol has become high. Know, what are the signs and symptoms seen in the feet that indicate that the level of cholesterol has increased in your body.

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Symptoms of high cholesterol seen in the feet

Cold feet are signs of high cholesterol

TOI According to a news published in, your feet and soles are always cold, so it can be a sign of high cholesterol. Some people’s soles remain cold in summer or in every season, such people should definitely contact the doctor. Although it is not necessarily a problem of high cholesterol level, cold soles can be in many other problems. It is better to check with the doctor, get the cholesterol level tested.

Visible change in the color of the skin on the feet

When there is high cholesterol, the flow of blood to the body parts also decreases. This can lead to a change in the color of the skin. This happens because the cells do not get proper nutrition due to lack of blood flow carrying nutrients and oxygen. If you elevate the legs, the skin may appear pale. At the same time, when you hang it on the table, the skin may appear purple or blue.

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Pain in feet, whether cholesterol level is high

If you have persistent foot pain for a few days, then do not ignore it too. When there is a blockage in the arteries of the legs, then the required amount of blood rich in oxygen is not able to reach the lower part of the body. This can lead to a feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs. Some people also complain of burning pain in the feet due to high cholesterol. Many times this pain occurs in the legs from the buttocks, thighs to the bottom. The pain can be in both or even in one leg. This problem is felt more when you walk, run or climb stairs. The pain can go away with rest and can recur with movement, so it is better to see a doctor.

Cramps in the legs at night symptoms of high cholesterol

If you have frequent leg cramps while sleeping at night, then do not ignore it. It can also be due to high cholesterol. This damages the arteries of the lower limbs. This problem becomes more severe at night, due to which there is no sleep. There may be cramps in the muscles of the soles, ankles, fingers, feet. Keeping the leg hanging from the bed or sitting can provide relief from cramps. This allows gravity to aid in the flow of blood to the legs.

Wounds on the soles or feet do not heal, be alert

If there is any wound in the soles and feet, which is not healing, then it can also be due to high cholesterol. Sometimes these problems occur due to poor blood circulation. Wounds that heal very slowly or do not heal for several days, then it means that the blood flow is not happening properly in the legs due to high cholesterol level. Better see a doctor.

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