Air pollution started increasing even before Diwali, parents should protect newborn children like this


Air pollution can cause difficulty in breathing for the child.
Strengthen the immunity of children to fight pollution.

Special Care Of Children Is Necessary: As Diwali approaches, the level of pollution in the metropolis starts getting high. Pollution makes its victims not only to older people but also to newborn babies. According to the WHO report, more than 90 percent of children worldwide are breathing polluted air, which is increasing their health problems. This includes children from newborn to 15 years of age. Due to pollution, the mental and physical development of many children is being affected. According to WHO, 600,000 children died worldwide in 2016 due to acute lower respiratory infections caused by polluted air.

This suggests that when a pregnant woman is exposed to polluted air, the chances of the baby being born prematurely increase. This is the reason why children are more small and underweight. Asthma and cancer problems can be triggered in many children since childhood. If special care is taken of children soon after pregnancy or birth, then they can be saved from many major diseases.

Domestic pollution can also increase the problem
Household air pollution also has a great impact on newborns and young children. According to WHO Polluting fuel and technology are used in homes, which include cooking, heating and lighting. The pollution emanating from all these things affects the mind of children. However, now clean cooking is being promoted in homes, under which the use of low-impact gas, chimney and air purifier has increased.

How to take care of a newborn baby

take care during pregnancy
In order to protect the newborn children from pollution, the woman will have to take many precautions during pregnancy itself. Avoid staying out of the house for a long time during pregnancy and always carry a mask with you. Do not come in contact with people who smoke so that you can also save yourself from smoking fumes.

keep kids hydrated
Whether it is a newborn or small children, it is very important for them to stay hydrated. Newborn babies cannot consume water, so feed the baby after every two hours. Whenever you feel that the child’s lips are getting dry, then apply water or cream on the child’s lips. At the same time, older children should drink about 6-7 glasses of water throughout the day. Water will help in flushing out the toxins from the body.

improve immunity
Newborn babies are completely dependent on the mother. If the mother is healthy, then the child will also continue to get the necessary nutrients. To avoid pollution, the mother has to improve her immune system. To improve the immunity of the child, the mother will have to focus on healthy diet and exercise, as well as protect herself from pollution. On the other hand, to boost the immunity of older children, the intake of superfoods like honey, turmeric and basil will have to be increased.

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use a mask
Polluted air can cause health problems for both mother and child. Do not forget to carry a mask before going into the pollution. Newborn babies cannot be put on a mask, so cover them with a cotton cloth and take them out. At the same time, get older children in the habit of wearing masks.

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eat nutritious food
People whose body is weak and already sick may be more affected by pollution. It is very important to take nutritious diet to avoid pollution. Include essential minerals, fats, carbs and proteins in the diet. Also, avoid eating too sweet and oily greasy food.

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