Alert! Cardiac arrest to every 800th person with this vaccine of Corona, how safe are you?

the world now Corona Has not fully recovered from. In many countries including China, it is creating havoc in new forms. Meanwhile, questions are also being raised regarding the vaccines developed to overcome it. One of these is mRNA vaccine. Scientists have claimed about this that in every 800 people who take it cardiac arrest Happening. This rate is very high and dangerous. This study has been done in America and after this report, scientists have the vaccine But demanded an immediate ban. Renowned US physician, clinical scientist and lead author of the study, Joseph Fryman, has analyzed the effects of the mRNA Kovid-19 vaccine of two of the world’s largest companies, Pfizer and Moderna. After this analysis, it has been claimed that the RNA (mRNA) formula used in both these vaccines is having a very dangerous effect on humans.

Freeman, a resident of Louisiana, USA, has shared a video about this. They have told- we found in the study that this the vaccine has made a serious negative impact. This effect was observed at a rate of one in 800 people. At the time of publishing the study, my coauthors and I could not understand why this study was based on one of our studies. the vaccine Whether the demand to ban it will be right or not, but after the publication of our report, many other evidences have also come to the fore and we have come to the conclusion that this vaccine should be removed from the market immediately.

Fryman further cites another BMJ study and a report by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Apart from Freeman, in these two reports also the dangerous side of this vaccine side effect It has been said to happen. However, the researcher said that the FDA had not told the public about the serious consequences of this vaccine.

Fryman and his team claimed that they studied all the post mortem reports regarding this. Due to this, he got the initial necessary evidence and in this suddenly the matter of cardiac arrest came to the fore. mRNA vaccine More people are dying than should have died there. However, it still cannot be said directly that these deaths are happening because of the Covid vaccine. Researchers are not yet in a position to tell that the corona vaccine is behind these additional deaths.

Now the question is how safe are the people of India?
Before coming to this question, we have to understand mRNA vaccine. No-no, even before that we have to understand the vaccine. Actually, any vaccine enables our body to fight against any external bacteria or virus. All vaccines contain small amounts of harmless viruses or bacteria. These microscopic viruses or bacteria are introduced into the body through injection. Then they prevent the entry of external virus or bacteria by making their place in the body. Many types of techniques are adopted for this. One of these techniques is mRNA. The vaccine made from this mRNA technique was first trialled in the midst of the dreadful form of corona epidemic in the world. The first two vaccines that were approved in the US were both with mRNA technology. Two companies Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna made this vaccine.

Vaccines are made in three ways
According to the World Health Organization, vaccines are made on three types of formulas in the world. The first of these is the Inactivated Vaccine or Live Attenuated Vaccine. An entire virus or bacteria is used in the vaccine made from this formula. The second formula is Viral Vector Vaccine. In this, a microscopic part of the insect is used which strengthens the immune system of our body. CoviShield, a vaccine administered to most of the people in India, has been developed on this formula. The third formula is of genetic material. The vaccine made from this formula instructs our body to make a specific protein and not the entire virus.

What is mRNA?
The Indian Express has published a report about this. Debashish Desai, consultant infectious diseases at Pune’s Ruby Hall Clinic, explains that mRNA ie messenger ribonucleic acid, a genetic molecule made in the laboratory, can be used to teach our cells to make S-protein or spike protein. do for. This protein is found on the surface of the Kovid-19 virus. When a person is given this vaccine, his muscle cells start making S-proteins and these proteins start making antibodies to fight the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The question is that mRNA is not a new technology. It cannot be seen only in the context of Kovid-19. According to WHO, this technique is from the 60s. Vaccine is being made since 1990 with this technique. A lot of progress has also been made in this direction, but a very important fact is that no vaccine made on the basis of this technology was fully approved before January 2021 (before the Corona epidemic). Due to Kovid, there was rapid research in this area and some vaccines were approved for emergency use. Emergency use means that the vaccine can be administered to common people other than clinical trials.

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