Along with improving digestion, BP also controls cowpea, it was the first to be produced in this country.


Regular consumption of cowpea can also reduce the risk of sugar.
Cowpea is described in the Ayurvedic text ‘Charakasamhita’ of India.
Boiled cowpea is also eaten a lot with non-veg.

Weakness of the digestive system and the problem of blood pressure, both of these have become common nowadays. If you want to control them through diet, then there is no better food than cowpea. The vitamins and minerals found in it are very beneficial for the body. Cowpea also contributes to preventing weight gain. Its crop originating from Africa is now being eaten all over the world. In many countries, boiled cowpea is eaten with non-veg.

Steamed Cowpeas Confluence With Fried Or Grilled Non Veg

In many countries, cowpea is also called black-eyed pea. In fact, it is a kind of pulse or pea derived from legumes, in which nutrients are rich. In India, it is being used as food for thousands of years, but in many countries it was also used as animal feed in early countries. Later those countries saw the properties of its pod and included it in the diet. In western countries where non-veg is eaten a lot, boiled cowpea is also eaten with fried or grilled non-veg, the reason is that it contains a sufficient amount of fiber which helps in digestion of non-veg.

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Cowpea grown in South Africa shaded all over the world

Talking about the history of cowpea cultivation, it is believed that its cultivation started in Africa about 5000 years ago. After that it reached Latin America, Southeast Asia and the southern United States. It is believed that it was also grown in India in the early stages, but there is no confirmed evidence of this.

Cowpea is described in the Ayurvedic text ‘Charakasamhita’ of India.

American-Indian botanist Sushma Nathani has certified its origin center as the Ethiopian Center, which includes the North East African countries of Eritrea, Abyssinia, Somaniland and Ethiopia. By the way, in India’s Ayurvedic text ‘Charakasamhita’ written in the seventh-eighth BC, cowpea is described and it is said to be interesting, sweet, heavy for the body, besides increasing phlegm-semen and acidity.

Digestive system will improve, weight will also be less

According to modern science, if cowpea is checked, then 100 grams of cowpea contains energy 336, carbohydrate 60.03 grams, protein 23.52 grams, total fat 1.26 grams, cholesterol 0 and dietary fiber 10.6 grams. According to dietician and home chef Simmi Babbar, nowadays the trend of those diets has increased a lot, in which there is sufficient amount of fiber, cowpea is also one of them.

Its specialty is that its consumption keeps the digestive system healthy. If this system is correct then your weight will not increase too much, due to which blood pressure will also be under control. Botanical science is also saying that regular consumption of cowpea can also reduce the risk of sugar.

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If you eat more then gas will be formed in the stomach.

He says that cowpea also has ingredients that reduce inflammation. Since it is a rich source of carbohydrates, which will keep you feeling full, it will reduce appetite, keep the digestive system healthy and prevent obesity. It also prevents the formation of bad cholesterol in the body.


Incorporate cowpea in the diet slowly and in small amounts.

Cowpea contains impressive amounts of beta carotene, which the body automatically converts into vitamin A. With this, the eyesight will be fine and the skin will also be better. The disadvantage of eating it in excess is that the stomach will start gurgling and the tendency of belching will start to arise. The problem of allergy to cowpea has also been seen in some people. Its solution is to include cowpea in the food slowly and in small quantities.

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