Aluminium, steel or earthen pots, which one is best to cook to stay healthy? Learn expert advice


Non-stick utensils are Teflon coated, which is injurious to health.
Cooking in iron utensils is best for health.
It is healthy to cook food in an earthen pot.

Which Utensil is good for Health: Everyone cooks and eats food in the utensils of their choice. Some people cook food in aluminum utensils and some people cook food in stainless steel. At the same time, if we talk about small towns and villages, even today iron, pottery is used a lot for cooking. Have you ever noticed that whatever kind of metal utensils you use for cooking, what are the benefits and harms to your health? To stay physically healthy and fit, it is very important that you cook and eat food in the right utensils.

This is because some utensils contain toxic chemicals that can seep into the food and contaminate it. In such a situation, it is very important for you to know which utensil is best for cooking. Ayurveda and Gut Health Coach Dr. Dimple Jangda Has shared very good and detailed information on this on his Instagram account through video. You also know which utensils Dr. Dimple is telling the best for health and who is saying that she refuses to use.

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stainless steel utensils- Most people use such utensils for cooking and eating. Also you can cook many types of dishes in it. Food is also prepared quickly in this, but while cooking food in stainless steel utensils, only 60-70 percent of the nutrients present in the food are retained. Do not forget to buy stainless steel utensils polished with chromium or nickel, as they can prove to be injurious to health.

iron utensils- Cooking in iron utensils is best for health. It provides maximum health benefits as compared to other cookware Utensil. When you cook food in cast iron or cast iron utensils, a very small amount of iron dissolves or seeps into your food, which can be healthy for the body. However, those who have high amounts of iron in their body (thalassemia major), should avoid cooking in cast iron utensils, as the cast iron utensils that are being made today come with a special kind of coating.

Non-stick cookware- Nowadays people use non-stick utensils a lot. Actually, by cooking anything in it, they do not stick or burn quickly. But, usually these non-stick utensils are coated with Teflon, which contains ingredients like cadmium and mercury. These can be very harmful to health. There is a risk of problems like many types of cancer, kidney, liver disease, heart disease, mentor problems, nerve disorder from them.

aluminum utensils- It is a type of thyrotoxic metal, which easily dissolves in food during cooking. Continuous use of aluminum utensils can trigger many serious physical problems like liver disorders, constipation, paralysis or paralysis, brain disorders etc.

Ceramic Utensil- Some people are fond of cooking and eating food in ceramic utensils. It has a very thin ceramic coating as well as an aluminum coating at the bottom. It can prove to be very harmful for health. If you have to use ceramic cookware, make sure you buy utensils with heavy ceramic coating.

clay pots- Even today people in small towns and villages use earthen pots for cooking. Actually, the soil heats up slowly. In such a situation, it helps in retaining the moisture and nutrients of the food. Although, it takes a lot of time to cook, but it is the best as compared to other utensils. It does not cause any harm to health.

Bronze pots- When you cook food in bronze i.e. bronze utensils, about 97 percent of the nutrients are present. However, avoid using any bronze utensils that come with a tin or nickel coating, as it can cause health hazards.

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Brass utensils- When you cook food in brass utensils, about 90 percent of the nutrients are retained, but the cleanliness of brass utensils requires a lot of attention. Apart from this, do not forget to cook acidic or citric foods in Brass Utensil or else they can harm health.

main thing- If you want to stay healthy, then you should cook food in stainless steel utensils, earthenware, iron utensils, but avoid excessive use of aluminum, ceramic, non-stick cookware.

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