Amazon-Flipkart Sale: Avoid getting cheated by the offers in the sale starting from 23rd September, become a smart buyer like this

Fastival Sale Shopping Tips: The festive season will start in a few days. People love to shop on festivals. Most of the companies also give many sales and offers on this occasion for shopping. On hearing the name of the sale, people immediately start thinking of shopping. In the festive season, people wait for the sale and keep a huge list ready. This week many e-commerce companies including two giants Flipkart and Amazon are bringing their biggest sale. Amazon’s Great Indian Festival Sale and Flipkart’s Big Billion Days sale will start from 23rd September.

In this sale of both the companies, you will get to see discount offers in all kinds of goods. You can shop according to your need. There are many benefits of shopping online, but with it comes the danger of fraud. While shopping during the sale, you have to keep certain things in mind (Amazon-Flipkart Sale Sopping Tips) so that you can avoid any kind of online fraud. Today we will tell you some such special things that will save your money and you will not be a victim of fraud.

Check Seller When Picking Up Goods
90 percent of the people who shop in the sale ignore this thing. The role of a seller is very important in the purchase. You will get the same goods with many sellers, but you should buy from the e-commerce companies which have given good ratings from them. If you buy from Amazon then take the goods from Amazon fullfield sellers and if you buy from Flickcard it should be approved seller.

check product
A smart buyer invests his money at the right place. At the time of purchase, most of the people focus only on the offers, but they do not take the correct information about the product. Whenever you buy an item from Amazon or Flipkart, check the product. Check the details by visiting the official website of that item.

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Pay special attention to groceries
Both Amazon and Flipkart offer huge discounts on groceries during Big Billion Days Sale and Great Indian Sale. Most of the grocery items have a limited expiry date. The expiry date of any goods determines the maximum limit for its use, in such a situation it becomes very important that for how many days you can use the goods you are taking. Many times people take such goods in the interest of cheap price which cannot be used after a few days.

Don’t get caught up in cashback offers
Flipkart and Amazon offer cashback to users during their biggest sale of the year. Many times people get caught in the cashback affair despite having a fixed price, do not make such a mistake. Many terms and conditions are applicable in cash back, do pay attention to them before buying.

Pay attention to reviews and ratings
It is important for a smart buyer to go through all the items he is getting on offers so that we can ensure that our money is not wasted. While buying any item, definitely check its customer reviews as well as check the rating of the product.
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Avoid No Cost EMI
No-cost EMI is often offered during the sale. No cost EMI is offered. In this, users feel that if they buy any goods on EMI, then they will not have to pay interest, but many conditions apply in this too. Keep this in mind while shopping.

Check Product MRP
In Grade Indian Sale and Big Billion Sale, you get to see offers of up to 80 percent discount. Many times people make up their mind to buy after seeing such a discount, but here you need to be careful. Sometimes there is very little difference between discount and cost, but the MRP of that product is written very high so that you may fall in the trap. Therefore, while buying a product with huge discount, definitely check its price on other sites as well.

Check Return Policy
There are many such items in Amazon and Flipkart in which only exchange policy is given and not return policy. If you are buying any item in which you think you can return it, then definitely check the return policy before buying.

Use Super Coins
If you shop from Flipkart then you must have known about Super Coins. Whenever you buy something, you are given some super coins. If you use Super Coins during the sale, you will be able to save more money.

Make arrangements for credit card before shopping
The upcoming sale of Amazon and Flipkart is the biggest sale of the year. During the sale by both the companies, more offers are given in debit card ie credit card instead of your ATM. If you want to save money and take advantage of the sale and do not have a credit card, then you can also buy from your friends.

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