‘Ante Sundaraniki’ Film Review: Why not watch a clean romantic film

‘Ante Sundaraniki’ Film Review: It is difficult to understand the calculation of the audience’s choice. On one hand a film based on history like Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan does not work, while action-packed Dhaakad also dies at the box office, but crores of viewers reach to see fantasy film like RRR and comedy film like Bhool Bhulaiyaa is also the biggest of the year. Joins big movies.

OTT also gets the spice of the country and abroad and in such a situation one gets to see a film which is very soft, clean and full of romance – Ante Sundaraniki, which means – Sundar Ka Toh Aisa Hai That. It is clear from the name that the film revolves around the character named Sundar and the good thing is that the film is really beautiful. If young couple, lovers watch this film, then they will see many such things which seem to be similar to some aspect of their life.

Sundar (Nani) is the sole heir of a staunch Brahmin family. His father and grandmother always fall in the circle of auspicious and inauspicious and do not allow him to live freely. Sundar has the urge to go to America since childhood. To get this opportunity by making his boss a boob, he also includes his colleague Soumya in his scheme and reaches America. The real reason for Sundar to move to America is his childhood friend Leela (Nazriya) who wants to get married on Athena Island in America. Leela’s family is staunch Christian.

Sundar and Leela make a plan to marry each other. Leela calls her house and says that she is pregnant and hence she should be married to Sundar. Sundar calls at his house and says that in the examination of the doctor, it has been found that he cannot become a father and despite this, if a girl is ready to marry him, then both of them should be married. A new drama begins when both of them return to India, in order to hide the truth by lying, they tell many lies, and the matter gets worse. The ending of the film is very touching, the throat is full and it is realized that the house of lies cannot run in the street of love.

Nani’s talent needs no introduction and in this film he plays a man who is unhappy with his family’s customs but cannot do anything. He has to strangle his own desires under the wishes of his father, his mother and his grandmother. Till he does not express his love to Leela, the confusion continues in his mind.

Nani has done a wonderful job in this role. If you want to see the character overshadow the artist, then it can be seen in this film. His opposite is the attitude. This is his first Telugu film. After the breakup with her boyfriend, as she gets closer to her grandmother, the color of her face starts to show a difference. The guilt of lying to his parents and the pain of seeing his sister get crushed in the marriage wheel, both are indicative of his mental state. Sundar’s father Shri Shastri (VK Naresh) and Leela’s father Shri Thomas (Agam Perumal) both are troubled by their own stereotypes but can’t do anything even if they want to. The acting of both is top notch.

There are some special things in this film that today’s young generation can learn by watching. To break the stereotype, it is necessary to understand that stereotype first. Once upon a time traveling abroad was considered against religion. Before leaving and after coming, all kinds of atonement had to be done. The reason for this was freedom from diseases caused by changing the climate and food habits. The original idea was lost somewhere and only a stereotype remained. To overcome any crisis, it is necessary to worship. In the olden times, the meaning of crisis was physical disease i.e. disease and on the pretext of worship, yajna, insect mites had to be destroyed in the house. Now only worship is considered and the real usage has turned into a custom.

Another thing that has been emphasized in the film is to tell the truth. Although this saying is very old that truth has to be told once and lie many times, but looking at this film, it seems that even if a lie is told innocently, it is still a lie. There is another saying that good things should always be said, bad things should also be avoided because Saraswati resides on the tongue and if that thing turns out to be true. It is shown in a very touching way in the film. It is a customary thing that Saraswati resides on the tongue but its purpose was to prevent the person from speaking wrong things. There are many such messages in the film which keep coming in between and look like an essential part of the film, so free lectures are not held.

In storytelling too, writer-director Vivek Atreya has done a lot of experiments in this film. The childhood scenes of Nani and Nazriya indicate a social evil but do not become a lecture. The scenes where Sundar gets a chance to play the childhood role of superstar Chiranjeevi because of a fake assistant director Sundar, though shot in a very light-hearted manner, point to a bigger problem. The ease with which Leela and Sundar speak about pregnancy and impotency also shows that today’s generation has no hesitation in telling lies of any level for their own benefit. They regret their actions when a great loss has already been done.

Vivek has put some such moments in this light-hearted film that make one think. Vivek Sagar’s music is melodious. Niket Bommireddy’s cinematography gives a refreshing feel. Using the right colors of a young love story, the story is edited by Ravi Teja Girijala which doesn’t seem to justify the length of the film with the potential for something better. The film is about 3 hours long and should have been shortened a bit. The film is entertaining. Lightweight. There are also messages in the script which do not hinder the story. Must watch this movie with family.

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