Apart from diet, barley has also been used in wine, beneficial for health, this grain has an interesting history


The vitamins found in barley keep the nervous system normal.
Barley consumption helps in reducing blood sugar.
Barley has been used to make wine since ancient times.

Barley is a special type of food. Not only does it have religious and cultural significance, but it is also beneficial for the body. Barley flour keeps the digestive system of the body healthy, and also provides strength to the heart. It also prevents harmful cholesterol, so the weight also keeps well. This food has a very ancient history.

Barley is considered equal to Brahma

When humans started farming in the era of civilization, it is believed that barley was one of them. That is why barley has been used in various forms as well. Talking about India, there is a description of barley in the Nighantus and Samhitas (texts related to Ayurveda) written in ancient times. Apart from this, Joe has also been addressed as ‘Yava’ in Atharvaveda. It is said in mythology and scriptures that when Lord Brahma created the universe, the first crop that grew in the vegetation was barley. This is the reason that on the first day of Navratri, barley is sown with full rituals along with establishment. Apart from this, only barley is offered when gods and goddesses are worshiped or Havan is performed in any big ritual. The reason for this is that barley is considered equal to Brahma.

The history of this food is thousands of years old

Botanists have declared three origin sites of barley in research, one of which is the Fertile Crescent (Israel, Syria, Jordan, Turkmenistan, etc.), the Middle East Center (the intertidal region of Asia) and China and South East Asia. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the history of barley is 8000 years old. According to archaeological evidence, barley was cultivated around 5000 BC in Egypt, 2350 BC in Mesopotamia, 3000 BC in Northwest Europe and 1500 BC in China. By the way, there is strong evidence that the cultivation of wheat, peas, barley, mustard, cotton, millet etc. was being done in the Indus Valley Civilization (3300 BC to 2500 BC).

On the first day of Navratri, barley is sown with full rituals along with establishment.

been used as an infusion

The special thing is that apart from food for hundreds of years, barley was also being used for wine. But in ancient times this liquor (asav) was used to keep the body away from diseases. Evidence says that the first known recipe for making wine from barley dates back to 2800 BC in the ancient Mesopotamian city of Babylonia. Barley water was also used for various medicinal purposes during that period. The Charakasamhita, an ancient Ayurvedic text of India (7th-8th BCE), describes the merits and demerits of barley in the form of diet and infusion.

In the form of food, barley is said to be dry, cold, heavy, sweet, forceful and conqueror of phlegm diseases. While the infusion of barley is kept and in addition to hot, it is said to increase Vata and Pitta. Barley is being used for roti, bread and sattu since years.

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Fiber and calories make it a special diet

The nutrients found in barley ensure that it is beneficial for the digestive system and heart. According to USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), 100 grams of barley contains calories 352, protein 9.91 grams, fat 1.16 grams, carbohydrate 77.7 grams, fiber 15.6 grams, calcium 29 milligrams, iron 2.5 milligrams, magnesium 79 milligrams, phosphorus 221 milligrams. Potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 are also found. According to Food Expert and Nutrition Consultant Nilanjana Singh, the high amount of fiber in barley not only strengthens the digestive system, but also keeps it away from intestinal diseases.


Barley porridge and sattu give tremendous energy to the body.

Since it is also rich in calories, so combined with fiber, it makes the stomach feel full, which leads to less desire to eat. Due to this, obesity does not increase. Another benefit of this is that BP remains in control and the risk of heart diseases also decreases.

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Sugar people have to stay away

The vitamins found in barley help to keep the nervous system and immune system normal. The phosphorus found in it also keeps bones and teeth strong. It is also believed that this food is helpful in protecting against stroke. Barley porridge and sattu give tremendous energy to the body. You should keep consuming them. The specialty of which is that it lowers blood sugar, so people who are taking insulin injection or sugar treatment, they should avoid the consumption of barley. People who have allergy problems, they have to stay away from barley. If barley is included in the diet in regular quantity, then it will give life to the body. Just do not consume too much, otherwise it will spoil the digestive system and can also cause damage to the intestines.

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