Are you also planning for hair transplant? So know here all its advantages and disadvantages

Pros and Cons of Hair Transplantation: Due to the changing environment, our lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, many such diseases have started appearing rapidly, which were earlier seen in only a few people. One such disease is hair loss or baldness at an early age. Hair contributes a lot to a beautiful face. The problem of hair fall has become common now. Due to hair loss and baldness at a young age, people also start to lack self-confidence and they start living with cuts in the society.

The problem of hair fall has troubled everyone from children to the elderly. As soon as baldness comes, people’s attention starts turning towards hair transplant. It is a type of surgical procedure in which the hair of the transplanted person is transplanted at the bald area. In this process, hair starts growing in two to three weeks and the natural growth of hair starts in about 8 months.

only my health According to hair transplant is the best option to remove baldness. However, before getting it done, it is very important to know some of its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s know everything about it…

Benefits of hair transplant
Personality Enhancement –
It is well known that people want hair to look good and this is the biggest reason why people first plan for hair transplant when baldness comes. With the regrowth of hair, personality and self-confidence increase manifold.

99% success rate – Hair transplant is the most effective way to regrow lost hair but due to some myths people are afraid to adopt it but if experts believe, its procedure guarantees positive results with 99% success rate. Since this procedure transplants the hair into the roots through Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), it is more likely to grow at a faster rate.

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Natural Hair: Hair transplant is the only medium in which hair is grown naturally. In this, the one who undergoes the surgery is both the donor and the receiver. Your own hair is planted at the bald spot, so the hair grows naturally. It is a more convenient means than wigs and other solutions used to hide baldness.

Continuous Growth: After getting a hair transplant, you do not have problems like wigs. About 8 months after the transplant, the continuous growth of hair starts. New hair will be with you for the rest of your life.

disadvantages of hair transplant
Extremely expensive solution:
Hair transplant is a very expensive treatment and this is the biggest reason why people are hesitant to get it done. Thousands of rupees are spent in taking care of hair during the treatment and for months after the treatment, which is not everyone’s business to bear.

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Delay in hair growth: After a hair transplant, it takes one to one and a half years for the hair to grow completely. Most of the people are not ready to wait for so long, due to which they change the plan of transplant.

Delay in returning to normalcy: Hair transplant is a surgical method. In this, hair is applied to the bald area through surgery. Because of this, recovery after surgery takes a long time. Many people also start having problems like burning in the head, pain, problems in the eyes, itching in the head after surgery. In such a situation, by going in smoke, one should protect oneself from coming in contact with dirt.

mark: Many people avoid getting hair transplant due to the fear of getting scars on the head. Some people get scars during the surgery but it is not visible until you are completely bald. However, the problem of scarring depends on the surgical procedure.

Fear of infection Many people are also afraid of infection due to hair transplant, due to which they change their plans. A variety of tools are used in surgery, so there may be a possibility of a minor infection. You may have bleeding and scarring after surgery.

Risk of getting ulcers: In a hair transplant, the hair is removed from another place, due to which the roots of the hair become weak and due to this the skin there gets sunken down. This also increases the risk of ulcers.

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