Gulzar Birth Day: It was comforting to see the mirror, someone knows us in this house. – News in Hindi – Hindi News, News, Latest-Breaking News in Hindi

If you ask someone’s address, then you will tell it like this, such a house, such a mohalla, such a city….. what else will it say? If we ask about an artist, then the answer will be that if he is a good actor or a good painter or a good singer, if the answer … Read more

Detail Review: Masala films can also be made in Malayalam cinema, for example ‘Kaduva’

Detail Review: Sometimes one gets to see an entire masala film in Malayalam language by chance, but even then its script and direction are so fine that one cannot remain without praising the film. Recently ‘Kaduva’, which means lion, was released on Amazon Prime Video. If the dance song is left for a moment, then … Read more

‘Carter’ Film Review: Korean film ‘Carter’ shows violence as a dance performance

‘Carter’ Film Review: Hindi remakes of South Korean films have been made. Sometimes good and sometimes very bad. In Korean films, the story may not be that good, the style to make it is very different, especially in action films. Whether it is Old Boy or Train to Busan, there is a special reason for … Read more

Read in Bhojpuri – Who took the direction in Re Batohiya…

Every time I asked questions in my mind that when should I tell oh humra that in which direction le le ke chala re batohiya… The song was only in 1982 itself. The film Nadia Ke Paar was released only in 1982, but it took a decade for the film to be shot in the … Read more

Keto diet has some disadvantages too, know which people should avoid this diet

Highlights Keto diet can cause hormonal imbalance, which can cause irregular periods in women. If you have hypothyroidism then keto diet should not be followed. Side Effects of Keto Diet: Keto diet is very much in trend these days and it is more in trend among people who are trying to lose weight. Yes, keto … Read more

Grapefruit fights infection with strengthening heart muscles, this fruit is said to be very beneficial in Ayurveda

Highlights Use of grapefruit is effective in getting rid of alcohol intoxication. Grapefruit is also helpful in reducing bed cholesterol. Consumption of grapefruit is also helpful in strengthening immunity. Grapefruit (Pomelo, Citron) is a wonderful fruit. Its strong sourness and mild sweetness keep the heart muscle strong and also protect it from blockages. Its consumption … Read more

Once called ‘liquid gold’, olive oil should control sugar, read, how olive oil reached India

Highlights The origin of the olive tree on Earth occurred about 6000 years ago. Olive oil contains 126 calories and 14 percent fat. UNESCO has included its tree in the Intangible Cultural Heritage. What is the edible oil in the world, which is considered to be the most nutritious, as well as which is highly … Read more

Detail Review: ‘The Most Hated Man on the Internet’ is a must watch for people of all ages

Detail Review: Internet is the easiest weapon to breach your privacy. A computer or a mobile with data facility available is capable of keeping the news of every moment of your life. Some malicious minded people consider peeping into your personal life as their favorite thing and with the help of hacking they can get … Read more

Review: The story would have breathed in ‘Keep Breathing’ if the plot didn’t conflict

Review ‘Keep Breathing’: “Cast Away” starring Tom Hanks has been ranked highest among the world’s best survival drama films. Tom falls into the ocean when an airplane crashes and ends up on an island. Not a single human lives in the whole island. Tom lives and lives alone on that island for four years. The … Read more