Baahubali’s Katappa Sathyaraj wants to be a ‘dreaded’ villain against Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan, know


The movie Baahubali kattappa and each of its characters have made Indian cinema proud. The lead actor of the film was Prabhas and Rana Daggubati in the role of the villain, but the name of Katappa (Sathyaraj) was the most discussed. ‘Why did Bahubali kill Katappa?’ This is the question that forced crores of people to come to theaters to watch the sequel of the film. Because everyone wanted an answer from the second part of the film. In the film, Sathyaraj played the role of a supporting actor (Slave Warrior), who has a special attachment with Amarendra Bahubali. By the way, he has played the role of a villain in many South films and he wants to present himself as a villain once again in his next film.

Sathyaraj is the villain of supervillains

Like we all know that Sathyaraj is the villain of the villains. He is one of the supervillains who have stood up against superstar Rajinikanth in films and have managed to impress the audience equally. It is known that his role as Gopinath in Mr. Bharat set a new benchmark for villains in the industry. Sathyaraj, who ruled the silver screen in a unique style with full gray shades, says that he is ready to return as a villain. He started as a villain in cinema and he was also appreciated in such characters.

In 27 films of Rajinikanth, the villains did not change on the heroines

During an interview to Pinkvilla, when asked if he would like to work with Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan again? Sathyaraj replied with a smile, ‘I have done a lot of films with Rajini and Kamal… When I was playing the villain, I did many films with Rajinikanth. For him only the heroines changed, the villain was always the same (ie he himself). In 1985, I did 27 films with him as a villain, so of course, if I like the character, I will definitely work with him. I am very comfortable with him because then, I used to act as a villain in a way.. Then later he finally, allowed me to score as an actor too. He always used to say ‘Let him do it sir… What Satyaraj wants, let him do it. That’s how he encouraged me.’

The audience made the villain a hero

Asked if he is ready to make a comeback as a villain if given a chance? So the actor replied, ‘Basically, I don’t keep anything! I wanted to enter cinema 46 years ago and I acted as a villain first. At one time I was a trendsetter as a villain and in some films, I got more applause than the hero. There was also a shortage of heroes and then the industry made me a hero‚Ķ Then I started learning dance and now, I am a very successful hero for almost 10 years now.

Sathyaraj interested in becoming a villain

Sathyaraj, best known for his role of Katappa in Baahubali, says with a warm smile, “I am very much interested in playing a villain, but if there is an offer of a dominating or let’s say dreaded villain villain, I will. Would love to accept.

Shooting place is Sathyaraj’s vacation destination

Sathyaraj, who has worked in more than 250 films, says that ‘my profession is like a picnic, nothing is challenging for me. If someone asks me which is your favorite vacation destination, I say ‘shooting place’ and acting is my hobby. That’s how I enjoy my profession and I don’t need a vacation. He also admitted to turning down ‘too many films’. He revealed, ‘I turned down one of the films that turned out to be too big. I will not name it as the lead actor of the film would be sad to know that he was the second option.

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