B’day Spl: From abusing to working with Akshara, the reasons when Khesari-Pawan Singh’s dispute got air

Happy Birthday pawan Singh: Pawan Singh is a famous actor of Bhojpuri cinema world. His singing is admired by the fans as well as the celebs. His stardom is not less than any big stars. His popularity is also great. Where his discussions remain a lot because of the songs, controversies have not reduced in his life, due to which he has been in a lot of headlines. In this, the dispute between him and Khesari (Khesari lal Yadav) has been very much discussed. He is celebrating his 37th birthday today. He was born on January 5, 1986 in Arrah. In such a situation, on the occasion of his birthday, we are telling you about those occasions, when Khesari and Pawan’s controversy (Bhojpuri Stars Controversy) got air. Let’s know…

Saumya Pokharan refused to recognize Pawan
You may remember that Nepali actress Saumya Pokharan had described herself as a big fan of Khesari. He has also got the actor’s tattoo done on his hand. After this, Khesari gave him a chance to work with him in a music video. During this, he was also questioned in an interview about working with Pawan Singh, in which he refused to recognize Powerstar. Meanwhile, Pawan’s fan had called her a lot of good and bad and then Khesari had supported the actress and at that time once again both of them came face to face because of the fans.

Khesari working with Akshara
Another reason for the dispute between Pawan Singh and Khesari Lal Yadav is the continuous working of the actor with Akshara Singh. Everyone knows that once upon a time Akshara and Pawan were in a relationship. Their relationship ended at a bad turn. In such a situation, when Khesari’s dispute was going on with Pawan, he was continuously working with Akshara. Even during this, the fans of Powerstar targeted both of them a lot. This could also be the reason for fueling their dispute.

Pawan Fan’s abusing with Khesari
You may remember that some time back Khesari Lal was coming live and sharing everything with his fans. He was continuously targeting Pawan Singh and his fans without naming them. During this, a video surfaced on social media, in which the person was calling himself a fan of Pawan Singh and while supporting him threatened the actor and his family. He also abused the video Khesari a lot. For this, the actor had also requested the Bihar government for help.

singing a song about khesari’s daughter
Recently, Khesari Lal Yadav came live once again and during this he looked very broken. Disclosing the reason, he had told that a fan of Pawan Singh had sung a song about his daughter, which was quite lewd. His daughter was targeted, after which the actor even talked about leaving the industry. This matter also gave a lot of air to the controversy of both the stars.

Khesari’s videos getting deleted
Along with this, Khesari Lal Yadav had also revealed that his videos are being deleted. During this also, Khesari had accused Pawan Singh in gestures that a conspiracy was being hatched to end his career only on his orders. This was also a reason when both the stars were face to face. There was a dispute between his fans.

Pawan Singh’s exit from Abhay Sinha’s project and Khesari’s entry
Along with this, another biggest reason has also been when Pawan Singh’s dispute was going on with wife Jyoti Singh, in the meantime Abhay Sinha had shown the way out of his projects to Powerstar, after which the news came that with wife The controversy is a threat to his career. Meanwhile, Khesari’s entry was done on Abhay Sinha’s London projects. Even then people had targeted the actor a lot.

songs about caste
One reason has also been that many songs have been sung in Bhojpuri about castes. Sometimes Ahiran (Yadav) and sometimes Babuan (Rajput) have sung a lot. Sometimes son of so-and-so and sometimes daughter of so-and-so… Such songs have also come in plenty in the industry. Such songs have often been the biggest source of controversy. Sometimes it became the reason for mutual dispute and sometimes casteism spread because of the caste indicator.

Along with this, the biggest reason for the dispute between Khesari Lal Yadav and Pawan Singh is another one, that is stardom. The stardom of both the stars is not less than anyone. Everyone calls himself superior. They don’t want to bow down. Whenever both the stars come, they talk about ‘I’ and not about the industry. One of the major reasons for their dispute is somewhere the pride of stardom that I am above all.

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