Benefits of Hydration: Do not reduce drinking water due to cold in winter, these losses can happen, know what health experts say

Benefits of hydration: You should know that staying adequately hydrated (maintaining a certain level of water content in the body) is important for day-to-day bodily functions, such as regulating temperature and maintaining skin health. Is. Drinking enough water is associated with a significantly lower risk of developing chronic diseases, a lower risk of dying early, and making you look younger than your age. These things have come to light in a study by America’s ‘National Institutes of Health’, which has been published in the journal eBioMedicine.

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Natalia Dmitrieva, who wrote the paper related to this study, told the media that, ‘The results revealed in our research show that the proper amount of water in the body can slow down aging and prolong disease-free life. Is.’ Natalia Dmitrieva is a researcher in the ‘Laboratory of Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine’ of the ‘National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute’. This institute comes under the National Institute of Health. The authors of the research have said in their research paper, ‘Determining which preventive measures can slow down the aging process is a major challenge in preventive medicine. This is because the epidemic of age-dependent chronic diseases is rapidly aging the world’s population.

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Study on rats, reduced water intake by 6 months
Researchers have said that better than treating diseases, there is a need to focus on how to achieve a healthy and long life span. This will not only improve the quality of life, but also help in reducing the cost of health care. Based on the research done on rats, the authors of the research paper have assumed that adequate amount of water in the body can slow down the aging process. In a study done on rats, scientists significantly reduced the amount of water in their bodies. It increased the mice’s serum sodium by 5 mmol per liter and shortened their life span by 6 months, which is equivalent to about 15 years of a human life, according to the new study. Serum sodium can be measured in the blood and increases when we take in less fluids.

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To find out the effect of low water intake in humans, the researchers looked at health data on 11,255 black and white adults collected over 30 years by the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study, or ARIC. The participants in this study were first examined at the age of 45 to 66, then the follow-up test took place at the age of 70 to 90 years. The researchers looked at sodium levels in the participants’ blood as a proxy for hydration. In fact, the less fluid a person consumes, the more sodium is found in his blood. In such a situation, the researchers found that those who had more sodium in their blood, they physically aged faster than the participants with low sodium levels.

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Problems like blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar at a young age
Along with this, diseases related to old age like high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar were also found in them. The study found that people who had blood sodium levels greater than 142 mmol per liter had an increased risk of developing certain chronic diseases, including heart failure, stroke, lung disease, diabetes and dementia. . The NIH says that its study shows what the dangers of drinking less water can be, but this study ‘does not prove that drinking more water will prevent these chronic diseases’. Health experts recommend a minimum of 2 liters of fluid for women and 3 liters for men in 24 hours.

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