Best You-Tube alternative Apps for iphone


Tube Master Tube master is a clean interface with a user-friendly design app. It is a YouTube alternative app with background play and remote-control features.This app has a classy blend of the native YouTube app and the iOS layout. You might take up a while to get accustomed to its layout, but once you have worked your way around it, you’ll be pleased to find a lot of goodness packed in.

Price: Free


  • Just like the YouTube functionality app with background play feature
  • Consumes less memory of your device
  • Lock screen thumbnail available
  • Family Sharing feature available


  • Complicated User Interface.


MyTube is one such app that is deemed to be one of the best YouTube clients. This app is very easy to use.This app contains all the features you need to seamlessly stream YouTube videos. But, the best part about MyTube is that you can choose the default region for the suggested videos are associated with. .All said and done the categories are exhaustive in nature and you can switch between anything from Rap to Meditation music.

Price: Free


  • Supports sleep time customization to reduce battery usage
  • You can create a passcode for your videos too
  • Supports playlist creation without a login
  • Videos grouping is also available to search by category


  • No favorite videos selection option available
  • Only compatible with iOS 8 or above


Tubex is a well updated YouTube alternative app designed to provide music lovers the high-quality music videos with a comfortable interface and browsing feature. TubeX is one the most popular YouTube alternative app for iPhone. Unlike other apps in the list, TubeX comes with a material and sleak interface.

Price: Free


  • Provides an optimal player to watch high-quality music videos
  • Allows Unlimited videos addition to watch list
  • Music trending functionality based on your region


  • Only supportable to the English language
  • Ads can pop-up sometimes

4.Daily motion

Dailymotion is a great alternative to YouTube, one of the most visited video-based websites after YouTube. The website shows multitudes of videos and its success is a huge plus for any user wanting exposure to their content in case you don’t figure out uploading to YouTube.


YouTube++ app is designed to make viewing and uploading YouTube videos on your smartphone a fun and easy operation. What’s more, it blocks advertising, so you’re not going to have to wait for the commercial to end in order to be able to keep watching a video. Changing the speed of video playback, forward and rewind controls or auto-reply options are also available.


Video Tube free is another high-quality app that lets users watch YouTube videos. It is specifically designed for iPhones and iPads that provide the most YouTube functionality for a seamless experience. You can operate it with a simple widget that will open from the notification center. The search functionality is great and the app can be downloaded from the app store free of charge. .

7 Net tube

The NetTube app may not be one of the most beautifully designed applications, but it allows users to easily conduct fast searches on both YouTube and SoundCloud. The app focuses more on Music, so if you’re typically looking for an alternative to YouTube to play music videos, this is your go-to app. I love how the app categorizes mood-based songs, and the best part is that it plays Vevo videos.


This freeware is another useful app for the mission. VidMate for YouTube provides a clean user interface covering most of YouTube’s apps. The app also comes with an option that allows you to stream only the audio from a video file. All said and done VidMate is primarily for music video lovers and the app curates the content in an understandable way. This freeware is another useful app for the task.

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Best You-Tube alternative Apps for iphone

1 TUBE MASTER Tube Master Tube master is a clean interface with a user-friendly design app. It is...

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