Bhojpuri: Barwa tar ke bhootwa e baba! Know about some of the best ghost movies

Ramsar Bhai, in a dilapidated two-wheeler, dusted the water in the deep water and then kept touching the water, the budua under his arms was dragged into the water. Aisan kai go katha nanh listened to hokhb aa khub derail hokhb. In the village, when the cots were put on the door, the people of the village sat down there and met to hear a lot of tales.

For the sake of being saved from Eh, definitely remember Hanuman Chalisa from childhood. People who eat khaini in the form of precussion, whenever they make a khili extra with chawra, bagaicha, rahe, dandare surti, the god fell into the soil. Say, “JJ bhi hokhe, aapne bakhra le le leve.” After the okra, dab the khaini teeth. Many times Iho Khisa people should hear that Maharaj Jamuniya par ke netuava bheta gauve. Jamunia ke ego dandh tur ke gira dehuve aa kahuve, “Ka babu, we ake khali khani. Hamara Maharaj, made Ohi Bera Du Khili Surti, and fell for the sake of okra, then went and saved his life.

Raua bhi aisan many go khisa heard hokhb aa omne, many go abhi iyado hoi. Jaise Barwa, Piparwa aa Pakdiya Par Ke Pretwa, Pishtwa, Bhootwa, Churiyali Horror Holy Sun, Osahin also the ghosts in the film should be very terrible. The history of ghostly filming in India is very old.


The first full-length haunting film Jawan Bharat was named as ‘Mahal’. Ashok Kumar and Madhubala were in the lead in this 1949 film directed by Kamal Amrohi. E Kamal was the first film directed by Amrohi. The film remained a super hit then. Lata Mangeshkar’s career was also established with this film.


Ego film Isle Madhumati in 1958. In this movie, Dilip Kumar and Vyjayanthimala were in the lead roles. E-film was also very successful. There is a similarity in the storyline of Baakir Aker Storyline Aa Mahal that Dunu is set on the story of the previous birth of the hero.

twenty years later

Famous singer Hemant Kumar made the film in 1962 after Ekra. The name of the film was ‘Teen Saal Baad, Aa Eh Mein Biswajit Auri Waheeda Rehman in the lead role. E-film also created a blast at the box office, Dehlas. Then the ghostly film Sun was made as an experiment in India. Ego new genre of the entertainment world, Dehlas Jepper later became a lot of film Lagli Sun.

‘Unknown’ a ‘Bhoot Bungalow’

Ohi Beach Du Go movie ‘Gumnaam’ aa ‘Bhoot Bangla’ was released in the same year. The film E Dunu climbed up the charts of the successful 1965 filming. Manoj Kumar lived in anonymous and Mahmood in Bhoot Bungalow. The reasons behind the very successful Hokhe of Eh Sab Filman were the acre starcast, the song music and the background music. Mainstream actor Kaam Kiele Rahe Log Auri Geet in A Filman was also very successful.

Saat Bhai Ke Team Banavalas Hindi Dangerous Ghostly Movie

In the decade of Ekra Bad Aawe Wala, the line of horror filming went on. Emerge Ramsay Brothers in Ahi Beach Market. Ramsay Brothers Saat Bhai Rahelein Auri U Pehle Teen Go Mainstream film Banavale Rahelein Jawan became a flop. Oh Log’s third film ‘Ek Little Munhi Ladki Thi’ had scenes of Ego Shaitan wearing a mask and stealing it. Inspired by the same scene, the idea aisle of the haunting film ‘Do Gaj Zameen Ke Niche’ by the people. In 1972, the e-film release Bhail Jawan Dhela was shot within 1 month in full budget. E film Abhiyo Dangerous ghostly movie Manal Jaala. Then a show went on housefull for several weeks. Ramsay Brothers released about 30 Go Le Bhootiya movie Banavalein Jawan from 1972 to 1996. Some of the successful films of Eh Log include Guest House, Purana Mandir, Darwaza, Bandh Darwaza, Purani Haveli, Basement, Proof etc.

Bitter enemy

After two years, the biggest horror film of the Hindi film world, ‘Jaani Dushman’, came after the film ‘Naagin’. E-Films earning record breaking in theatres.


From the 70s to the 80s, the horror film Aili Sun aa Khoob Hit Bhi Bhaili Sun. Witchcraft, Depth, Red Rose, Samaritan, Dak Bungalow, Satanic Area etc. films were going on then. The market of horror filming in the 90s, however, got cold. People are now getting bored with the formula used in the ghostly film Aa Oh. In this decade, the ghostly film Ta Nagde Banali Sun Baakir was successful only in the ego film ‘Raat’ Bhail. In 1992, Ram Gopal Varma’s two-language Hindi and Telugu film Raat Hi made Kamal Dekhvalas at the box office. However, E-Daur college romance aa drama and remained indifferent towards realistic cinema.


After ten years at the box office of Horror Filming, it was with Vikram Bhatt’s film ‘Raaz’ in 2002. Fer Raj Ke Teen Go Part Isle Jawan was successful.

Able Bhootiya Movie From The 2000s

Since the 2000s, many Go Bhootiya films have been quite successful in Bhaili Sun Jay including Bhoot, Krishna Cottage, 1920, Haunted, Horror Story, Ragini MMs, Stree, Roohi, Bulbul, Chhori, Laxmi etc. Bipasha Basu is the life partner of Bhootiya Filming.

bhojpuri ghost movie

Watch the history of ghost filming in Bhojpuri. Although Barry Kangna Bhojpuri’s very scary film Manal Jala. Auri Notable Bhojpuri Horror Filming in Barry Kangna 2, Balma Biharwala 2, Ghunghat Mein Scam, Laado, Husband Wife Auri Bhootni, Pyaar Hamara Amar Rahega, Mangal Phera etc. Baa.

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