Bhojpuri: Because of Bollywood’s doubt naiya, Akshay Kumar fights with Bhojpuri’s E Gat Ke Kyle Ba?

Oise also Akshay Kumar, eh Ghari Bada Log’s target, should be fenced. When Vimal appeared in Pan Masala’s ad, people trolled him a lot and became a bad list of his opponents. In the midst of the flop of his film, I gud bhi ba ki oo jab itna badchad ke boleen ta fer gutkha ke parar ke ke karne karne for health sake. Now the allegations of his eh matter also apply that he should not give time at all for the sake of filming, nor should he work on his character. There was also criticism for the sake of Akshay Kumar that every year he released many Go films, from J to the audience got bored watching him, now he is boring.

Let’s say that Akshay Kumar is also the main reason behind Bollywood’s doubt naiya, aisan log kahat baa. Actress Janhvi Kapoor’s father Boney Kapoor also joined the controversy by making a statement in Ehh Mein Gail Badane. Ka ba his statement, came first oo janal jaav.

Boney Kapoor for Akshay Kumar’s sake

Boney Kapoor stays on Kapil Sharma’s show for the promotion of his daughter Janhvi’s film ‘Mili’. Uhwen oo aapan rai dehlene on Bollywood’s continuous flop filming. According to Boney Kapoor, “There are many such actors who do such films where they want money for 25 to 30 days of work. His intentions are wrong from the very beginning. I do not want to take the names of those actors but there are many such actors who do the work of measurement. They say, how many days’ work is it? That’s why their entire setup is consistent, like the heroine should be available, the director should be available, so from where will the picture be made good?

U fer further to say that if the actor, director, producer was not honest, the film could not run among the audience. “Your first thought process is dishonest. Unless honesty comes, whether they are actors, directors or whether they are producers, the film will not be good.

Boney Kapoor’s e statement is a direct target in the film industry, Akshay Kumar’s ke ke ke liye ba, it sabhe kehu jaan gaye baa. It was only Akshay Kumar, who during the film ‘Emperor Prithviraj’, there was controversy that he should remain in the country only for 40-45 days after the film, while in the period drama film, people spent many years. Historical film series Bahubali aa recent release RRR acre bad example that film director SS Rajamouli was imprisoned inside ego studio for many years of South’s big star people and then go to great film. Prithviraj should be the great ruler of India, and he was above him, while Akshay Kumar wanted Debe on the film, wanted to work on the character. It is also a matter of media that for the sake of this film, Akshay Kumar should be taking more than 60 crores fees while the budget of the entire film was 175 crores. When Oker Star took one-third of the budget of the film, then the health of the film was affected.

In this discussion, King KRK also jumped into controversy, in his tweet, it was said that we agreed with Boney Kapoor ji that most of the actor directors of Bollywood, dishonest ba log tabe o log ke film naikhe chalat. Baakir Humar Boney Kapoor’s advice that Raur also turned out to be dishonest in the past three films Tevar, Mom, Milli Flop Ba, Ka Raua Bhi? However, from one point of view, KRK’s questions looked illogical.

Kekra Chalte Dabat Ba Naiya in Bhojpuri?

Boney Kapoor’s talk was implemented in the Bhojpuri industry, but he was absolutely fit. When Bhojpuri cinema was at its peak in the period from 2005 to 2010, Bhojpuri star Auri wanted to think of the producer director. After 2010, Bhojpuri cinema went on the decline, even in the name of content and also in the name of Auri making. Star people in a film with a total budget of 1 crore, 50 to 60 lakh rupees fees were distributed to Lagal Log Auri Filming. Now let’s look at Bani’s condition. The audience who went to the cinema theater of Bhojpuri film got cut off, started watching the film on oo TV and YouTube. Single Screen Jawan is the only support for the public screening of Eh Filman, U sab bandh ho gayi sun. There were more than 10 go in the cinema hall in Jawana city, today uhan ekadh go bachal ba auri uho now multiplex ban gail ba aa katti kar lele ba from Bhojpuri film. Prosecutors Bhojpuri industry improved, now seeing the market value of the hero, the budget of the film would be determined.

For example, in the film market of Jadi Kavano Star, the fee was 25-30 lakhs, selling for 55 lakhs, after Manauwal came up to 20 lakhs. The budget is 40 lakhs. Now 20 out of 40 Hero Lehle, in the rest 20 kept Rua for script, song music, heroine, character artist, shooting, editing and promotion etc. Now have you seen the two and a half hour’s film banebaat in Etna?

Now Raua thought that Bollywood’s new daughter Akshay Kumar and unscrupulous producer director Duba Rahal Baden, what about the killer of Bhojpuri industry?

(Author Manoj is passionate about Bhojpuri literature and cinema.)

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