Bhojpuri: Bhojpuri-Bhojpuri kahiya le khelal jai, finally Bhojpuri came in the eighth schedule

In the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution, the battle of Bad Puran Ba ​​Bhojpuri. This schedule includes the official language of India. In this list now take 22 Go language but originally we are keeping only 14 Go language, later in 8 Go language and Jodile Javana, two neighboring languages ​​of Bhojpuri language Maithili and Nepali are also included. So why did you miss the question? Aisan ka baa jawan baa aa new in bhojpuri in Maithili? The government recognition of Maithili was welcomed by Mila, but Bhojpuri did not get upset with Mila. Bhojpuri people often make jumlebaazi bhail ba aa bhojpuria people’s burbak banwal gail ba.

Bhojpuri, which is known as the world’s largest sub-language, wanted all qualifications in the constitutional language. On this issue, in 1971, Communist Party of India MP Bhogendra Jha, while presenting the bill in the Lok Sabha, remained silent on the rejection of Jekra. Ago RTI also put it that after being included in this schedule, he wanted the qualification for the sake. Then the Ministry of Home Affairs Reply from Isle that at present, for inclusion of Kavano language in the Eighth Schedule, the Kavano set the criteria for inclusion. In the reply, I am further writing that in the earlier times, the committee should make the criteria of Pahwa (1996) Auri Sitakant Mohapatra (2003) Let’s try but don’t decide.

When another regional language can be included in the Eighth Schedule, then why Bhojpuri?

After checking the qualifications of other regional languages, they were included in the Eighth Schedule, they could be investigated even on Bhojpuri. But today they do not. But in every ber government, people have raised the parallel language of Bhojpuri for the sake of seeing the problem. After ekra, it was said that in the 8th schedule of the constitution of Bhojpuri’s constitution of Hamni, Dehni Jaat Hamni’s Auri also compelled to include many regional languages ​​and had to face the opposition of Bolwaiya of language. But this thing is baseless. Say that the poets of the language spoken by Bhojpuri should be compared. After Hindi in the country, Bhojpuri is the most spoken language. U ego nahi many go deshan mein bolal jala. In Mauritius, Fiji, Suriname, Guyana, Nepal even in Singapore, North America and Latin America, a large group of people spoke Bhojpuri. In Mauritius, the government recognition of Accra has also been received, while it has already been dominated by French, Creole, Hindi and English. Bhojpuri is not even the local language of them, becoming indentured laborers from India, they are the language of the people, despite Akra they are considered the official language of Akra.

The history of Bhojpuri is more than a thousand years old. Even Bhojpuri was used for official work in Sher Shah Suri’s state. Because of lack of willpower of political people of Bado Sarkar after Bhaila, today Bhojpuri is included in 8th Schedule.

It is unfortunate that Bhojpuri speaking President, Prime Minister, Lok Sabha Speaker to Chief Minister should live in the country, but nothing should happen to Bhojpuri. At a time, more than 40 MPs speak Bhojpuri speaking. More than three dozen Aisan MPs will speak Bhojpuri. But u bhi kuku na kaileen. For this talk, there was a lack of political will from the beginning. Ghazipur MP Rahal Vishwanath Gahmari, once the entire speech in the Parliament, stay in the country in Bhojpuri. The speech is timeless. Even when Yogi ji is MP from Gorakhpur, he should be raising his voice for Bhojpuri. People also raised the demand for the sake of the Gaval people. Where did you miss something?

Talking about Bhojpuri literature, literature written in Bhojpuri language in Aisan Vidha Naikhe Jawana. Some people said that grammar should be learned in Bhojpuri. Hey brother, there are dozens of grammar books in Bhojpuri. Studying in university. Base course in IGNOU till B.A. Dozens of TV channels Fart-Phulat, Chamkat-Damkat film industry ba aa sadian ke bhandar aa sansar baa of folk songs. What else do you want?

After all, what about the criteria of being included in the 8th schedule of the language?

According to the census data of three decades, at least five lakh people of Ekra speak while crores of people of Bhojpuri speak. Had this language been used as a medium of education, I would have studied and written in Bhojpuri. Had a PhD. In the oral tradition, since when should it be known that it is the original language. Even written literature is above Sai Baris. The Sahitya Akademi, while promoting the literature of the language, would have given respect to the literature of the language.

According to census data, the popularity of Bhojpuri as a second language in the surrounding area is well known. Before the partition of the country, in some states, it would have been spoken, and after the partition, it would have been spoken in some states.

Where have you been missing?

E question from 50 years sulgat ba. Now it has become a political issue. Bhojpuri-Bhojpuri would play in every election. Bhojpuri is the election fodder. In fact, for the sake of every single person in the Bhojpuriya people, madness comes from the heart. Many people know that if Bhojpuri comes in the Eighth Schedule, it will be beneficial.

After being added to the 8th schedule of Bhojpuri, Okar became a special identity. NCERT books will be found in Bhojpuri. The literary people of Bhojpuri will be encouraged. For the award of Jnanpith etc., Bhojpuri litterateurs will be nominated for the award. Etne Na Sarkar also gave grants for the development of Bhojpuri. The Central Examination conducted in Bhojpuri was very beneficial for the Bhojpuri speaking youth. Right now in the country Hindi, Maithili, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Assamese, Bangla, Bodo, Dogri, Gujarati, Kannada, Kashmiri, The 22 languages ​​including Konkani, Santhali, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu are included in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution.

In fact, Bhail, included in the 8th schedule, is also associated with the identity of the Kavano language. There is also a fight for respect and prestige. The rest would have been empty talk on Eh.

In this context, our mind would have to be freed.

Talk on talk, keep talking

Kavano is new to presenting solutions to the problem

J old man in the morning, he thinks

Mar Gail Ba’s beginning, as night goes on

(Author Manoj is passionate about Bhojpuri literature and cinema.)

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