Bhojpuri: Birthday Special – Bhojpuri song Gawle Bari Asha Bhosle, Raua Maumee Ba?

Asha Didi, who knows her velvet voice for the sake of singing her velvety voice, is more than one in Bhojpuri, Kareja’s shaken song Gawle Bari, E baat bada kam log ke ko Janta hoi. Today, on his birthday, the discussion of his song has become very popular.

Lata Mangeshkar had a lot of love from the beginning with Asha Bhosle. When the youngest child, Lata went to school with Didi Asha in her lap. Once, ego teacher refused to be taught by Jani on a fee, Lata didi left her studies in Delhi. When Asha Bhosle parted ways with Lata didi’s manager, then Lata didi became very angry at Lehli. There was an age difference of 15 years in Dunu Jani. Later, after being away from oh marriage, Asha ji returned to the song and music of her sikka fer khub chalal. However, later everything went well. Still, the rumor spread that at one time people did not want to see each other. However, later Lata didi Auri got closer to Asha ji. In Lata ji’s last time, Asha ji was around her.

Asha ji’s Bhojpuri music exploded
Asha ji’s Bhojpuri film also got a lot of opportunities to sing. In 1963 Bhojpuri’s second film release Bhail, “Lagi Nahi Chhote Ram”. E film had many goo hit songs, om ego rahe, “Muhwa se bols, kankhiya na mars”. Manna De Auri Asha Bhosle Gawle of the song Nok Jhoj Wala E of the hero heroine. E song is also very good.

When his coin continued in the Hindi film industry, the second round of the Bhojpuri film industry continued. Then people became heroes in Rakesh Pandey, Sujit Kumar filming. Ego successful film in this era, ‘Dangal’ (1977). E was Bhojpuri’s first color film. The songs in Sujit Kumar’s E film were ‘More Hothwa Se Nathuniya Gulel Karela, Jeise Naagin Se Saper Atkhel Karela’. E Geet Asha Ji Gawle Rahali Auri was a great hit. Aker ego song and rahe, ‘Baade troubled ki humare, Sawan mein sajnwa’. Hey nice song

Ago film ail ‘Amar Suhagin’ in 1978. Auri Sagri Asha Bhosle Gawle Rahali was in the song ‘Chau Go’ of the film, some remained alone and some were duets with Mahendra Kapoor.

Ago film isle ‘Balam Pardesiya’ in 1979. Eh many go songs from the movie Asha Ji Gawli. Like, ‘Gorki, Patarki re, mare gulelwa jira ud ud jaye’. E Geet Mein Mohammad Rafi with his Duet Wala E Geet Khub Chalal. Song ‘Hasee ke tu dekhs je ek beriya’ from Aihi movie ta aajuo girlfriend on behalf of lover khatte gawal jaye baa song. Ego Jeevan Darshan’s song Ehi Ba in the movie, ‘Tod Ke Pinjra’, Jawan Asha Bhosle Gawle Bari.

In 1981 film ail ‘Dharti Maiya’, Aker Ego Geet Jawan Khoob Hit Bhail, U Rahe, ‘Kehu Lootera, Kehu Chor Ho Jaala’. E song asha ji gawale bari. Asha Bhosle Ego Auri Solo Song Gawli, ‘Dulhin Bana De Balamu’. E song is also very good.

Ago film isle ‘Thakuraine’ in 1984. Acre song ‘Are Rama Mile Na Jawaniya Urod, Ki Sawan Ke Din Chaar, Ae Hari’. E Kajri Rahe Auri is very loud. His ego song ‘Jab hum jain naiharwa, balam anchra dhai ke roye’ in the movie ‘Sajnawa Bairi Bhaile Hamar’ was a huge hit. E song is also very good.

The song ‘Mor Balma Bada Akadbaaz’ from ‘Ganga Ke Tire- Tire (1986)’ and ‘Bhailen Sawan Mein Gawanwa’ also shared wonderful songs of Asha ji. He also had songs in the 1990 film ‘Ganga Maiya Bhar De Godiya Hamar’. His hit song is ‘Ail Barkha Bahar’ from the 1995 film ‘Baje Bansuriya Ganga Tire’. His nagde song bhojpuri mein ba, je mein most hit geetan ke hum charcha ehan kyle bani.

Asha ji was born on 8 September 1933 in a Marathi family in Sangli district. His father-in-law, Dinanath Mangeshkar was an active theater artist, classical singer and then remained very popular. He had five cow children. Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Usha Mangeshkar, Meena Khadikar and Hridaynath Mangeshkar. In eh, one of the most famous singers and musicians should be there. Music is in the DNA of the Eh family. Ghar Par Sangeet Charu Or Rahe Ahi Se Bachhanne Se Asha Ji Geet got rum in the music. When she was 9 years old, her father died. The financial condition of the house was already not good, it was completely shaken after the father’s complaint. His family then lived in Pune, all in Mumbai. Here his Didi Lata Auri U Dunu Jani will sing songs in the film Lagal Log so that the family can run. Asha Bhosle Aapne Pehila Film Song Dus Saal Ke Umir Gawli, ‘Chala Chala Nao Bala’. His Hindi Geet Gave Ke Millal in 1948, when he was fifteen years old. ‘Sawan Aaya’ is his first Hindi song in the movie Chunaria. His solo song Gaave Ke Millal Agile Saal in the movie Raat Ki Rani, was speaking, ‘Hare Dil Pe Ikhtiar Hona Tha’.

In his 1966 R.D. The first song of Burman’s career was Gaave Ke Maukri Mila Jawan ur Rafi Sahab duet Gawli. The song ‘Aaja Aaja Tu Hai Pyaar Mera’ from the western tune of Shammi Kapoor’s film ‘Teesri Manzil’ was very difficult. Asha ji ekra khatir ten days rehearsal kyli aa jab geet gawli ta um amar ho gayal. His Du Go Auri superhit song in Eh movie was; ‘O Hasina Zulfon Wali Jaane Jahan’ come ‘O Mere Sona Re’. Rahul Dev Burman aka Pancham Da with his frequent hit song Ail. E jodi later biyah bhi kail aa Pancham da ke death tak e rishta badhiya se chalal auri Dehlas one of the best ever song of Hindi music world. Like ‘Piya Tu Ab To Aaja’, ‘Dum Maro Dum’, ‘You have stolen your heart’ etc.

Asha Bhosle has recorded more than 12000 songs in Guinness Book of World Records for recording the most number of songs in her name. Asha Bhosle. For the sake of the Indian music world, wish you a lot of priceless treasures today on his birthday. May you stay healthy and live long!

(Author Manoj is passionate about Bhojpuri literature and cinema.)

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