Bhojpuri: Dhruva star of Bhojpuri folk art Bhikhari Thakur’s cinema Bhula Gail, what?

Asahin one day, thinking about the great men of Bhojpuri people, the list became the list of Sojha Lahar of Aankhi. In Ohi ego name Chamkal Bhikhari Thakur K. Eh Ghari Mushroom Near Ugal Bhojpuri Sanstha Sab Mein Aa, the name of Bhikhari Thakur is very much on Facebook. Not 15 years ago, a well-known anchor-producer of Bhojpuri TV channel, did you shrink your nose and eyes – who is a beggar? Beggar? In the interview of Bharat Sharma Vyas ji, when Bharat ji took the name of Bhikhari Thakur ji, he asked. In corporate, a well-known ego told the producer of a well-known TV serial – Well, Premchand’s story is there, but you did not submit Premchand’s resume. Since then our eyes have opened. Let the knowledge come sooner or later, it is necessary to obey the master.

Well, Eh Ghari Google Baba and by the grace of Facebook all the wise people. At least Du Go Naam Bhikhari Thakur aa Mahender Misirta is on everyone’s tongue nowadays. Even the people of Zekra Bhojpuri on Okro tongue should know that I doonu jana eh ghari trend mein ba log… There would have been a lot of speeches in the name of leader Hokhas Bha actor Bhikhari Thakur from the stage. In bulk, the award would be distributed in the name of Doonu Jana. Aisihi aa aisne people’s award, because many of Hindi’s go organizations have given the award of aisan people in the name of Nirala.

Well, in 1996-98 when we got Diploma in Drama from Bihar Art Theatre, Kalidas Rangalaya, Patna. At the same time, in the Bhojpuri Academy magazine, for the sake of writing the research paper Chhapal ‘Bhojpuri Natak Ke Sansar’, and for the sake of writing the research paper, Acharya Pandey Kapil and Nagendra Prasad Singh ji’s library should be given. Don’t know how many articles on drama come to read drama then tani auro janani beggar k. Later, under the direction of Gauri Shankar Thakur, Sanjay Upadhyay and Umesh Singh, Bhikhari Thakur’s Bidesia Aa Kuch Aur Natak Dekhni Ta Kuch Aur Janani. Further, when you do research on Bhojpuri cinema, it will help to know that the exploitation of beggars in the cinema. Bidesia, a du go film banal bakir beggar did not look anywhere properly. Got opportunities to speak and listen in many national-international seminars focused on beggars. Professor Manager Pandey, Namvar Singh, Sanjeev, Nityanand Tiwari, Rishikesh Sulabh and Tayyab Hussain, along with the victim Jaison scholar, took the opportunity of participating in the program focused on the beggar, and the mother of the beggar through the eyes of the Oahu people. Singer Kalpana Patwari’s Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur’s launch show was hosted in Calcutta in Hum, Ohi Mein Sanjeev, Rishikesh Sulabh and Tyab Hussain Peeed ji gathered. Later on joining television, many go programs like Bhikhari Par Banwani Tabo Kahan Sahi Se Janani Bhikhari Ke!

Make the life of a beggar easy. For the sake of okra, I wanted a beggar’s mind, wanted a beggar’s mood. By gathering information, many people did their PhD on beggars, but people could tell them how much they understood the people of beggars.

Who is Bhikhari Thakur?
Bhikhari Thakur should be born in a simple family. Where was his birth Dalsingh Thakur and Sivkali Devi in ​​Qutubpur, Saran, Bihar on 18 December 1887. Do the work of Babuji Barber of Bad Bhikhari Thakur in Du Bhai. Teach it to work beggars too. Due to poverty, they should start their work early, do not study anything beyond primary education from here. Be aware of his reading written in Kaithi script. Be impressed by the character of Ramcharitmanas U Khub Padhas Ahi Se Maryada Purushottam Ram. There should also be a reason that when you make a drama company and do the program, in the beginning they do Ramlila.

Then in 1914, there was a severe famine, the beggar Thakur left his village from Ahi and came to Calcutta. This is his knowledge of the life of the city, the problems of the migrant people and the conflict between different classes. They also came to know that they should live in the country of Ujwana, because the name is Hindustan and the British were the slaves of Akra. A lot of watching the staging of Ihwan u Ramlila. Also watch this movie. In them, there should be a subtle vision of the youth of society and the people, Tavan ego base pavalas. We believe that every Kehu Okra is around, the country, the world, the society, sees every event happening in the society, gives a reaction to Oh, the other person has a subtle vision inside, observe the ability to create Hola U Ohi for everyone’s own creation. Make a base. He had a special quality in the artist, litterateur and journalist.

Inside Bhikhari Thakur, young ego writer, artist, lyricist, composer Auri was the director Lukail, inspired by the staging of Tavan Ramlila, Auri came out of Bhojpuri’s Apan Shakespeare De Dihlas. Although e compares our many plums. For the sake of validating everything, it is necessary to look to the West. Absolutely not, Baakir Humni’s Jawan Ehsaas-e-Kamtari Ba, Always Ihe Karela. It is said that the great playwright of Bhojpuri has come and said, Bhartendu Harishchandra remains Bhikhari Thakur.

Because of Utvat, first form an elite drama troupe, first start staging Ramlila Auri then later on you start staging Likhal drama. After the first 27 years of your life, come back to Calcutta and go on imbibing the words of your rural life. The plot, screenplay, dialogues and lyrics of the play, the lines of the song Auri were all typical of the Auri society. In front of him, he dances in the scenes of his play, dialogues and songs of some Ghatal Okra. The problems of the migrant people, women’s discourse, poverty, social and economic inequality, Charu and Philal conservatism and evil practices were the plots of his drama. Let’s face the big opposition of Bhikhari Thakur. Today, there is no encouragement from the society of drama, cinema and art. Then people realized that the people of the society who have been abandoned, they will do all these things. Yes, you should lift a lot of joy, which you get up now. In his drama, only the man should act and dance while wearing the clothes of the woman. Launda Naach was very much in his drama.

Bhikhari Thakur should also be the director, conductor, facilitator of his play. His most prominent play was Bidesiya’s staging style and fame as Ago Natya Style, later Jekra was used in many Go languages. Among his major works were ‘Videsiya’, ‘Beti-Bechwa’, ‘Brother-protest’, ‘Kaljug Prem, ‘Radheshyam Bahar’, Ganga-Asanan, ‘Bidhwa-Bilap’, Putra-Badh’, Gabarghichor’.

The folk dramas of Bhikhari Thakur were his means of livelihood and also the weapon of social reform. In his own composition, he had attacked the evil prevailing in his society. They should try their best to bring a change in their society due to the effect of their drama. His composition drama Aa Geetan Ke Padab Aa Dekhbat Lagi Ki Bheal Calendar Mein Date Aa Saal Badal Baa, Baakir Abhiyo Okkar Relevance Banal Baa. Abhiyo Samaj is battling with many cow problems, which he struggled during the time of Bhikhari Thakur.

Bhikhari Thakur published about 28-29 books between 1938 and 1962. Not only did he go with his drama-troupe in other states of India, but also in Oh Deshan where Bhojpuri language-speaking people lived in more or less numbers. Bhikhari Thakur’s Rahul Sankrityayan is called the ungarded diamond of Bhojpuri. English scholar Prof. Manoranjan Prasad Sinha compares Bhikhari Thakur to ‘Shakespeare’. Dr. Uday Narayan Tiwari is called Bhikhari Thakur’s ‘Janakavi of Bhojpuri’, but Jagdish Chandra Mathur is said to be in the Bharatmuni tradition of his. The British government awarded the title of Rai Bahadur of Inca to Dehlas and the Government of Bihar with the title of Inca’s copper-plate.

Where is Bhikhari Thakur’s forgotten film?
When Bhikhari Thakur went to Calcutta due to the famine, Indianization of cinema continued during the same period. Then the cinema halls were started in India. The first Indian film ‘Raja Harishchandra’ was being made in 1913. After okra, a film making studio in Bombay, Calcutta and Madras also opened Lagal Rahali Sun. However, then there was a big emphasis of the theater company. This should be the reason why Bhikhari Thakur Theater Company opened his inner writer, actor and director. The effect of his play Beti Bechwa was that in many places, the family lost its mismatch. Bhikhari Thakur tells the pain statement of migrant Logan from the play Apna Bidesia. Because of this reason, he went to many countries to stage his e-play, but he made the drama popular in the country and abroad of Bhikhari Thakur. Whenever people hear somewhere that the Bhikhari Thakur staging Bidesia’s fences, they get so crowded that it becomes difficult to manage the organizers.

Bhikhari Thakur remained very popular when the film was made in Bhojpuri in 1962. The bookings of his show come from far away and go to your team. In 1963, the film Bidesia Banal was based on Bhikhari Thakur’s play Bidesia. Acre screenwriter Ramamurthy Chaturvedi Rahalein and director S. N. Stay Tripathi. Sujit Kumar Auri Kumari Naaz was in the lead role in Eh. Bhikhari Thakur also made a guest appearance in this film. However, don’t be too satisfied with the changes in the film. O beggars should not remain in the hands of Thakur.

Ekra Bad Phir Ego Lahar was followed by a gap of Nirahua Ke Ahi Naam in 2007 film Isle. In J, there were ego monologues of Nirahua. Ekra bad fer kabo bhojpuri cinema their properly iyaad na kilas. He also had songs in the film A Dunu.

His song ‘Ae Sajni Re’ in the Hindi film ‘Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi’ was remembered. Inspired by the theatrical style of Bidesia, he composed the play Rupasena in Kannada and Harikesh Muluk in Hindi. He also wrote ego plays on his life, Bhikharinama. Ago documentary by the name ‘Nach Bhikhari Naach’ also tells in detail about the life of Bhikhari Thakur in his Launda Naach style, Banal Baa.

I t bhaibe kil bakir bhikhari thakur whose plays were always performed by bhojpuria samaj from time immemorial, why didn’t he become a part of bhojpuri film? Bhojpuri film Na Bhikhari Ke Iyad Rakhlas nor his art vision. Saite Bhojpuri’s artist, screenwriter, director and producer people of Bhikhari Thakur’s mole aaj le na pata chalal aa Sait Ulog Bhikhari Thakur’s empty respect and understanding is limited to the name of the organization. If the people of the world have read Bhikhari Thakur’s creation, then I would not have made a mistake, perhaps!
(Author Manoj is passionate about Bhojpuri literature and cinema.)

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