Bhojpuri- Environment Special: Saved the environment by wishing for a happy future for the sake of my grandson

Due to climate change, everything in the world has become turbulent. It would have rained so much that man, animal would give a lot of noise, it would have rained so much that where there was a history of scanty rain for hundreds of years, there would have been a flood. The dew shivering cold people’s hands. It is the work of all human beings.

The E species of the creature is called the man of Zekra, the most greedy hola. Eh the most heaps of kehu on earth at kile baat oh aadmie baa. Environment Day is there, every year special purpose is created for the sake of okra for the rest of us. To save the heat from the AC cost, let us leave the AC harmful gas and increase the heat. Say that your young man should be born on his beard, he should be cutie. In the mean time, although we got out of hand, Baakir jetne bachal ba, while trying hard to save the environment of human beings during this time, the life of the next generation got extinguished, during the life time of us the earth got covered in the cheeks of holocaust.

According to the learned people, “Our present is a debt taken from the coming generation, for which we have to repay the principal along with interest”. Our lives should be built on the earth today, we are truly the earth of the future, it is our duty to make the world as better as possible and be handed over to the next generation. Baakir Maharaj, everything is turning upside down. The previous generation of Hamani was constantly exploiting the earth and the Lakm of Hamani Ohi fell for Hamniyo. Now, instead of reading the lessons of protecting the environment of our children, our children should instead be educated to maximize exploitation.

environment in worship

E all, we have counted the faults of today and become a young man who can be called civilized of the whole world. Whereas the tribal fences living in the forest better than Accra. Uri eat from the woods and give everything to the rescue of okra. Protecting the environment is the only way to save life. However, in the culture of Hamani, innumerable rules have come in vogue for the protection of nature and environment. Here we worship Pepper Pujala, Bar Pujala, Neem, Tulsi, Amla. Raua knows hokhb, the place of Brahma is often held under the peeper tree. In every village, old trees of Rua Ago Pepper were found, where Baram Baba was replaced. Worship hola of banyan tree and Vat Savitri fast, Sohagin Bhanwar deli of the village. On the molar of Nimiya, the swings of Goddess Maiya lagela. Tulsi plant and every house got raua, come every morning and every morning-bhinsare Mai-Kaki and Bhauji take bath and wash the water. Ohija diya braai of Sanjhi. Tulsi biyah is also hola. In every worship, the sweetness of Tulsi in the offering of bhog. Hey Maharaj, when Kehu went to the next world, the Ganges water came in the mouth of Tulsi.

Worship Hola of Osahin Aonra. Often added tree entwined netting. When Aanwra grew up, Okr janev hola came later after okr biyaho hola. Rachael Basal ba in the life and sanskar of e sab humani. Mango’s Pallavas lagela in every worship recitation. Ruaat know that peepers, banyan trees have been cut down. Jadi Kavano Chirai Goda was buried in the beak and fell on the top of the house. In the confluence of soil water, Auri Upipar Bhan became a banyan tree. Without the fear of breaking the Deval from the tree, the people did not cut their hands after the Bolwa of Kavano Jolaha. In this way, we have made rules and regulations for protecting the environment here.

Everyone is familiar with the scientific importance of E. After all, the biggest objective is youth ba, u ba protect the environment. Sochi sage Maharishi Aa Hamni’s ancestor Puraniya Ketna remained a visionary. You should know that nature talks about the existence of the earth. For the sake of protecting the environment, many cow rituals come and start worshiping. Although we have listened to many so called intellectuals who oppose all of them. In fact, those people infected with western tradition have forgotten the culture.

Environmental Importance in Folklore and Literature

In the music of general entertainment in the song of protection of the environment of your life, you have to go back to your father’s house.

Baba Nimiya Tree Jin Katiha

Nimiya P Chiraiya Ke Baser

Balaiya Leu Biran Ke

Baba Sagari Chiraiya Udi Jaihane

Rahi jihein nimiya aker

My Chhath Puja here and worship the environment itself. Worship of the goddess of nature, the worship of Goddess Chhathi Mai, every substance used in her worship was infused with nature itself. People kept the pool, pond, stepwell for the same reason and kept it, and cleaned it so that they can do Chhath Puja. I have seen every song of Chhath Puja because of love and protection of nature.

“Kanch hi bamboo ke bahangiya, bahangi lachkat jaye” hokhe bha’ sprung on the kerva’s leaf, bowed down. As in the Sanatan tradition, it is forbidden to cut okra from Diyal Baa Aahi to the status of the son of Mango. See jeese ego traditional song ke bol ba, okar do go line. Gohar would go to Kaila to protect him.

“Have mangoes, Nimiya Mahtari

Banwa ke kar Rachpal, A Birjbasi”

Ego and protection is the most important thing in life. U ba the poison free of the earth. Use of urea and chemicals has been stopped. Kil organic farming. Many cow organizations of the country are working in this direction. We ourselves became involved in this campaign with our friend Suyash Kumar alias Munna Singh, the founder of Jago Bharat Foundation. Rahal Ba is also getting the support of CIMAP (Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants). In order to understand the production, processing and market of organic and medicinal farming properly, go to Hamni’s Kondagaon, Chhattisgarh, Ambikapur, Madhepura, Puri, Orissa, Meerut, Jaipur, Bharatpur, Nainital, Sonbhadra and not know at Ketna Center and now go to place. Wake up India’s center has started. Two years ago, Gandhi Jayanti completed 150 years of Bhaila, his birth anniversary from 2 October to 30 January 2020, starting from Champaran, in various districts of Bihar, under the leadership of former Rajya Sabha MP RK Sinha of the cultural team in Jawan Gandhi Sakalp Yatra Bhail Oh. We have the responsibility of leadership. We have written many songs according to the region of youth, singer people in Magahi, Maithili, Bhojpuri and Hindi. Likhal Hamar song on organic farming is also very popular –

curry organic farming, curry organic farming, curry organic farming

Besi born, do organic farming

Crop hoi indigenous, curry organic farming

Beauty is being made, organic farming is done

Lagb Sweety-Sweetie, Curry Organic Farming

Poison in the fields, Poison in the crops

Poison in Fasalvo, Poison in Jinigio

Stop urea, potas farming, organic farming.

Born besi, harvest is desi

Beauty is becoming, almost sweety-sweetie…Curry organic farming

Chemical farming is the home of cancer

He is sick of heavy sickness

Do not mix your poison in food, do organic farming

Born besi, harvest is desi

Beauty is becoming, almost sweety-sweetie….do organic farming

Apply cow dung manure, Tejua in Khetwa

Earthworm is the companion of Kahela Humni

Then leaving the farming of the Englishman,

Do your ancestors’ farming, do organic farming

Born besi, harvest is desi

Becoming Beauty, Lagb Sweety-Sweetie….. Do organic farming

Gandhiji learned organic farming in Indore Guinea

In 1935, he praised Jam

For today’s need, just do farming, do organic farming

Born besi, harvest is desi

Becoming a beauty, sweetie sweetie, doing organic farming

(Author Manoj is passionate about Bhojpuri literature and cinema.)

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