Bhojpuri Film Review: ‘Baap’s decision may be wrong but not fixed’ Khesari Lal Yadav’s film ‘Baap ji’

Bhojpuri cinema’s powerful actor Khesari Lal Yadav is known for his performance and songs. After coming into the industry, he has presented dance in a different way. His amazing moves make the fans crazy. In films, the actor is seen in comedy, action and romantic style, on which the fans lavish a lot of love. In such a situation, now his film ‘Baap Ji’ has been released on YouTube. It is getting a good response from the audience. The film has been viewed more than three million times in just five days. In such a situation, trying to explain you about the movie with some points…

How is the story of ‘Baap ji’?
Khesari Lal Yadav and Manoj Tiger (Khesari Lal Yadav-Manoj Tiger Films) aka Batasa uncle’s film ‘Baap Ji’ is the story of a strong father-son relationship, how a father plans to marry in old age to improve his spoiled son. makes. But in the end he himself gets caught in that trap. The strong story of the film keeps the audience engaged. In this, emphasis has been given on ‘the decision of the father may be wrong but not fixed’. You will get to see about the unbreakable bond of father-son, in which Khesari is seen in the role of Guddu and Manoj is in the role of Guddu’s father Ram Prasad. In this, you will get to see a lot of comedy and seriousness of relationships.

Item Songs of Kajal Raghavani Hai Dhansu
The story of the film ‘Baap ji’ where helps to keep you connected to the film. At the same time, item songs of actress Kajal Raghwani are also being seen in it, which create a little thrill in the film story. The actress is winning the hearts of the audience with her amazing expressions and dance moves, wherein you get to see the same chemistry of Khesari and Kajal that you love to see. In this, the songs ‘Banke Machriya Makai Ke Rotiya Pas Aaja’ and ‘Tu Jhooti Tera Pyaar Jhootha’ were filmed on both the stars. Both these songs are creating a different thrill in the film.

How is the acting of other actors including Khesari Lal?
If we talk about the acting of Khesari Lal Yadav and other actors in Bhojpuri film ‘Bap Ji’, then Khesari is seen in the role of Guddu and Manoj Tiger is seen in the role of his father Ram Prasad. Both have done complete justice to their character. Manoj’s acting is strong, as well as in this he has served the image of a father and his responsibilities towards his son in front of the audience in a wonderful way. His character also tickles you with seriousness. His dialogue delivery is amazing. Along with this, Ritu Singh has played the role of Khesari’s girlfriend and doctor in the film. The actress has also done justice to her character. Some romantic songs have been filmed on Khesari and Ritu, which bind differently. Although the actress has not got much screen space, she has given excellent performance in whatever she has got.

Along with this, actor Sanjay Verma, who is known for his comedy. He has won the hearts of the fans with his excellent performance. The comic he is known for is getting to see in it. He is playing the role of Khesari’s friend in this. At the same time, actor Prakash Jais is in the role of Khesari’s lawyer. In this, her character is that of Kamina Prasad, which makes you tickle a lot.

Dev Pandey has directed the film ‘Baap Ji’. Talking about the direction of this 2.28-hour film, you will feel like watching the film in between, but the comic characters keep you connected. Actress Ritu Singh was in the main lead role, but she has not been given much screen space. The entire film revolves around Manoj Tiger and Khesari, so it will also feel like the story has been stretched a bit. It could have been finished in 2 hours as well. However, overall the direction of the movie can be said well. This movie entertains you a lot.

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