Bhojpuri- Film Suga: Aawe Wala Ba Bad Bhojpuria Star People’s film, everyone got newness in the story

Logan against Bollywood is filled with anger from Barisan in okra filming. For the sake of Bhojpuri, people left the matter of laughter, most of the people did not pay attention to when the film Kavan would be released. Say that Bhojpuri films on YouTube and TV kept coming throughout the day, when I saw it completely. For the sake of the release of Bhojpuri film from above, single screen theaters now count the banchal ba, then the audience should go there and watch the film. However, most Bhojpuri films are now made for the sake of satellite TV and digital platform.

Today some talk of taka taka bhojpuri film has been made, Jawan awe wala will be released in a few weeks. Most of the movies are about big stars. Rua herself knew –


Mahesh Pandey, who has written many popular TV shows in Hindi, is now making a film in Bhojpuri. Nirahua Auri Amrapali in the lead role in the promo of his much awaited film Gabru Aa Gail Baa, Je Ba Log. The story of the film is based on the relationship between the young man Auri Bagh. In the lives of the people living in the village adjoining the forest, the role of the animal was played, the screenplay of the film around Ahi was Bunail Ba. In the film, Sanjay Pandey’s good role Baa Auri U role in Jam Bhi Rahal Baden. The tiger scenes in the film were made from VFX, Gail Baa, a satisfactory look according to the Bhojpuri language. Filming included the TV serial Jhalak Ail Ba, Jaise Gaon Lauke in the 80-90s filming, Laukat Ba in the Oisan Gaon Eh film. Now after watching the film Kisan Ba, it came to know, but in the rest of the story, a new experiment was made.

Bol Radha Bol

Khesari Lal Yadav’s film Aa Rahal Ba, Bol Radha Bol. Wear your old curly hair style in this film. However, for the sake of e-look, wear a wig in the film. Although there is a little new experiment in the story of e-film. In the film written by Kushwaha of Manoj, an atheist youth named Jeker Kishan Ba, afat machwale rahat ba for the sake of the family who is always engrossed in his worship recitation. Meas would be closed on the day of liquor okar festivals. Sometime it happens that okra gets separated from its beloved, but when it comes to the call of a ego sadhu, it should take care of its own goat with the understanding of Radha. Later some goons kill Kishan for personal enmity with O Bakri. In the story of the film, Auri uses mythological references. Director Parag Patil and writer Manoj K Kushwaha were appreciated. The film stars Khesari Lal, Megha Shree in the lead roles.

while going

There is a lot of emphasis on the story of London in Bhojpuri. In the name of Chintu Pandey, the poets of the Londonwala film are not Rahal, who will come back from the film ‘Chalte Chalte’. The film Sagro London based cost Baa Auri story revolves around love, breakup, betrayal aa milan. Acre Charm Baden playing Punjabi character Awadhesh Mishra je Uhan Taxi Chalawat Baden, Uri Unkar as Hero’s friend Badane Aurkar Punjabi accent believable cost bae. The team doing the location reiki of the film did a great job, the beautiful location ba auri okra on the screen has also gone well. Kajal Raghavani Auri Anara Gupta with Chintu Pandey. Trying to bring newness in the film at many places, by the time the film was released, it came to know that the special thing in the film was Baa.

everyone’s father thumb impression

Nirhua’s e-film also released Hokhe Wala Ba. Nirhua Siddhahaast Badan in the film comedy drama Ba, J. His Nirahua Hindustani series movie dekhbat ta rua oisne feeling aaye, jawan eh movie promo dekh ke aawat ba. There is newness in the story of the film. Ego young man, for the sake of his scientific experiments, he was infamous in the village, Okr ak go Philosophy Ba that the people of every great man were called mad in the beginning. We will definitely do some great inventions one day. Without reading, writing, ego mechanic, how to achieve success in your life, the story of the e-film. Rakesh Tripathi’s Likhal e film Ba. The director of the film is Parag Patil. Jawan bhi hokhe, Parag Patil is using it in Bhojpuri cinema. After the big day of Nirhua, look at the film with Akshara Singh.

our self respect

Pawan Singh’s ego film Aa Rahal Ba, Hamar Swabhiman. The story of the film is based on the struggle of the Rahal Du Go family fighting for generations for the sake of land, property and luxury. Hero heroine fight with different factions in Auri Dunu in love ho jaat ba, after okra the period of conflict starts. There is a lot of use of Shero Shayari in the film. The director Chandrabhushan Mani tried to make the film interesting, but the work of the actors was taken out. Due to budget constraints in the film, there were many places. Although it is a universal problem of Bhojpuri cinema. The reason is that most part of the budget went in the pocket of the star, our revenue was very new, people like this also started investing in it.

In some of the above films, Kavan Kavan was able to impress the audience, he told only the time of arrival. Raua also got a chance to see your film and tell your opinion.

(Author Manoj is passionate about Bhojpuri cinema and literature.)

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