Bhojpuri- Filmy Suga: Na Dekhlin’ of Banal E Filming on Monsoon Season

Oh, you can’t even swim in a rain, you can jump, jump in your ears, you can also splash a lot in the water on the road. The boat behind the copy was torn apart and the boat was also built. Ta aaye e sab ke dubse jeeye kil jaav towards banal filming on the theme of monsoon, filmi suga okre list le ke ail baa.

Barkha Auri’s association with filming is very old. Barkha’s ego scene in Akaraha romantic filming was very much rakhat rahal baa. In Phir Jadi Filman, there was a song in the heroine’s romance Dekhawe Ke Baat Barkha, Jadi Dukh Ke culminated in Dekhave Ke Baat Barkha, in Jadi Action Scene, there was a scene of Vibhatsa Dekhave Ke Baat Barkha. It is said that one rain, many cows work. Due to Barkha’s more use in Indian filming, most of the films were shot in Mumbai. Seeing the film of Jadi South too, the scenes of Uhwon’s life industry on the seashore, Uhvaan Bhi Barkha’s scenes were filmed a lot. Come now let us know about the filming of special appearances of Kuch Barkha.

Shree 420 (1955)
The song Baaz Rahal Baa, “Pyaar Hua, Iqrar Hua, Pyaar Se Phir Kyun Darta Hai Dil” with the pair of Preet in Jhamjmaat Barkha on black and white screens under the umbrella. E scene raua iyaad hoi, movie name hai shree 420, showman rajkapoor sahab auri beautiful nargis ke jodi tickled the audience since then till now, jab jab kehu e song dekhela aai film dekhla. In the love story of Ego Thug Auri Ordinary Likee, a thug young man tries to correct his mistake so that he can get the love of a beautiful ordinary Likee. There were many cow scenes in the film, but the shoots remained in the rain.

Taal (1999)
Barkha ke baat hokhe auri taal film ke baat na hokhe e kisse ho sakte baa. In Subhash Ghai’s splendid musical film, Jab Jor Ke Barkha Hota Ba Auri Heroine Barkha Mein Nachat Biya when the heroine Chamba melts in the village of Ago Chhote Pahari, Himachal. Many cow scenes of Barkha were filmed in E film. Aishwarya Rai dances in the role of Mansi in Eh very sunnaar cost Bari Barkha. I wanted to see once again in the season of the film Raua Bhale Dekhle Hokhab, Baaki Eh Barkha.

Tumbbad (2018)
Tumbbad is a great masterpiece of Hindi cinema, which the audience of Javana will like a lot later. It took almost 6-7 years to make an e-film. In a small area of ​​Maharashtra, it was cursed for the sake of raining rain throughout the years. Uha ego devi jk sahe bhula gile ahi se e shaap millal. The Ago family who lived there would be walking in the city. E-film Lalach Auri Insan Ke Kabo Finish Na Hokhe Wala Ichha Ke Dekhavela, set in the pre-independence era. Ee horror film hai aa continously barsaat barkha eh baa baa hai hai film raha hai. Must have seen the e-film.

Raincoat (2004)
Ajay Devgan Auri is set in Aishwarya Rai’s e-film Calcutta. Calcutta also got a lot of rain during the monsoon. Eh the story of the film Du Go Bichdal is built around the meeting of Premian. When Manoj of Bhagalpur Bihar used to earn Rupees for the marriage of Calcutta sister, he met his old girlfriend Neeru. Eh the film is full of emotional scenes. The film is getting a lot of praise, once in the monsoon season, I wanted to see it.

Raavan (2010)
Husband wife Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai in Mani Ratnam’s film Raavan. Along with O people, South’s star Chiyan Vikram aa Govinda should also be there. Ago would kidnap the dacoit officer’s wife after falling in love, later leaving Okra when Uho Okra fell in love. Liked every single scene of filming of Barkha, Jungle, Waterfall, Harihar Pahad, Etna Sundar Ba Ki Rua in the movie, Uho Jawan very vile loukela.

Jasmine (2004)
Kareena Kapoor and Auri Rahul Bose’s e film Apna Kahaani Aa was very much liked for the visual composition. Auri Ego, a businessman who talks to Mumbai’s Barkha, would have met a prostitute. Do you open the book of your life. Ego simple prostitute youth happy daughter, normal bea, aego rich businessman young man, despite everything, he finds himself out of the grief of the death of his ex-wife, depressed child. In the film Jaise Jaise Ade Badh Baa, Okr Kahaani is filled with condensation. E film ego beautiful art work, must be seen in this monsoon season.

Geetan ke bhi ego glorious treasure baa on barkha, uho jaldiye le ke aib rua in front of people.

(Author Manoj is passionate about Bhojpuri literature and cinema.)

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