Bhojpuri: Filmy Suga- Rahali Helen, a very likeable dancer of Apna Time, also works in Bhojpuri

The song Gawle Rahali Suman Kalyanpuri aa song is, “Hum ta khela rahi amma ji ke godiya, kar gaye tabhi biyah re bidesiya”. Eh Geet Pa Jawan Dancer Thumak Thumak Ke Nachat Bari, her beauty and adoration were once in awe of the old men of India. Oh the name of the dancer is Helen, yes, the beautiful Helen. Raua jaanat hokhab ki u Salman Khan’s step-mother mai hai.

Helen’s Ego Auri song made a lot of sense. U item song J on Gabbar Apna Saathiyan Ke Khoob Jhoom Jhoom Ke Nachat Baa from the movie ‘Sholay’, “Mehbooba – Mehbooba, Gulshan mein gul khilte hai, Jab sehra mein milte hai, Main aur tu…. Auri many go song ba jaise “Monica, oh my darling” bha “Yamma yamma, hai beautiful sama” e geetan in the list was a craze even then Auri still baa. Yes, a little new music of okra was created by making the fusion of the people Bajavela Baakir Bajavela of course. Helen is credited for the hit Karave of E Sab Geetan. Aaj le na mil with Apna Balkhat Qamar Auri who freezes the screen with her captivating performance. The charisma of Helen’s dance and gesture was that her ego item song Rakhal filming was compulsion from the 50s to the 80s. Often the producer Auri director must keep her dance numbers for the sake of making the film hit. He worked in more than 700 films.

Whose Rangoon’s Refugee Likee Ban Gaye is the star of Hindi cinema’s Aankhine?
84-year-old Hokhe Jahal Helen was born on 21 October 1938 in Rangoon (then Burma of the British Raj). Her full name is Helen Ann Richardson. His father was Anglo Indian Rahane Auri Mai from Burma. Helen’s father’s name was George Desmir and mother’s name was Marlene. In 1939, the year after Helen’s birth, the world was under the shadow of terror and World War II started. Helen’s father died in the war that went on from 1939 to 1945. Helen’s family from her mother, brother Roger Auri and sister Jennifer Bachal people in eh horror. Burma was then occupied by Japan. E people saved their lives from there and people entered the border of India. They entered in 1943 towards Dibrugarh in Assam.

Helen did not start as a background dancer. Helen was shocked to hear Sunvali Jawana in the interview itself. His family Auri some dosar Logan’s group Jungle – Mountain Auri Dangerous climb uphill, saving his life Isle in the border of India. In the middle of the journey, many villages were found, where even the help of the residents o people did, eat and drink. Then the British soldier too soon met in the way and helped him. People should carry forward their journey as such. Then Helen was young, about 5 years old. During the difficult journey, some people of his group fell ill, some people died and got left behind, gradually the number of people got reduced to half. When people were admitted to Dibrugarh isle in this hospital for two months. There was also a miscarriage in the middle of his mother. Helen’s brother, Roger, contracted smallpox. When his family moved from there to Calcutta isle his brother also died. Eh tare in his family mai auri chhota sishi aa u banchal people.

Helen’s family came to Bombay and Helen Jab bad hokhe lagli tu dance coaching labe lagli. His Ego Saheli Auri in Hindi Filman actress Kuku worked in his group dance Diwali. Became a background dancer in the film Awara Mein Aa Alif Laila. He became the main dancer in the song ‘Mera Naam Chin, Chin, Chu’ in his film Howrah Bridge. E film superhit Bhail aa e song ke bada fame mil jekra chalte helen ke log jane lagal.

Helen did a lot of work in the filming of Shammi Kapoor. Helen also acted as an item dancer in her filming as a negative female character in the role of Kylie Auri Vamp. Helen’s work in the film China Town, Chhote Sarkar, Satya, Junglee, Third Manzil Jison was also appreciated. Along with Shammi Kapoor, some of her superhit dance numbers also ail jaise ‘O Haseena Zulfonwali, Suku Suku etc.

Helen got divorced in 1957 from film director Prem Narayan Arora after 14 years of marriage. Lehli then married screenwriter Salim Khan. Auri, who was already married to Salim, should be his wife and three sons. Salman Khan should be 15 years old then. Salim himself was then the wife of 45 and Helen 42. It was very difficult for Helen to find a place in Salim’s family. However, since the time when Helen O’s family was destroyed, the people of Bari Auri, the keeper of the destruction of everyone, also praised this thing. Helen Dil Ke Heera became famous for her dangerous character on screen.
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