Bhojpuri: Filmy Suga – Tanuja’s five push filming has come, Kabo Kheesi Marle Rahali Dharmendra’s Chatkan

Be the audience of the native Hindi world in Tanuja’s Abhinaya Auri Roop’s crazy Ego Daur. The introduction of Tanuja’s heroine Kajol as Mai was shocked for the youth. However, people of the 60s and 70s must have known about his popularity. Apart from Tanuja’s illustrious career, it is also special thing that she is famous as all the heroines in Rahal Ba, J in her five push films. Today, apart from his film journey, the film Suga told the story of his five Puhuts.

Tanuja launches with My Kylie Heroine Nutan
Tanuja’s Jodi Jamal Rajesh Khanna, Dharmendra Auri and Jeetendra were the most popular superstars of all, e Tinu Jana sections. Iho ego reason, Tanuja’s name bane mein dheer der na lagal auri u jaldiye came in the list of most successful actresses. Tanuja became a child artist in Hindi film industry in the year 1950. His elder sister Auri popular actress Nutan J was 7 years older than him in the movie Uho Eh. Shobhana Samarth, the famous actress of the 30-40s with Dunu Jani, made her directorial debut in the film ‘Hamari Beti’ (1950). The script of the film was very twist and turn. In Ego accident, Bhula Jaat Biya, younger daughter of Ego widow Mai. In the life of o chhota liki, do go human beings meet stars. You would have sacrificed everything for the sake of Ego Okra and you would have left the colorful world for the sake of Ego Okra. Ane okr mai aapn in search of daughter, Biya Auri ego couple would have given okra to their little girl child. Over time, the separated daughter grows up and becomes a beautiful teenager. In search of Jawan Mai Apna Beti, Biya became an obstacle in the way of her daughter’s love. Then everything would have been fine, why would he meet his daughter, let it be the story. The story of the film was exciting and Auri e film Chalal also. Nutan then debuted as a heroine in the 14-year-old Rahali Auri U film. Her career went ahead with the film Auri Tanuja as a child artist Rahali J. Later she became an actress in filming.

Rahal Bari in Tanuja’s Paanch Puhut Ke Mahila film itself
Five Puhut of Tanuja’s family is associated with the film industry itself. His father-in-law Kumarsen Samarth was a successful filmmaker in the early stages of Indian filming. Tanuja’s Mai Shobhana Samarth was a big actress of Hindi filming. Tanuja’s mai baap ke biyhe bhailye on the condition that Kumarsen should become an actress in the film Banaiheinte Shobhana. Tanuja’s maternal heroine and singer Rahali, her name was Rattan Bai. U acted in marathi film kars auri song bhi gavas. Shobhana Samarth was very successful in the 1930s to the 1950s. The famous director Vijay Bhatt played the role of Sita in the film Banavaal Gail Ram-Trilogy on Lord Rama. In o ‘Ram Rajya’ (1943) was the most successful. Tanuja’s elder sister Nutan became a great actress of Hindi filming. After Nutan, Tanuja also spread her magic in the filming. Tanuja’s daughter Kajol also became a very successful Hindi actress. Accra Bado E Series Growing Guile. Heroine Nutan’s son Mohnish Behl was also a successful actor. His daughter Auri Eh family’s fifth generation Pranutan Behl also became a film actress. u Debut Kyle Rahali from the film ‘Notebook’ produced by Salman Khan. He has a dark humor film titled ‘Helmet’ on OTT G5 in 2021, Isle Rahal. Ever since the beginning of Indian filming, the successful actress Rahal Bari of Eh Parivar Ke Kavano Na Kavano Female Ego.

Nutan’s career progressed well
In 1960, his My Fer Ego film Banavali ‘Chhabili’. Nutan played the lead role in the film. Tanuja debut as young actress from Ehi movie. Raj Kapoor, Geeta Bali, Madhubala, Mala Sinha jison great artist Log Ke Thalke Wala Auri O Log’s early work, Debe Wala Producer-Director Kidar Sharma Tanuja’s also made lead actress in his film ‘Hamari Yaad Aayegi’. After E film, Tanuja got good work Lagal. Tanuja’s very successful film ‘Jewel Thief’ opposite Devanand was one of the four actresses on the lines of Hollywood’s Bond Girl. Again ‘Izzat’ with Dharmendra was a huge hit. After okra, Jeene Ke Raah along with Jeetendra also proved to be a sleeper hit. Their pair, when they became friends with Rajesh Khanna, many go good films in front of the audience, Ile J Mein Haathi Mere Saathi, Mere Jeevan Saathi etc. His more successful films include Do Chor, Yaarana, Khuddar, Pyaar Ki Kahani, Chand Aur Sooraj, Bahare Phir Aayegi, Anubhav etc.

Nutan Dharmendra got killed
Nutan’s pair with Dharmendra was also very successful in Rahal Ahi to Dunu Jana, a good friendship. They also have fun on the sets. Dharmendra should also be close to Nutan’s acquaintance with his wife. Many go media reports told that in 1965, people were shooting for Dunu Jana Chand and Sooraj. One day Dharmendra flirts with him in a joking manner. At first Dharmendra’s shameless words deli and later he also blew up the cracks. The report also said that Dharmendra may stay for a few days. Although Dharmendra realized his mistake that the joke has gone beyond the limits in a joking manner, he should also ask for forgiveness from U Nutan.

Now Tanuja has been more involved in environmental service, Auri has been doing campaigns for cleaning the beach of Mumbai along with many NGOs.

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