Bhojpuri: Jeetendra aka Jeetu ji’s Labh Story, his filming jaisen hi colorful aa lively rahal baa

To impress your beloved in college, copy Jeetendra’s hairstyle and look. Jeetendra’s film Jetna Rangoli Rahe, Okar song was also filled with Osahin Dance Aa Beat. Apna Sangharsh’s day partner Rajesh Khanna jison Jitu ji also unmarried, married all women were sacrificed. Maharaj oh daur’s husband people ke jeetu ji harjai lekhaan lagas, je okra throw his personality’s charms on the wife’s mind.

Like everyone’s favorite Jeetu ji’s film Rangrang Rahali Sun, Osahin his personal life also has Labh Story Rangoli Auri Jawan Dil Rahal. Yes, there is separation in their lives, even in the autumn of heart broken. Today filmi Suga le ail ba enjoyed her filming, a anthology of colorful labh stories.

Why did he save his life because of his wife Shobha Kapoor?
Jeetu ji’s clothes were worn out, but his life was filled with colours. Jeetu ji’s career went well between 1960 and 90. From almost 200 filming to 121 Go film Garda Udvalas at their box office. His white pants and shoes became his trademark in the song ‘Mast Baharon Ka Main Aashiq’ from his first hit film ‘Farz Aa Okar’. Jeetu ji’s wife Shobha Kapoor was fond of Jeetendra since childhood. He met Jeetendra at the age of 14. Their Aa Jeetendra Ke Labh Story Chalal Auri As Lover-Girlfriend For About 6-7 Years Later Dunu Jana Jaana In 1974 In Aego General Event By Marrying Lihal People.

Jeetendra should tell a big event of his life. In 1976, on the 12th of October, be the one who took the flight from Mumbai to Madras. Oh day karva chauth rahe rahe auri his wife Shobha refused to go to him so that u apna vrat ke tura ko sakte ki ke ke ke ke ke ke kekh hai. Jeetendra, however, should go for important work and leave for the airport from here. If the rest of the flight is late, then come back home to observe fasting. Here his wife stopped Lehli after fasting Turla, said that the next day should be done.

After sometime, I would stand at the window and see that the big fireball would fall from the sky towards the earth. After okra, his phone rang, people started asking for his skilled mangal. In fact, live Jitendra Jaye from Indian Airlines’ flight Jekra, 95 people aboard the Auri which crashed due to engine failure, died. Mangal Saubhagya Manalan of Jitendra Ekra’s wife.

Dream Girl Hema Malini’s Dream Boy Banat Banat, Jeetendra got out of the story
Keep falling in love with Jeetendra Hema Malini. People meeting for the first time on the sets of Doonu Jana Dulhan. While Hema fell in love with Dharmendra wildly, Manas was the empty friend of Jeetendra. Jeetendra’s favorite and the affair between Hema and Dharmendra got entangled in Hema’s family. Hema Malini’s family does not want that they should be married to Dharmendra, that they should remain married and their four sons and daughters should remain. Hema’s family should be ready to marry Jeetu ji. Without Kehu, Jitendra’s family gathered at one place for the marriage ceremony of Auri Hema’s family mill to go to Dunu. E-khabar reached Bombay with Dharmendra. Dharmendra hurriedly reached with Jitendra’s then girlfriend Rahal Shobha. Dharmendra went to Hema’s house where everyone was present. In a very dramatic way, Dharmendra’s insistence on Qila with Hema Malini should talk alone in the room. Ane Shobha also Ohijah Rahali and Jitendra Auri stayed outside Hema’s family room. Hema came out of the room with Lorail eyes and said that she should marry Dharmendra only. Auri left the house in anger over this matter of Jitendra’s family. Later, Jitendra Auri got married to Shobha.

Jeetendra’s name is also associated with Rekha and Sridevi
Aisan film world knowledgeable people claimed that Rekha Auri Jitendra was growing closer after the shooting of the film ‘Ek Bechara (1972)’. However, due to Rekha, Jeetendra also got many Go films. In the rest of the world, the distance came when he said in front of the ego junior artist that the time was passed for his sake. Lehli ended her relationship with Rekha.

Jeetendra and Sridevi also grew closer when people were shooting for the film Himmatwala. The pair of E film Aa Dunu Jana remained a huge hit. E people together with ‘Jani Dost’, ‘Justice Choudhary’ film many people. The discussion about the closeness of Dunu Jana grew so much in the film world that Jeetendra’s wife Shobha got upset. Once upon a time visit to Sridevi’s food Kylie Auri Oh after meeting Jitendra and Sridevi’s relationship ended, Lagal aa pher dunu jaana ke rasta kabo na takrail.

Jeetu ji, now enjoy your old age. His wife remained his companion. His daughter Ekta Kapoor is the established producer of the TV world, aa son Tusshar Kapoor Abhiyo Sangharsh Hi Karta Badan.

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