Bhojpuri: Kabo noon roti khake gujar kare star comedian Bharti Singh’s e birthday is very special

The very old tradition of comedy in India is still there. Combination of humor in the culture of Apna Ihaan. Believe me, if you talk about Indian life, there is also laughter. Skit, humorous poetry, poetry, satire, sang in the sanskar song, jokes etc. Often there was some relationship in the village where laughter is prevalent. Like sister-in-law – brother-in-law, brother-in-law – sister-in-law, samadhi – samdhan and heat – meet, in all relationships, people chuckled at each other and became happy. When the clown bhalabra bha clown came in the time of drama and gimmick, he laughed. When the time of filming aisle, the comedian hokhe lagenge. Raua became the first to hear the names of Johnny Walker, Mahmood, Soorma Bhopali, Johnny Lever, Rajpal Yadav. There are many comedy shows in fer tv ke daur chalu bhail tha omne chalu bhaili sun. Many go comedians come out of o become a star, like Kapil Sharma, Raju Srivastava, himself Bharti Singh, Krishna Abhishek etc.

Although the tradition of comic poetry among all ahi is coming from generation to generation. Ohi lekhaan stage comedy kare kare ke vogue west ke deshan mein chalu bheil jekra’s stand up comedy kahal jaala. Famous Hollywood film actor Jim Carrey got a chance to film in a few years with the help of a stand-up comedy, and Auri became the world’s favorite comedian. Ego round that his other all star actors get more remuneration than people. His family lived in a loaned motorhome in an empty park in the small town of Ago, USA. Once upon a time, stay in this luxurious palace in Los Angeles, which is counted among the most expensive cities in the world. E stand-up comedy Hi Bharti Singh also took the floor on the floor. Like the poor family, today India’s favorite star Biya, Ekra behind e Hansal Hansawal hi ba. Tell me that Kehu’s laughter is a very difficult job, your je works, your brother should get good remuneration too.

Kabo noon oil roti ke gujli aapna daur
Bharti Singh, popularly known as Comedy Queen, was born on 3 July 1984 in Amritsar, Punjab. His father and mother were residents of Punjab. The paternal family of Bakir Dunu Jana stayed in Nepal. His mother is getting married at the age of 17 years, and till the age of 23, Umir stays together. From Bharti Singh to elder brother aaego sister. When Bharti was 2 years old, her father died. His mai fer kabo doosr shaadi na kyli auri alone took care of his tinu likan. Amritsar lost his life for the sake of his textile business. To run his family, he started working as a blanket CA in the factory. If the family does not move with the help of oil, then they come home to the mother queen’s chunari sis. Eh tare jaise taise everyone’s stomach palao. May it be a time when his family can make a living by eating noon oil and roti. But the sorrow of his life remained the inspiration of the laughter of the young people. Jaisey and Bhail Ba with the great comedian.

Bharti Singh’s comedy shows started slowly. People were very much impressed by his witty repartee. Runner-up in the fourth season of the famous comedy show Great India Laughter Challenge which aired on Star One. From this show, superhit comedians Kapil Sharma, Sunil Pal, Raju Srivastava, Sudesh Lahiri, Chandan Prabhakar etc. are big names. Today, the most successful Kapil Sharma in the field is followed by Bharti Singh. Bharti Singh became very famous in 2008 with e-show, Pavli Auri Okra Bada Aapne Career Set Kare. The fame of Bharti Singh grew a lot with The Kapil Sharma Show.

His marriage with Harsh was in 2017. Avela Log Jawan Khub Chalela with Dunu Jana Mill’s hit game show Khatra Khatra Khatra on Colors. Most of the viewers who watch almost TV of comedian Bharti Singh know. People also know about her husband Harsh Limbachiyaa. It is a different matter that the husband should ask more in the name of the wife. Harsh is actually a writer as well as a part time TV presenter. However, after marrying Bharti, she became more active on the screen. Let’s say that now Dunu Jana has become the celebrity of the screen.

Bharti Singh Asahin move ahead in life and build a lot of examples of success!

(Author Manoj is passionate about Bhojpuri literature and cinema.)

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