Bhojpuri: ‘Khaike Paan Banaras Wala’ Fame Lyricist Anjaan Pakia Bhojpuriya Rahalen, Likhlein Jhamkaua Song

13 September is his death anniversary, asaheen yaad has come, unknown. Bhojpuria Lalji Pandey alias Anjaan with heart and mind was born in Banaras. However, leave the world and live in Bera Mayanagari. As the saying goes, the people of Kashi may walk well, the okra does not come from within. Played the wonders of God, people came to Kashi for the sake of Bombay, so that they can live. Ka Baa’s story gets to know further.

Anjaan’s Bhojpuri Connection
With the help of Anjaan Apna Geetan, you should not remain unaware for the sake of Hindi songs and music lovers. In Baakir-U-Bhojpuriyo, the audience was enthralled by the song of aapan chuhlbaazi wala. Although you can also write songs of life darshan Auri Pyaar Ke Ras Mein Dubal romantic songs too. From the Bhojpuri film Balam Pardesiya (1979), the Bhojpuriya curtain began to fly. Ekra bad ta u ek se badh ke write a wonderful song in Bhojpuri, the life has become memorable. Remembering ‘Gorki Patrki Re, Mare Gulelva Jiyara Ud Ud Jaye’. Asha Bhosle’s melodious voice and Mohammed Rafi’s tinkering mix of Bharal singing, Jab Anjaan’s written lyrics were filled with melodious songs.

Write najde song in unknown bhojpuri. In Bhojpuri song composer Chitragupta Khatre Likhlein Aa Dunu Jana’s friendship later blossomed between his Laika people. Anjaan’s son Sameer Anjaan and Chitragupt’s son Anand Auri Milind’s trio later in the year followed one of the hit songs Dehle Ba. Apart from Balam Pardesiya in Anjaan’s hit Bhojpuri film, Hamar Bhauji, Birhin Janam-Janam Ke, Bhaiya Hamar Ram Jaisan Bhauji Hamari Sita etc. Be aware of Chetna Jagave’s work in film entertainment songs too. In Balam Pardesiya, his song Ba – Jagat rahas bhaiya tu soye mati jihs, sweat ke kamaiya, mufat jin gawaiha.

Bemari pulls the Mayanagari from their Kashi.
Anjaan’s full name is Lalji Pandey. Shivnath Pandey’s house in Odar village of Banaras is his birthplace. His maternal name was Indira Devi. Since the beginning of Janmal Anjaan on 28 October 1930, he was interested in poetry, song-music, literature and art. I saw, in Banaras, in every other house, get together to hear the sounds of Jhal, Dholak, Tabla, Harmonium. Jadi kehu professional singing na kart hoi ta ka, bhajan kirtan bha music love dekheibe karela on the pretext of amateur singing. Then I extinguished that in the Banaras of Anjaan, I met the surroundings of the people. The financial condition of Anjaan’s family is not very good, but he should do his post-graduation in commerce from Banaras Hindu University, Gainth. Be happy with the educated. Be very popular in Dost-Iaran due to songs, poetry during studies. Aisan also said that his friends should be ‘unknown’ to him. In the youth of the unknown, Asthma, which was incurable disease, remained unbearable. Now his whole life was lived with eh.

His Ego Sanghatiya Shashi Babu, the owner of the De Paris Hotel in Banaras, insisted that one day he would take one of his acquaintances to an Ego concert at Hotel The Clarke. Famous singer Mukesh Ail stay in this program. Anjaan’s meeting with Shashi Babu Mukesh. When Mukesh listens to his song ‘Aa Shayri’, it will sound like wah-wah kare. Follow Mukesh Anjaan’s advice that Ruaat should come to Bombay. However, then do not pay special attention to this unknown thing. It was his incomprehension that he had to bear the expenses of Bombay, when the expenses of it were new. In the rest of the luck, some other things were written. Auri’s disease of his asthma got worse. Take the doctor here and tell him that if he left Banaras for the sake of living. The dry air here spoiled the rough situation. Rua went to the seaside town, the air of her got suited by Rua. Now the site of Bombay was fine for the unknown, the moist air of that place was also good for the health, and the words of Mukesh ji went flat.

Rupiah is not worth it, because after a few days of struggle, his condition worsened. His son Ego should be told in the interview that his Babuji should spend his time on the Kabo train, on the Kabo platform, on the stairs of the Kabo apartment for many years. To make a living, start tutoring in Bombay. Ohi beechhe u meet Mukesh ji be on the advice of his Bombay visit. Mukesh meets his Premnath. Premnath then remain as the Prisoner of Golconda. Eh mein ke milal he wrote his song. His first Hindi song ‘Lehar Ye Dole, Koel Bole’ in the film Ail. Write ago auri song in eh movie. From the song he got the opportunity to write the song in the song ‘Kavano Raftaar Na Millal Baakir Chhote Chhote Filman’. Eh, you have become a juggler of roti.

He got his chance in Godaan from the 1963 film, Ravi Shankar Dehle Rahein, the music of Rajkumar Ke Eh. Aapna dhaak de dehlene in the industry with the likhal geetan of u eh movie. His class musician O.P. Nayyar sampark kilayen auri bad filman ke write song for song. The song ‘Bin Badra Bijuriya Kiise Chamke’ from the film Bandhan was the first successful song of Anjaan. At the same time Kalyan ji-Anand ji se Bhi Anjaan’s nearest Bhail Aa Pher Shuru Bhail Anjaan’s hit song. Then for the sake of Amitabh Bachchan, Anjaan Ek Se Badke Ek Likhal Shuru Kilayen Auri became a big lyricist of the film industry. Write a song with Prakash Mehra in the frequent filming of Bhi Anjaan’s Khoob Chalal Aa U Mehra. For Amitabh’s sake, Kalyan ji-Anand ji ke sate anjaan ke geetan ke ke silsila started with the 1976 film Do Ajnabee. Okra Baad Hera Pheri’s ‘Barson Old Yeh Yaarana’, Khoon Sweat’s Title Song, ‘Rate Rane Aate Hai Sab’ from Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, ‘Dil To Hai Dil’, ‘O Saathi Re Tere Bina Bhi Kya Jeena’, Laawaris Ke Write down the most hit song ‘Khaike Paan Banaras Wala’ Don Khate from ‘Kab Ke Bichde’. For the sake of unknown Amitabh Bachchan, write songs together with other composers. Sait Ganga shore Wala Rishta Dunu Jana Very friendly people. The pair of Amitabh of Banaras’s Anjaan and Prayag were very busy.

His son Samir Anjaan of Anjaan’s legacy proceeded to raise Rahal Baden. Sameer wrote more than one hit song in the 90s. Many songs of Sameer’s film Likhal Aashiqui are on the tongue of Abhiyo Logan. May the heart strings of music lovers always tingle through Anjaan Apna Geetan. Heartfelt tributes for his contribution to music!

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