Bhojpuri: Late singer KK got stuck by making controversial statement. Famous singer of Bengal, Rahlan is better singer because of his

Bengali singer Kahlan Ki (Unkar) how much publicity Bhail Ba? E KK… KK… KK K H KK? Be a very good singer from Humni Ka Kaun Bhi Ke.” After ekra u write that khaali humhi na, so-and-so-singer people could sing much better than KK. O puchle bade that the Bengali audience of Bengali singing would ask for naikhan. What is the meaning of Isle Artist’s Etna Bhav Dihla Ke from outside? Now in Bengal, the Bengali young generation has stood up against him and trolled him. It is alleged that the KK Kauno fan of Bengal threatened the controversial singer. He asks for police protection. His wife wrote on social media that on the statement of our husband, social media was flooded with hatred and protest. Humni ke jeel kaal ho gayal baa. Now just do it all. One of the controversial singers has said in the press conference that we should know that our statement is followed by the death of KK. kk good singer houven. Baakir oo e na kahuan that he made a mistake by making a statement against KK. Wherever you admit your mistake. Such e dispute auri tej ho gaye baa. Ail ba Jaun would have circulated a lot in front of the old video of Ahi Beach Unkar Ego Auri. In the Ome Kauno music show, the listener would ask him to listen to a good song, naikhe milat. Why? Controversial singer Kahatre in Ta Ekra Jawab – “Dekhi, accha hardam ready ho rahal baa. If you don’t like Rura, you can’t do anything. If you don’t like it, go to Rura. We would have thought that Raura should have died now.”

A few hours after E Kul Bolla against KK, KK suddenly died. People broke down on social media against the controversial singer after okra. People used to say that being an ego artist, do you respect the artist? Why are you sarpatar? Kehu would say that hey brother, why did the people of Tohra give respect? Thou shalt understand the great wisdom of thyself. It’s public appraisal that good baa aa ke bad baa! Ego young singer Likhle Ba- Tohra wants to go to jail 100%. Some people wrote that the controversial singer was mentally ill. May God please get well soon. Then the people of the Bengali community of every age used to spit, reprimand Unuka. Said that brother, see you, Neeman Baa from Bhaila that you should do good work. Great job Karbat people liked Tohra’s automatic. But you want to criticize the ego singer and make yourself better then it is impossible. Forcibly Kehu could not make Apna Ke popular. Before criticizing KK, see your own demerits. Now talk to the empty Bengali, Bengali Kaila. Wanted quality, wanted quality. Music does not belong to any caste, community or community. Music is omnipresent. Jeker Geet- Music touched the heart of the heart, Ooh became the best. Nothing happened with shouting “We are the best, we are the best”. For the sake of proving your best, the need for talent goes beyond hard work. Kehu is not small with condemnation. J condemns ohe chhota ho jaala. Song- People of Music Philavala. The singer went ahead with his work. Audience zekra’s choice kari ohe shreshtha ba. Kehu aga na badhal ba aa nahi rise as you brag about yourself. These are the laws of the world. People write on total social media, write they send curses to the controversial singer. The singer is now trapped in the gallows. Ego young man made a video in Bangla language and answered the controversial singer’s ek go baat. Kehle ba ki tohar song aise na sunene ja ki tum bad singer huv. KK has been a very good singer. Every song of her is Utri Jaat Rahal in Humni Ke Dil. Why do you compare yourself with KK? So, there was a ruckus in the cultural camp of Bengal.

An autopsy report of late singer KK aa gile biya. According to Dr. Logan, there is a feeling of stiffness in KK’s heart. E-stiffness has been increasing since few years. The ego fatty layer around the heart of KK is a layer of fat. U antacids (acidity medicines) are being consumed a lot. In the post-mortem, Vitamin C, some Ayurvedic medicines, some homeopathic medicines have also been consumed. Acre is wanting to get the first treatment. His gastric disease is also rare. The police took information after interrogating his PA Hitesh Bhatt and driver Etwari Yadav. After KK’s death, the education minister of the state government ordered that now if which college organizes which programs, singing and playing programs will be organized by the Higher Education Department (Higher Education Department). The government gave orders to the police that wherever the program was being kept, oh the recent entry and exit wanted to be checked from time to time. Wherever cultural programs are held, Oija Medical Unit, ambulance should be ready at all times so that Kehu’s health can be taken care of when he is deteriorating. In Jauna Nazrul Manch, KK’s health kept getting worse, but instead of sitting 2, 480 cows of a man. In the program of Baakir KK, recently seven thousand people lost their lives. The allegation was that the recent ACs were faulty and the air movement was not sufficient. After listening to the total complaint, the state government checked the actual situation. Two days after the death of KK, watch the program of Ego Sangeet “Band” in Nazrul Manch. Outside the Nazrul Manch, ego ambulances and doctors were also stationed. Keep the medical staff there. Be careful not to let anything untoward happen. The rest is due to the will of God.

(Vinay Bihari Singh is a senior journalist, the views written in the article are his personal.)

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