Bhojpuri: Navka Bhojpuri Song Chamchamat Ba Bakir Bol Okar Bajbajat Kahan Ba

Honey Singh, Badshah, Diljit Dosanjh, Jassi Gill, Hardy Sandhu, Ammy Virk Jaison Kuch Bad Naam Jawaan made a place in Bollywood by releasing a great video song in Punjabi and got a lot of name in the country and the world. Jab e trend hindi mein bhi bhubara bhi shar bhail ta TCerij, Desi Music Factory, Saregama Jaisan naam khub geet leke ail jawan digital platform turlas khub records.

Bhojpuri also released its album for the sake of the industry. Here also a trend has come that after spending a lot of budget, beautiful beautiful model Leah, making beautiful sets, making videos of the crowd gathering of dancers. There is a lot going on in Bhojpuri too, after the lockdown, the flood subsided. Now every week, Kavano Star’s Chamak Dhamak song comes. Bakir jawan cheez abhiyo naikhe badal oo ba, lyrics of the song. Kavno bhi hola okar words, okar feelings are the foundation of the song. Sangeet ta okra bad aavela, jawan ok karnapriya banavela, phir gayak o geet ke gavailen. In the video after Okra, Heroine, Hero and Dancer Aavleen, Akra’s packaging could be called. Singer wala part par kabo phere baat hoi. Nowadays Jawan high budget songs are being made in Bhojpuri, Om Sagro Kharcha is being spent on empty packaging. The music of the song is abhiyo pahle wala hi ba, yes omen hindi ke puranka geetan ke chhawank mar dil jata hai. Aajuo Gair Bhojpuria Ke Bhojpuri Geet Ke Pehchan Kare Ke Hokhe Te U Okar Ek Deksa Puran Beats Ke Sunke Adaja Laga Lela That This Is Bhojpuri Geet.

It is said that Geetan’s budget has increased. When shooting Bhojpuri song in Bagaicha, Pokhara aa nadi ke teere ego frame hold ke kar lihal jaav, aaj oo badal gaye baa. Now the expensive set goes to Banat Ba, Dubai, London, Germany. Bakir Geetan’s music Auri Okar Bol Mein Kavno Parivartan Naikhe Bhail. Now in the name of trendy songs, metaphors, ornaments and words are being used. Bhojpuri people are sick with Punjabi songs. He became a song by putting the names of brands of cars, clothes, fashion, and even some popular Bhojpuri words came into trend and became songs around them. It means that now songs are not being made in Bhojpuri, but rather following the trends of social media. This is the fate of soulful genre of song and music in Bhojpuri. Hum e naikhi kahat ki haluk fuluk geet na banne ke chahi, aiseon song khub rachal gadhal gail ba in folk music. Bakir’s impeccable songs and expressions made the main stream, where is Dihal Hoshiyari?

Let me take some examples, I came to know that Bhojpuri song is very beautiful. Khesari Lal’s ego song release Bhail Ba, Tabla. The video of this song was very beautiful, Khesari ke Aaj Tak film utha ke dekh lebat etna sundar set na milei. Bakir Geet Lyrics Absolutely Orchestra Chhap Ba. Hamara kaise ber lagela ki ka bhojpuri geetan lakshay ihe hola ki oo itna successful hokhe ki bajo in the orchestra. Based on Eker Sangeet’s evergreen mujra ‘Salame Ishq Meri Jaan Zara Qubool Kar Lo’. Now, like Pawan Singh’s recent song release, ‘Hari Hari Odhni’. Eh Geet Lyrics Oisne Ba, Jaisan Bhojpuri Mein Aam Ba. Yes, I got inspiration from the folk genre of Bhojpuri. Music uhe puranka dharra wala ba, same beats, same rhythm, as in most of the Bhojpuri songs. Pawan Singh’s own ego social media’s viral song Ba, Lal Ghaghra. Iho song Kamobesh Hari Hari Odhni Jaisan Ba. Pawan Singh’s song ‘Le L Pudina’ was not discussed, then the matter was completed. The lyrics of this song were also presented in our presentation and the people heard it – Dekhle Bani. This is how Khesari Lal’s ego song Ail Rahe, Bangliniya, Jawan Khub Chal Rahe. In this song too, there was a feeling of youth and the use of words like this, the level of Bhojpuri singing is not high, it is not good.

This trend in Bhojpuri songs is going well, old Hindi evergreen songs are being ruined by remixing old songs in Hindi. See, even in the era of 2000, the trend of remixes remained strong, when cassettes started running. However then empty music would be tampered with. Ab ab to geet bol badal ke puranka hook line leke ago naya geet ke shakal de det ba log. The rest of the truth is somewhere, it would have been better, neither in Bhojpuri nor in Hindi. When there was a lot of expenditure on packaging, then it was so good, got a well-educated lyricist to write the song, spent a lot on the music, so that when the audience starts listening to it, they are not only happy with Bhojpuri songs, but also proud. Feel it.

(Author Manoj Bhavuk is knowledgeable of Bhojpuri literature and cinema.)

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