Bhojpuri: Navratri Special- Mata Rani Ke Pratap Sawat Some Of The Best Films

Ekra Bad Phir started the season of Hola Shaadi Biyah, but it was full of hustle and bustle. Sharadiya Navratri starts from 26th onwards. People kept kalsa in their homes. Mai Ke Puja Hoi for 9 days. For the sake of making auri special for ta eh navratri, we have listed some special films to give a very pleasing portrayal of the greatness of Mata Rani in ail bani je.

Jai Santoshi Maa (1975)
When it came to the soulful portrayal of Pratap’s mother, the film Ta Boojhi was always at number one. A film on the love and sacrifice of Maiya Durga between Santoshi Mata and her sister-in-law, Jab ail rahe tabo bahut challa rahe auri Abhiyo khulela. The trouble coming in the life of Birju Auri Satyavati was a story of Santoshi Maiya’s blessings on her devotee. Lagal ta huru ke weekend mein chalbe na kile in e-film cinema hall. The report told that Rs 56 in the first show of e-film, Rs 98 in the second show of 64 our evening show. Earnings are reaching by taking a hundred rupees of drag in the night show. From the day of Somar to Jawan cinema hall, people started getting on foot, bullock cart, jeep, bus, youth means, they came from Tawana to watch e-films with the whole family. Santoshi maiya khater bhakti aisan ki e cinema hall people perform aarti of the actress playing the character of Laukat Mai on screen with chappal khol ke jav auri diya baati. The film was made in 11 lakhs, then 25 crore rupees were earned, Jawan Eh Bera’s could be above thousand crores. E film sahe dekhle hoi, but you can also watch Rua again on YouTube.

Mard (1985)
Amitabh Bachchan’s very successful film Manal Jala. In the movie Ghulam Bharat Ke Daur Dekhawal Gail Ba. In the film, Amitabh’s father was imprisoned by the British, Lele Bade Son Auri, his Mai Kahin Bhula Jaat Bari. In the movie Durga Puja scenes, where a crowd of devotees gathered in the temple of Mata Rani, Amitabh became helpless in search of Apna Mai. Pher umai se gohar karat baden aa geet gavat baden, “Mother mere mother se mila de mujhe, dar se main tere na jaunga khaali, maa sherowali”. E Geet Ba Auri Abhiyo Khub Chalela in the voice of Shabbir Kumar. The film is also very beautiful.

A Night of Rain (1981)
The story of Amitabh’s film ‘Barsaat Ki Ek Raat’ is set in North Bengal. Eh the film’s Du Go language was made in the language, first Hindi and secondly ‘Anusandhan’ in Bengali. The film Thriller Rahe Baakir also featured Auri Ego songs of Durga Puja, where Uri played the drums in front of Durga ji’s idol, Auri Saath Saath Villain Ke Peetat Badane.

Debipaksha (2004)
Banal Ba took the idea of ​​the fearless image of Durga ji in the Bengali film ‘Debi Paksha’. In the film, the story of the Brahmin’s house is based on the Vedic rituals. The names of three cow daughters, Bari Jawana, are also in the name of Durga Mai, Ba, Rebati, Haimanti, Jayanti. Rebati widow Biya Auri was in love with her father’s house Rahat Biya, Haimanti ego young man Nikhilesh. In front of Haimanti’s okra lover, ego Dabang Ratan would rape Samanta. Haimanti’s father would send his brother Sushant to Bombay of Okra. There, Sushant also tried to molest Haimanti, he ran away from him. Okra helps human rights activist Millat Baden Auri U Haimanti turn into an actress in Mumbai. Eh tare haimanti big heroine ban jaat Biya Auri would take revenge by coming to her village. In the end, he killed the villain Ratan with his trident, as Durga Mai was killed by Mahishasura. In the movie Uday Bhi Dasami Ke Rahat Ba. E film Bada Achcha Ba Auri can be seen on YouTube with subtitles.

Story (2012)
The background of Vidya Balan’s film story was in Calcutta. For the sake of Calcutta Durga Puja, Sagro is famous in the world. Bengali people celebrate Durga Puja as the biggest festival of the year. In the film, Vidya Balan’s character Vidya Bagchi, her husband’s search for Biya, who was already pregnant, becomes increasingly difficult to find. The entire backdrop of the film has the atmosphere of Durga Puja. The climax of the story on the day of Dussehra. E film Very Sundar Ba Auri was very successful too. What kind of atmosphere prevailed in Calcutta during Durga Puja, I wanted to watch e-films for the sake of extinguishing it.

The name of Rani Chatterjee’s character in Bhojpuri film Durga is also known as Durga Baa. His opposite Viraj Bhatt in the film. In the film, her Mai Durga jisan fearless, dreaded Auri Prem Kare Wala Dekhawal Ba. In the climax, Mai defends her husband in front of Durga. In the movie U Eh, Ago played the role of a police inspector. You can also watch the e-film on YouTube.

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