Bhojpuri: The celebration of Ba Amrit Festival in the Bhojpuri region, the center of the freedom struggle

U Azadi should be special from Ehu that the then British Collector JC Nigam himself should officially hand over the administration to freedom fighter Chittu Pandey. This thing is not recorded in the history of Bharate, it is also recorded in British history. But why is it awesome? It is not possible that the British did not try to crush the revolutionary people of Ballia. A lot of things Many people original. But in Ballia’s blood for the sake of patriotism, the love for the country remained a few bases. Love is necessary for freedom. Love got everything done.

He was in Arrah during the time of Veer Kunwar Singh. The independence palace of 1947 stood on the foundation of the freedom struggle of 1857. Babu Kunwar Singh should be the most dangerous warrior of the revolution of 1857 for the sake of the British. Then English officer Douglas, who fought face to face with him several times, wrote about him that “If Kunwar was a young man, he would have driven the British out of India”.

Ta aisan rahal ba bhojpuria earth, where today there is some basic passion for the nectar festival. The young people of Ehu area were waving the tricolor instead of the DP of the profiles on social media. Be prepared to hoist the tricolor from house to house. I would have taken the form of Selfie with Tricolor ego campaign.

The celebration of 75 years of India’s independence would be celebrated all over the country in the form of ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’. Various programs were organized across the country. It should be known to all that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should be able to see the green flag of Aego padyatra from Sabarmati Ashram on March 12, 2021, beginning of ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Festival’. In fact, on 12 March 1930, the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi was the beginning of the Salt Satyagraha. In 2020, the Union Ministry of Culture and Tourism will organize a 75-km padyatra to celebrate the 91st anniversary of the Salt Satyagraha. The National Implementation Committee headed by the Home Minister has been formed for the purpose of deciding the outline of the festival. 75th anniversary of the country means reflection on 75 years of journey, reflection on 75 years of achievement, action on 75 and resolution on 75, inspired youth to move forward to realize the dream of independent India.

E-Utsav, Mahotsav, Organizing Tricolor and Selfie with Tricolor at every home, to connect people with each other and understand the true meaning of freedom – Kyle ja Rahal ba for the sake of understanding. People would have forgotten the importance of democracy and the struggle for freedom. It has been said that when history is forgotten, the geography will change. In the broader sense of ekra, and the need to understand deeply. In fact, the relation of freedom is new from the empty country, from the life of ours. It is important to understand the real meaning of freedom from eh. Bhojpuria people full of enthusiasm and need to understand that enthusiasm without senses often leads in the wrong direction. After all what is freedom?

Ego a slave man is not a slave from the outside, should he be a slave from the inside, that okra should be done with the heart of the mind. Baluk saanch kahin ta okar man okar rahabe na karela. Let’s go with the okra and go according to the second. Right here the hatred comes, the frustration fills the state of mind. Hate drives man according to his own accord. In love the mind is creative hola…constructive hola. Destructive in Hate.

Love is at the root of freedom. Love the country that the country may be free. Let love be born again. If there is love then the country will be safe. The country progressed. The country is blazing in the fire of hatred on the wall of caste-caste, religion-sect, party-paua. On the matter, the railway tracks were uprooted, but the work of the railroad would be done. The man in hatred forela his forehead. Burn your home, your country.

Love is a human quality. Hate demons. A man filled with love was able to change the heart of another. A man filled with hatred creates hatred. Where there is hatred, there should be freedom.

Real freedom is the freedom to be free from your hatred. Real freedom is being free from the negativity of your own. Why was it all in the youth’s mind? Who was free? Night and day, envy, malice, conspiracy, politics and negativity were in the chains of slavery. Where there was foul smell, poison was sown, it is obvious that there were empty tensions and disturbances.

Real freedom is peace achieved. Peace in mind peace in the society. Peace in the country. Fighting day and night in the young house, there was a murmur, and the house was ruined. Uhh kawano creative kaam ho hai na pave. Sincerely the mind was busy with the bride and groom.

Ideological differences are possible, but differences do not mean jealousy, malice, conspiracy, fighting. The object of difference is the suggestion of the alternative. The role of the opposition is not against the government, but for the betterment of the country, friends are involved in the right decision of the government.

Actually, there is no feeling of kindness, compassion and love inside, okra e kulhi buzhaibe na kari. Parents should also protest against their children on many points, on many points, but for the betterment of the opposition. It’s just that. To understand the same sentiment. Jail also became for the sake of reform. The court should also listen impartially to the side and do justice for the sake of justice, wherever corruption has been bribed, morality has disappeared from them, as well as the real freedom has come to an end.

Now the country would protest for the sake of opposing the division into caste-caste, round-group and many cow camps. In eh, a true man would fall alone. Jhootha Bhalabra Liar ke bhi ye ye sona gavat baadan that people’s false molds will cost ba. It’s dangerous

Actually, there was no humanity in the man, there was no feeling of kindness, compassion and love and there was no such kind of opposition. Protest for the sake of protest. Seventy-seven goo holes in zekra of chalniyo hansela soup in aisna.

Due to selfishness, hatred and arrogance, there is upheaval in the country and society. In a free country the common man would feel suffocated. The communication of love, harmony and humanity can make every citizen of the country feel free. Delas instead of Prem Angulimal. The dacoit Ratnakar’s Maharishi Valmiki became Delas. May love have the power to change hearts. I understood myself because of zekra, I fell in love with okra. At least come out of the shell of your own ego and understand yourself to every citizen of the country. This is the real freedom.

In front of the world, instead of pulling each other’s legs, instead of pulling each other’s legs, the hands of each other stood firmly. In the interest of the nation, ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ was organized for the sake of the nation.

(Author Manoj is passionate about Bhojpuri literature and cinema.)

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