Bhojpuri: The one who fought on behalf of Britain in World War II became the father of Bhojpuri cinema.

Etne Na, Ae Bera Ban Gail, worth 2000 crores, should also lay the foundation of Bhojpuri film industry and make many memorable films. Thoughtful after reading the raua, the ego man went to his life in his life. Sir, Nazir Hussain has done a lot, read in detail –

Why did Nazir Hussain become a soldier?
The birth of Nazir Saheb was on 15 May 1922 in Usia village located across the Ganges. His Babuji Sahabzada Khan remained a guard in the Railways and was posted in Lucknow, from Ahi to the upbringing of the child Nazir in Lucknow. Later, after studying from Uhvan, join the youth Nazir job as a fireman in the railways. Then the dangers of the Second War loomed large everywhere. Britain continued to restore military service in India so that he could fight for Britain in the World War. His deployment in the war was first in Malaysia or in Singapore. When Britain lost the war to Japan, Nazir Hussain along with about 60 thousand soldiers also became captive. He also suffered a lot of atrocities by the Japanese army. Nazir Saheb himself started writing and acting for the sake of forgetting the pain and sorrow of the soldier himself. Once when Subhas Chandra Bose met a captive soldier of India in Japan, he went there in front of him to stage a play written by Nazir Hussain. Bose was very impressed after seeing the play. The program of Nazir Hussain on Subhash Chandra Bose Singapore Radio also listened many times. He also met Nazir Hussain from Ahi. Ohi Bera Subhash Chandra Bose should also continue to form the Azad Hind Fauj. On his offer, Nazir Hussain also joined the Azad Hind Fauj, and asked for the inspiration to join the fellow soldiers.

How to become a star actor from Nazir Hussain Sepoy
After the disintegration of the Azad Hind Fauj and the independence of India, when Nazir Husain began to play in the New Theater in Calcutta. Then Bimal Roy should be keen to make a film on Azad Hind Fauj Auri Subhash Chandra Bose. Oh, stay in search of this man, stay in the Azad Hind Fauj. When he met Nazir Hussain, Bhail Auri was impressed by the voice and personality of Nazir Sahab. But in the beginning, do not be ready to appear in Nazir Hussain filming. His songs aisan background rahal na rahe, ahi se strange swoon in his filming. Became an assistant to Bimal Roy on Baakir Dosten’s Khub Kahl-Sunla Auri was released in 1950 in the production of the film ‘Pehla Aadmi’. Be in lead role in the movie Nazir Sahab Eh. Young ego old man of 28 years old man Dr. Vijay Kumar’s role kilas, young man is very famous. Write the screenplay and dialogues of eh movie. E-Philke film their established Kar Delas. Become a star. He also became a permanent member of Bimal Roy’s films, and Auri appears in most of his films. Nazir Hussain also had a special role in Bimal Roy’s classic film Do Bigha Zamin, Devdas. Nazir Hussain appeared with Devanand for the first time in the film ‘Munim Ji’. Keep writing the screenplay-dialogues of the film as well. Devanand and Nazir saheb’s friendship started with ehi ji, come lifelong walk. In his career, he worked in more than 500 films. He became very successful as a famous character actor of Hindi cinema.

The successful actor of Hindi filming, why Rakhlas is the foundation of Bhojpuri filming
Nazir sahib be very busy then, his frequent films come. His demand was everywhere. During this, he met the then President Rajendra Babu at the Ego Film Festival in Mumbai. Introduced Baithal Nazir Hussain next to Ohija Rajendra Babu. When Rajendra babu’s mother-in-law Nazir Hussain said in Bhojpuri-speaking bhojpuriye that Raua jaisan Bhojpuri speaking artist ba tabo in Bhojpuri abhi le kauno film na banal? I talked about Nazir ji’s forehead. With great trepidation, ‘Ganga mayya tohe pieri climb up; Let’s write the script and start searching for the producer. Baakir Kehu was presented in many places. In Bhojpuri, he could become a filimo, e Kehu did not think, people from Ehi started to make money from Derao. On top of that, film-making was a very difficult and expensive task. Nazir sahib was disappointed and lost his life, he met Vishwanath Shahabadi with tabla sanjog. Get ready for u paisa lagave , auri eh tare bhojpuri’s first film banal jawan awate ego new market in bhojpuria area and erected audience. After the film Bhail Oh released in 1962, people made a film in Bhojpuri, taking the first steps of Lagal Bakir Nazir Hussain. Notable films in Bhojpuri by Nazir Sahab include Hamar Sansar, Balam Pardesiya, Rus Gaileen Saiyan Hamar, Chutki Bhar Senur etc.

In his Bhojpuri filming, the influence of Bhojpuria folk culture, rural life and folk-color remained in the head. As a director U Balam Pardesiya, Rus Gaileen Saiyan Hamar Jaison’s successful film Dehlen. Nazir Hussain died on 16 October 1987 in Bhil in Mumbai. U Bhale Ae Duniya Ke Alvida Kahi Dehlan Bakir, employment of lakhs of people, and as a means of entertainment for crores of people, he has been able to build Bhojpuri film industry.

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