Bhojpuri: The proverb of the consummate and the bhaddri, the indigenous remedy to be healthy, without any cost

After the name of Hamara and Ojha Likhla, I thought that we were Vaidya-Guni. Baqir e definitely ba that your life should be known to you, you should earn by experience. It is believed that when the weather changed, Logan should have been careful. Because of a lot of cough-bokhar-cough and bitter gourd, there were also many stomach problems. Where is Kehu Mantaba of Baakir Ekra? Even in city to city, village to countryside, people keep eating something without thinking. Kavano doubt naikhe that eh khaila mein anand ba, sawad milat ba. Then why worry? E baat qur (Quar) i.e. the month of Ashwin, Beetla and Kathik started on Bhaila but the weather changed in such a way. In the middle of winter, due to rain, autumn came to an end. Sharadiya Navratri is done, Lakshmi Puja means Diwali is coming. From Navratri, the old people learned that how much purity was maintained in the matter of food during the 15 days of Pitru Paksha and nine days of Navratri in the Kuar. The day with Dharam was also special for the sake of the body. Even now, medical science also believes that in this season it is necessary to pay attention to food. Before the beginning of the way, the old people of eh baat were known. Then I saw that abo oh logan’s tongue had different sayings about food and drink.

proverb on abstinence in food
In the change of season, first of all, remember the poet’s proverbial kil jau. The consummate poet is called Bada- “Kware doodh na katik mahi.” Milk is to be gathered. Mahi kahal jala patar curd, which means whey. In autumn, phlegm formed inside the body. In this way, in the month of Kartik, it is forbidden to eat curd.

Kahal gail ba-sawan saag na bhado curd, kvar karela nor kartik mah. Eh Kathik’s first Kuar and Okra first Sawan- Bhado. The month of Duno Barkha was celebrated. In Sawan, the greens, that is, the leafy vegetable, should be forbidden in such a way that we get raining insects. Yes, it was said above by Kathik, two months ago, in Bhado, do not eat curd in such a way that it may cause fungus. The danger of diseases of bile came from Karila Khaila in Kuar. In the month of Kuar, there was a day of change in the weather. Let’s see the whole saying-
Chaite Jaggery Baisakhe oil, the first panth asadhe bell.
Sawan Saag Na Bhadon Curd, Kvar Bitter Gourd, Kathik Mahi.
Aghan Jeera Pusse Dhana, Maghe Mishri Phagun Chana.
The twelve that is due, should not go to the house after that.

understand the reason
In the month of Chait, the days are hot and the nights are cold. There was a fear of increase in Vata and Pitta in this season. Keelba refuses to eat jaggery from this. Ego and talk that in this month many fast-festivals are celebrated and people eat more sweets. In Aisna, the poet refused to eat the consummate jaggery. Due to the fluctuations in the temperature of night and day, it is forbidden to eat sour fruits in Chait.

The heat starts in Baisakh. The use of oil in Aisna is forbidden in such a way that there is a problem in the food, poor hojala and pache. The month of Jeth is the hottest. The digestive system remained weak in Aisna. Eating red chillies and more spices in a month can cause problems in digestion. At first people were walking on foot. Advice to avoid such travel as well. Now people came out deaf in the scorching heat to avoid bitter gourd. Rains started in Ashadh from Hokhla to the months of change of weather. Ehi Ghari Bell is present, but because of eating it right, it is forbidden because according to Ayurveda, Bell purgative hola and such stomach ailment Hoskela. Bitter gourd keeps the digestive system weak due to the abundance of hokhla in Sawan. Ehpar Saag means leafy vegetable, we should be forbidden in such a way that we are at risk of getting sick and increased due to raining worms. In this month, bile also increased from greens. Heavy rain also affected the fodder of cow and buffalo. It is forbidden to eat curd in Bhado due to the danger of fungus during the collection of curd. In the month of Kwar i.e. Ashwin, before the winter, the effects of the Sun God will diminish. Due to such milk and bitter gourd substances, the complaints of constipation and bile increase in the body. It is said that in a month, I would like to avoid two things.

Therefore, avoid eating radish in the cold of Magh, it is said that the effect of radish becomes cold and can cause different types of diseases. The day changed from Phagun Feru to Hola. Ohme gram aisna hard grain can be harmful.

when do you want to eat
In the above proverb, it is said about the abstinence of food. In some places, it is said that in the month of Kavana, I would like to eat or do it. Ego poet Bhaddri is named after him. Eh about his kahanam ba-
Cheete Chana, Baisakhe Bell, First Time Eighty Game
Sawan Harre, Bhado Teet, Kuwar month, eat jaggery policy
Kathik Murai, Aghan oil, Puskar match with milk
Eat Ghiv Khichchad in Magh month, wake up in Phagun and take bath in the morning.
Eat about this, the disease friends are afraid of all the bodies.
It is worth understanding clearly in this saying. Tani alga jawan baa, oh we want to do sports and exercise in cotton and ashadh for a while on the day of brother-in-law.

and a lot
It is worth paying attention to what the poet says. Instead of eating arbi’s vegetables and puris, it was a pleasure, the rest played very harmful. Due to the constant feeding of acra, the man could become a serious patient of constipation-
Jako should be killed without killing without wounds
Tell me this, gooey whole food.

For the sake of being healthy, it is said that you wake up early and wake up early. Humni ke bachcha people ke lienja explain in English for Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Makes a Man Healthy Wealdy and Wise Kahi. When did the poet say what he did –
Wake up first, sleep first, whatever he thinks should happen.

Nowadays, I have asked questions about bed-tea. Get out of bed and want tea. First of all, before defecation, you should drink some talk, but you should have tea or water.
Drink water immediately after getting up from the cot in the morning
Vaidya did not come in the house, he knew the matter of the consummate.
Beginning to exercise in hobby, the one who bathes in the pool and under the open sky in the dew, performs unbearable hokhbe of Sutewala-
Jabhi tahi dandai kare, taal bathe, beyond in dew
God doesn’t kill you, you die.

Ghagh and Bhaddri Bada Famous
For the sake of saying of Eh Tari, the name of the poet Ghagh and Bhaddri was lit. The old people would tell the proverbs of abo duno jane. In fact, among the people, the people who popularized the knowledge and astrology of agriculture and agriculture were great scholars. Keep information about consummate health also. Ghagh’s real name was Devkali Dubey and he was a resident of Chhapra in Bihar. It was said that after a dispute with the daughter-in-law, the poet Ghagh settled in Kannauj in Madhya Pradesh. The story of his scholarship reached Emperor Akbar. The emperor was pleased with the consummation, giving the title of Chaudhari of Unkara. Keep getting Jawan Jagir, Oh from the proof of the settlement of ‘Akrabad Sarai Ghagh’. Ehi tere poet Bhaddri also lived. Ooho was a great scholar of astrology. His place was located somewhere around Banaras. I must have cost that people lived in the same time. Such that somewhere the line ‘Kahe Ghagh Sun Bhaddri’ was also found. Javan Hokhe, Acharya Varaha Mihir’s Brihatsamhita and Okar Commentary, Bhattotpal’s Bhatotpal has a lot in astrology related to agriculture, but for the sake of Logan, a farmer who does not have knowledge of Sanskrit literature, the poet has done a lot of work. Even the knowledgeable people of this poet Ghagh and Bhaddri are now less and less.

(Dr. Prabhat Ojha is a freelance journalist, the views written in the article are his personal.)

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