Bhojpuri’s lewd joke in ‘Maharani 2’, the stars rained on the director, Ritesh said – ‘Will not be tolerated’

The second season of the most popular web series ‘Maharani 2’ based on politics has been recently released on the OTT platform, which has received a good response from the audience. In this, every character along with actress Huma Qureshi made a lot of headlines. In such a situation, now a controversy seems to be arising in Bhojpuri regarding this web series. Many stars of Bhojpuri cinema are opposing it and they have expressed their protest against it by sharing their video on social media. In this, popular singer-actor Ritesh Pandey and Villain Sanjay Pandey have accused Bhojpuri cinema of maligning the image and making lewd jokes. Riteish said that ‘it will not be tolerated now’.

Veteran actor Sanjay Pandey, who has made his mark as a villain in Bhojpuri, has first expressed his opposition by sharing the video of ‘Maharani 2’. He has condemned it, in which it is being seen that the films made in Bhojpuri cinema are being served in a lewd manner. The mention of his name is also being done quite lewd and double meaning. Along with sharing this, Sanjay wrote, ‘Maharani-2, amazing scene of the web series. We do not have time to fight amongst ourselves and this is being shown when we have 3 super star MPs of Bhojpuri and probably its author will probably also be from UP or Bihar because outsider can’t dare that much.. see more Enjoy….

Note – They can show this and will continue to show it even further because they know that their father-in-law will not do anything because no one is attached to their own language or Bhojpuri films are all Bhaukaali’.

What did Ritesh Pandey say after watching the video?

At the same time, Bhojpuri star Ritesh Pandey was shocked after seeing this video shared by Sanjay Pandey. He looks furious with anger. The actors immediately came live after watching the video and strongly condemned this clip of the web series ‘Maharani 2’. Ritesh can be heard saying and seen that first he shows that clip of ‘Maharani 2’ and then says that ‘This is a small scene of Maharani 2. Its director is Ravindra Gautam… All of us 35 crore Bhojpuri speakers are being ridiculed in this way. I would like to ask Ravindra Gautam ji, which Bhojpuri film’s name is khada hai khada rahenge… I want to ask which is the title of our Bhojpuri film. You are making fun of 35 crore Bhojpuri speakers. This won’t work anymore. The days it was supposed to go have gone but it will not work now. Bhojpuri speakers will no longer tolerate mockery of their language. Along with this, the actor has also urged Bhojpuri speakers and understanders to oppose this web series.

Ritesh Pandey can be heard saying further in the video that ‘Koi kuch bhi bol de raha hai koi kuch bhi bana raha hai’. We don’t say anything, what does it mean? We are requesting all our brothers, whatever things of this kind are there. Makes fun of our language or makes fun of our culture. It should be opposed. These people will not improve without protest. Ritesh told the makers of ‘Maharani 2’ that ‘this scene should be removed from the web series as soon as possible’. Otherwise there will be protest against you. Now Bhojpuri speakers will not tolerate mockery of their Bhojpuri language. He has also urged all the stars of Bhojpuri to oppose it.

Showing the video from once, the actor said, ‘Understand what you guys have for Bhojpuri. It will not work now it will not work at all. Director Ravindra Gautam and producer Narendra Kumar both of you are requested to cut this scene from this web series. Otherwise you will have to face opposition. We do not make fun of anyone in our industry in Bhojpuri industry, so we request all of you not to make fun of us. The people who speak and understand Bhojpuri are 35 crores. If they stop watching your web series or stop watching your content. You are making fun of them, you are making fun of Bhojpuri speakers. Once again I am saying that remove this scene from the web series as soon as possible. If it does not come out then all of you will be waiting in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

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