Brown Sugar vs White Sugar: Are you under the illusion of brown or white sugar? Know which is better for health

Benefits and Drawbacks of Brown and White Sugar: Whenever there is a happy occasion, we all definitely eat something sweet, whether it is a festival or a birthday party or a wedding celebration. All these moments seem incomplete without sweets. But those who are health conscious, they avoid eating too much sugar or using white sugar. There is often debate among healthy people about brown sugar and white sugar. At present, people are more attracted towards brown sugar to maintain health, but many times people start using it without any advice which can be harmful to health.

Most of the people in the world use white sugar instead of brown sugar. But many people do not know what kind of sugar will be more beneficial for them. Often people start using brown sugar in sight. in healthyify According to the news of the World Health Organization, in a survey conducted in 2019, it has been found that diabetes has killed about 1.5 million people worldwide. Sugar is considered to be one of the main reasons behind the progression of this disease. Let us know which is more beneficial for our health between brown sugar and white sugar.

Health Benefits and Risks of White Sugar

Rich source of energy:
White sugar is a type of carbohydrate and is also considered a micronutrient. By using it, energy is transmitted in the body. Once it enters the body, it converts sugar into glucose and then the body uses it as energy.

There is also an improvement in the functioning of the brain: Glucose acts like a fuel for our brain. The whole functioning of our body is controlled by our brain so brain needs more energy hence it needs regular supply of glucose and white sugar can fulfill the requirements. White sugar can improve brain functioning if consumed in a limited amount.

Helps to boost confidence: White sugar also has an effect on our mental level. It helps to make a sad and troubled person happy by changing the mood. Apart from this, sugar triggers that point of our brain from which we feel some kind of pleasure and this also increases our confidence.

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Heals Wounds: Very few people know that white sugar also helps in wound healing. White china paste is very beneficial in many types of wounds. It helps in preventing the growth of bacteria in our wounds.

disadvantages of white sugar

  • The use of white sugar increases the amount of cholesterol, due to which the risk of heart disease remains.
  • White sugar also becomes a cause of obesity if used in excess of limited quantity. Sugar is high in fructose and it increases appetite, which leads to weight gain and obesity.
  • There is also a risk of hormonal imbalance from white sugar. Sugar raises the level of sugar in the blood and this can increase the amount of insulin which leads to the production of more androgen hormones such as testosterone.

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  • White sugar can also affect your sleep. For good health everyone should get enough sleep of at least 6-7 hours but if you use white sugar more then you may get less sleep.

Health Benefits and Risks of Brown Sugar


  • Most of the people use brown sugar to lose weight. It has fewer calories than white sugar. The molasses present in brown sugar is known to boost metabolism and helps in reducing weight.
  • Brown sugar delivers energy rapidly to the body. If you are feeling weak then you can take brown sugar to get instant energy because it is a simple carbohydrate which breaks down into glucose after going into the body and gives us strength.
  • Brown sugar is also sometimes used to reduce menstrual cramps. This is a home remedy. Just boil some water and add a spoonful of brown sugar and ground ginger and tea leaves to it. You will get relief from pain by consuming it.
  • Brown sugar is used a lot to improve the skin. Brown sugar is a great physical exfoliant if you want smooth skin. It eliminates the dirt and small spots present on our skin.


  • Consuming sweet foods can increase your heart rate. If you use brown sugar, you may feel restless and your heart rate may increase. If you are a diabetic patient then it can be more serious for you.
  • Brown sugar increases the blood sugar level. Although it is low in calories but it definitely affects your sugar level.
  • Excessive use of brown sugar can also increase the production of free fatty acids in the liver. Due to the increase of fatty acids, there may be a problem of inflammation in the body. Due to this you may feel pain in muscles and joints.

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