Cancer can also occur in these parts of the body, you would never have thought, do not ignore the symptoms

Skin Cancer in Unexpected Places: Skin is the largest part of our body. Skin takes care of most of the parts of our body. People pay attention to other organs for health but ignore skin care. It is the skin that protects the organs from the outer layer and strengthens the immune system. However, due to poor lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, skin related diseases have increased rapidly in the recent past. Skin cancer is also one of the serious skin diseases, which can be fatal if not taken care of in time.

According to the news of Health Digest, skin cancer is one such cancer whose treatment is possible to a great extent if it can be detected on time. According to the news, about 10 thousand Americans come to know every day that they have skin cancer, so it is important that you should be aware of its symptoms and signs. There are some places in our skin where cancer is common, but there are many places where you feel that there is no cancer here, but there is a high possibility of getting cancer at that place. Let’s know about them…

types of skin cancer
– basal cell carcinoma
– squamous cell carcinoma
– Melanoma-
– actinic keratosis-
– Kaposi Sarcoma

Our Scalp: Our scalp is safe to a great extent from skin cancer, after all it is safe until the hair on our head is reduced. Cancer occurring in our scalp is a type of melanoma and for this our skull is a common site. According to American health experts, our head is covered with hair but the scalp is always exposed to sunlight and this can lead to the risk of skin cancer. Apart from this, if you have ever taken radiation therapy around the scalp, head, neck, then it can cause skin cancer.

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Our lashes: Often people are careless about the fact that cancer cannot occur in this small part of the body, but it is not so. According to the report, about 10 percent of the cases of skin cancer are from this part. This happens because the eyelashes are very delicate which makes it more prone to damage. Eyelid cancer is more deadly than other skin cancer.

Soles of feet: Hardly anyone looks at the soles of the feet even once a day. People rarely like to see this part. But there is a risk of cancer in the soles also, so it is important to keep an eye on this part from time to time and pay attention to the changes in the skin. The American Academy of Dermatology Association states that the soles of your feet are just as susceptible to developing melanoma as other parts of your body. Melanoma can also start from a foot injury.

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Our lips: Our lips are also a part of the skin and they are also more sensitive to skin cancer. In fact, lip cancer is the most common type of cancer. A good type of lip balm can be used to avoid lip cancer. Although the cases of lip cancer are rarely seen, but the possibility of its occurrence cannot be ignored.

Underneath the nails: The parts below our nails can also be vulnerable to cancer. Cancer occurring in this part is called subungual melanoma. There are 20 nails found in our body and any one of these nails can get affected by it. In cancer near the nails, the skin starts to look dark.

behind the ear: Most of the people pay attention to the beauty and health of the front skin, but the cleanliness of the skin behind the ear is also very important. Cancer behind the ear may be squamous cell carcinoma. The skin may appear as a hard, pink lump, or a lesion.

Tongue Cancer: Our tongue is made of muscles. It contains fine granular skin cells. Wherever skin cells are found in our body, there is a risk of skin cancer. The cancer that occurs in the tongue is muscle cell carcinoma. In its beginning, rashes start appearing on the tongue for a month.

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