‘Carter’ Film Review: Korean film ‘Carter’ shows violence as a dance performance

‘Carter’ Film Review: Hindi remakes of South Korean films have been made. Sometimes good and sometimes very bad. In Korean films, the story may not be that good, the style to make it is very different, especially in action films. Whether it is Old Boy or Train to Busan, there is a special reason for action in Korean films, it does not happen that only the hero does the washing of everyone. According to the outline of the story, the action becomes a part of the story.

There is innovation in this action. Not only are there new types of stunts, but new types of cameras along with new techniques are also used to film them. The South Korean film “Carter”, recently released on Netflix, has used drones and chroma screen as well as amazing visual effects for action. This film of about two and a half hours is a heaven for those who like action films. The martial arts have been shot in full 360 degrees with the help of a drone camera, so that the hearts of those watching the action reach the heart. If you are a fan of nonstop action movies then don’t miss to watch Carter.

Carter’s story is a bit confusing. Carter is actually Michael Benn, a missing CIA agent who was presumed dead during a mission to Syria. When Carter opens his eyes at a hotel in the South Korean capital, Seoul, he can’t remember anything, but he hears a girl’s voice in his ear telling him to find Doctor Jung. Carter doesn’t remember anything. Slowly he understands that a terrible virus has killed millions of people in America and South Korea and Doctor Jung has a cure for that virus because Doctor Jung used that antivirus on his daughter and she It was fine.

Carter faces many obstacles along his way, including the government of South Korea, the CIA, and North Korea. Carter somehow manages to save Doctor Jung’s daughter, and when he gets her to her destination, a fit transmitter is removed from her brain, which restores her memory. Then he learns that his daughter has also been infected with this dangerous virus and to save her life, she has to find Doctor Jung and take anti-virus. Then he has a fight with a North Korean general who is actually misusing Carter. After a fierce fight, Carter gets on a train to China with his wife, his daughter, Doctor Jung and their daughter. As Carter breathes a sigh of relief after having finished all his enemies in the final battle, the front bridge collapses and the train falls into it.

Carter is played by Joo Won. He has sweated for hours in the preparation of this role. He had not played any character in such action films before. He got immense fame and many awards for his character in a television series called Good Doctor. Carter is a completely different role for him. In this, he had to be constantly engaged in action and prepare himself physically and mentally for it. What a wonderful role Xu has played this character. This kind of complete action puts Carter in the category of films like Kill Bill.

Blood has been shed like water, even as Carter washes at least 5 dozen martial artists in a bathhouse and breaks someone’s head, breaks someone’s hand and cuts their neck with a laughing knife . Action is the specialty of this film and this action is shown with a purpose. Since Carter is a fighter and also specially trained by the CIA, his course of action is very different. Some action sequences look just like video games. At many places the action has overshadowed the story and hence the audience wants to breathe for a while but even then the action does not end.

In the climax, the chase sequence of the train and the helicopter has been shot in a very amazing way. Computer graphics have not been used in this, so these stunts become more dangerous. All the stunts, from unarmed combat to sniper rifles aiming at targets sitting tens of meters away, have all been shot with the help of drone cameras, so if you watch this film on big television, your head might start spinning.

This type of action is rarely seen, so special praise should be given to Bornstant and Andreas Fronck for putting the story and soul of this film in full action. In small corridors, especially in combat, Xu has performed stunts beyond his physical capacity. His getup is also such that he looks comfortable in these scenes. The constant action can tire the audience because when Carter’s memory comes back, the pace of the story suddenly slows down but till then it is a daunting task to keep watching the action continuously.

Violence is the story in Carter and there is only violence in the story but all arrangements have been made to justify the violence. The film has become worth watching due to the action of Zoo and it is a must watch if you enjoy action films.

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