Indian food is incomplete without cumin, this spice is full of medicinal properties

Many dishes of India are such that the taste emerges only after the tempering (baghar) is applied in it. The big thing is whether onion, garlic etc. should be added in the tempering or not, but cumin will definitely be there. The taste and smell of cumin not only make the food tasty, but also … Read more

Intermittent Fasting: Know from Dietitian, Fitness Trainer and General Physician, how beneficial it is for health

Expert Views on Intermittent Fasting: In the last few years, the trend of weight loss has increased rapidly among the people. Various methods are being adopted for this. One of these is Intermittent Fasting, which is on people’s lips these days. A large number of people are trying to lose weight in this way. Many … Read more

The pride of Indian plate is ‘rice’, full of qualities, know its Ayurvedic and religious importance

Rice (Paddy) has a special contribution in the food of the whole world. It is such a cultivar, which is grown everywhere in the world except Antarctica. Rice has an important role in quenching human hunger. Rice born in Asia is also associated with the culture and tradition of the countries here. Paddy is special … Read more

Turnip was once given to feed animals and slaves, read interesting things related to this vegetable

Turnip is one such herb, which has improved its ‘status’. Once this vegetable was grown for animal feed. Slaves were also given turnips to eat, but today it has become the main vegetable of the whole world. The reason for this is that it has a lot of properties. Turnip not only increases the immunity … Read more

Not only spice, cinnamon is also medicine! Read, its interesting history and its properties told in Ayurveda

Cinnamon is a spice, which is a part of garam masala. The aroma of cinnamon and its slight sweetness add flavor to the food. Today cinnamon is easily found all over the world and it has other uses besides spices, but in olden times cinnamon was so valuable that it was sold more expensive than … Read more

yoga day 2022

International Yoga Day 2022: Yoga originated in our country thousands of years ago and because of its benefits, International Yoga Day is also being celebrated on 21st June all over the world. Yogasana helps in our physical, mental and spiritual progress. Everyone knows that yoga is helpful in our progress, but due to yoga, the … Read more

‘Beetroot’ came to India from abroad is rich in iron, vitamins, know its interesting information

Colorful beet is a wonderful vegetable (root-vegetable). It is ‘powerful’ because it is rich in iron and vitamins. The special thing is that it is used extensively as a vegetable, as well as it is used a lot in salads and juices. It is being grown abroad for thousands of years, but this vegetable is … Read more

Heart Attack: Life will be saved after heart attack, now ‘Merck’ will tell the account of 30 days of danger

Life Threat and Expectancy After Heart Attack: Suppose you got a heart attack and luck saved your life. Now someone can tell you that if you will die within the next 30 days due to heart attack or to what extent the threat to your life has been averted, then how will it be. You … Read more

The taste of exotic fruit salad and fruit cream is amazing, try ‘Fruit Shake’ in Kamla Nagar

In view of the social and economic changes and the new system of living, now there are constant and rapid changes in the food as well. what to eat People have become very cautious about this. Now this effort is made that whatever is eaten, it should be hygienic, get digested quickly and also be … Read more

One out of 4 women in the country are self-absorbed at home, unplanned pregnancy is the main reason

(Nivedita Singh) New Delhi. Even though there is a lot of discussion going on in the country on the empowerment of women, but the reality is different. CNN-News 18 recently investigated this and shocking information came to the fore. An analysis of government data for 2019-21 shows that even today one in 4 abortion women … Read more