Cervical cancer: HPV vaccine will be effective in girls and women at what age, learn from experts

India’s first indigenous vaccine has been approved for cervical cancer being found in large numbers in women. It was informed yesterday by the Serum Institute of India that the Quadrivalent Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine (qHPV) has been approved by the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) for market authorization. In such a situation, it will help in preventing cervical cancer, which kills a woman every 8 minutes in India. Cervical cancer is the second leading cause of death among women aged 15 to 44 in the world, while in India it kills 67,000 women annually. In such a situation, a lot of expectations have been raised with the arrival of this cheap vaccine.

According to health experts, this HPV vaccine coming against cervical cancer can prove to be very beneficial for girls and women. However, this vaccine will not be equally effective on women of all ages. On the other hand, women in whom the virus of cervical cancer has entered, its effect will be less on them too. Therefore, the correct age for getting this vaccine is being told 12 to 26 years. The opinion of experts is important regarding this.

That’s why 12 to 26 years is the right age for vaccination.

based in delhi All India Institute of Medical Sciences Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Gynecological Oncology Specialist Dr. Neerja Bhatla Human papilloma virus infection usually occurs in girls at an early age, which gradually develops into cervical cancer. This is a very common virus. Now since the HPV vaccine is for the prevention and protection of the virus, it is necessary to apply it before infection occurs. At the same time, this vaccine is more effective at the age of 12 to 26 years, in such a situation it is necessary that this vaccine should be applied to the girls in the teenage so that the virus cannot enter their body or the virus cannot show its effect and fight the virus. For this, antibodies should be maintained in sufficient quantity in the body of girls and women.

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There itself Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in Oncology and Robotic Gynecology Senior Consultant Dr. Sarika Gupta It is said that the right age for girls to get HPV vaccine is 12 to 26 years. In this too the starting age is more correct. Usually HPV infection starts only after sexual activity. Before that this virus does not affect. If seen, 80 percent of women are affected by HPV in their life, but even 80 percent of them control this virus due to the immunity present in their own body. Whereas 20 percent of women whose immunity is not able to do enough work against this virus, they suffer from it. In many cases, this virus becomes dangerous while present inside and takes the form of cancer. Therefore it is necessary that the vaccine should be taken before the infection of this virus. So 12 to 26 years of age is perfect.

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Why the vaccine will not work in old age
Dr. Sarika further says that there are two reasons behind the vaccine not being completely effective at an older age, first because the HPV vaccine is effective when no woman has been exposed to HPV. Usually HPV infection occurs only after having sex, so after adolescence, when the infection has come in the body after sexual activity, then the effect of the vaccine will be very less. That is why it is being said that this vaccine should be taken before the sexual activity starts. On the other hand, the second reason is that as the age increases, the power to generate immunity decreases in the body. Therefore, the vaccine which will be able to create immunity in a 13-year-old girl will not be able to make it in a 40-year-old woman.

Cervical cancer is asymptomatic, prevention is very important
Dr. Neerja says that cervical cancer is without symptoms. Or its symptoms are so common that it is very difficult to detect it without testing or screening. Therefore its protection is very important. This is the reason why the upcoming HPV vaccine can be considered a great relief.

On the other hand, Dr. Sarika says that there are some such symptoms when there is an infection in the cervix, which can be due to many other reasons such as bleeding after having sex, blood spots again in the middle of menstruation or for a long time. Till the continuation of the menstrual cycle etc. These things are also due to many other problems, so women are not able to show awareness about cervical cancer or HPV infection and this disease increases. That is why it is important that this disease is prevented in advance.

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