Chickpea gives instant energy, a store of mineral, know interesting things about this exotic fruit popular in India


Chiku is an exotic fruit, but it has its affinity from India.
Chikoo is a tree of the tropical region.
About 1000 years ago it was grown in southern Mexico, parts of Central America.

Chiku Benefits and its History: Round-round, full of juice and unique sweetness, chikoo is such a fruit, which fills the body with energy as soon as it is eaten. This fruit is also rich in immunity, so it is very beneficial for the body. It is an exotic fruit, but it has an affinity from India. India is one of the major countries in its production and it is also exported. Its production is less, but it is very beneficial for the body.

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Sweetness as if sugar is crushed in the pulp

If a person is sick or is admitted in the hospital, then doctors definitely advise him to eat chikoo. Even if you go to meet the patient, it will be an effort to take chikoo for him. The reason for this is that it instantly fills the body with energy, as well as is very friendly for the stomach. Chickpeas do not have much commercial importance in the fruit world, as their storage is very complicated. Despite this, it is well-liked. Sweetness is found in many fruits, but its sweetness is unique and different. While eating it seems as if its pulp is filled with fine sugar particles. The special thing is that for years the juice (milky latex) from its tree was used for chewing gum, but now due to the many types of chewing gum, its juice is used in factories (synthetic form).

For years, the sap (milky latex) from its tree was used for chewing gum,

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Grown in tropical regions and then spread to the world

Chickpea is a tropical tree and is believed to have originated in southern Mexico, Central America and parts of the Caribbean about 1000 years ago. It ripens on the tree itself and can be broken and eaten, hence it earned a lot of name. After that it gradually spread throughout tropical Asia. Agricultural scientist of Indian Agricultural Research Institute (Pusa) Prof. Ranjit Singh and Prof. Even in the book ‘Fruits’ written by SK Saxena, chikoo is considered to be a fruit of the American tropical region and it has been told that it entered India in the 19th century. Karnataka, Maharashtra, Bengal, Tamil Nadu are its highest yielding states in India. Information tells that India is at number eight in the world in growing chikoo and it is exported to countries like UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Singapore etc. A lot of jam, jelly, squash, ice cream etc. are also made from chikoo.

Chikoo is a tree of the tropical region.

Chikoo is a tree of the tropical region.

There is a store of minerals in this small fruit

Chikoo is a wonderful fruit. The body gets instant energy as soon as it is eaten. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA), after examining the minerals and vitamins found in chikoo, states that 100 grams of chikoo contains energy 83 kcal, protein 0.44 g, total fat 1.10 g, carbohydrate 19.9 g, dietary fiber 10.9 g, vitamin C 14.7 mg, sodium 12 mg, potassium 193 mg, calcium 21 mg, copper 0.086 mg, iron 0.80 mg, magnesium 12 mg, phosphorus 12 mg, zinc 0.10 mg besides other nutrients are also found. Apart from 71 percent water, this fruit contains 14 percent sugar. Due to these elements, chikoo is considered very beneficial for the body.

Chikoo is a wonderful fruit and it provides instant energy to the body as soon as it is eaten.

Gives instant energy to the body

well-known Food Expert and Nutrition Consultant Nilanjana Singh According to this, simple digestible sugars like fructose and sucrose are found in chikoo. It is a natural source of sugar, which gives instant energy to the body. The compounds found in this fruit are so wonderful that they develop a better immune system in the body. It also copes better with the toxins produced in the body. Due to this, chikoo keeps the nervous system calm and also keeps the mood positive. Many minerals found in chikoo strengthen bones. Reduce joint pain. It also keeps the muscles healthy, so players are advised to consume it.

Disadvantages of eating more chikoo

The fiber found in it supports the intestinal system. It also stops cough and mucus. It helps in maintaining normal blood pressure. Also maintains normal eyesight. It will be fine to eat it regularly and in sufficient quantity. If chikoo is eaten in excess, due to its fiber, it can cause constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain and sometimes vomiting. Since it is high in sugar, people suffering from diabetes should consume it in moderation. Avoid eating raw chikoo, as it can cause itching in the mouth and burning sensation in the throat. Consumption of its seeds should also be avoided.

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