Chup Movie Review: I have a problem with the climax of this Dulquer Salmaan-Shreya Dhanwantri film…

Chup Movie Review: There is a famous couplet of Kabir, ‘Nindak nire rakhiye aangan kuti chivay, bin water soap without soap nirmal kare subhay…’ That is, people who criticize you should always be with them because they have always made your nature better than their criticism. These ‘Nindko’ of Kabir are called critics in the world of cinema and these critics often influence the audience with their opinion. Director R. K., who has been making a different kind of cinema for years. Balki’s film ‘Chup: Revenge of the Artist’ is the story of these critics’ serial murder.

what does the story tell
The film ‘Chup’ is the story of a serial killer who is neatly killing those critics week after week who are giving very few stars to a film. The method of killing this serial killer is so surprising that even Sunny Deol, who became a police officer, gets furious to catch it. The trouble of the police increases even more when there is talk of snatching this case soon and reaching the CBI. Know who is this serial killer by going to the film and what is the connection of this story with Guru Dutt.

Great performance by Dulquer Salmaan, Shreya Dhanwantri
‘Chup’ is a great film, in which I liked the beautiful frames, the novelty of the story-concept. Balki sahib has collected many numbers in bringing the story to the screen regarding this concept. Dulquer Salmaan takes away the rest of his numbers in this film. Dulquer is the life of this film, in fact it is his story. Even after his habit of talking to himself on screen and even after getting a few hints from his character, you will fall in love with him every time on screen. Shreya Dhanwantri is also doing the work of winning hearts on screen. Shreya has played her character, style and her character of being a ‘sweet journalist’.

The film ‘Chup’ is the story of a serial killer.

Psycho is not a thriller
From the very first scene in the film, you will see Sunny Deol and a very different kind of Sunny Deol. Such a policeman who has a mind, is not only angry and at the same time he is also doing subtle-humor. Pooja Bhatt’s character is only for a short while but she looks good in her role. The screenplay of the film is also fun, and some of the frames are beautifully crafted. But because this film is a psycho thriller, then the style of psycho is completely visible but there is nothing much in this film like thrill. Before the policemen, you know who the killer is. Nothing much like suspense is for the audience in this film, because it has been saved only for the police.

Many journalists were sitting around me watching this film, and as soon as the interval happened, everyone was asking each other that how many stars will you give to this film, brother… if you give half a star less, then think critics are not safe. Some critics have even mentioned in a funny way in their review that brother cannot give less stars to it. But my trouble begins with this joke and the spread of this idea. Cinema is a subjective subject. In what state of mind you are watching a film, in what environment you are watching it, all this matters a lot in deciding the experience of a film. Like sometimes very bad jokes of a film are also fun with friends, while on the other hand funny jokes are also not liked when the mood is bad. Cinema, films are an experience and the same thing critics often say in their reviews that such an experience happened or I liked this film like this…

Talking about this film, I have two different opinions on the art and the plot. The aspects of art that I have mentioned above, it is a good film and must be seen. But I do not agree with ‘Justification of Violence’ in its plot and climax. In one scene of the film, Pooja Bhatt is seen explaining, ‘There are usually 4 types of psycho killers. Out of which a type of psychokiller connects him to a mission to justify his crime. They find some reason or the other that they feel that what they are doing is right and that is justice. We are justifying this mentality of Psycho killer in the climax of the film.

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Sunny Deol and Pooja Bhatt are also seen in Chup.

You will do the research, because the director did not do that much.
In Hindi cinema, from ‘Kaagaz Ke Phool’ to ‘Andaz Apna Apna’, there have been many such films which have been rejected not only by the critics but also by the audience at the time of release, while the history of many films is such that even if the reviews are good. May not have met but got a lot of love from the audience. The biggest example of this is the recently released ‘Kabir Singh’ which got a lot of criticism, but no ‘review’ could make this film a failure. Along with this, the so-called suicide of Guru Dutt in the film has also been linked to the failure of ‘Kaagaz Ke Phool’. But let me tell that ‘Kaagaz Ke Phool’ was not his last film. Do a little research yourself, because the director saab has not done that much. R. Talking about Balki’s ‘Chup’, there may be a lot of talk on its idea, but as a film it is a good film and this aspect must also come in front of the audience. 3 stars for this movie from my side And among these stars, you can give a lot of credit to Dulquer and Shreya.

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