‘Combustion: Rakan’s Mystery’ Could Have Been Finished in Two or Three Episodes

many times While writing the story, the writer gets great pleasure, whereas writing is a process of creation done in utter solitude, in which there are only and only sufferings. When a script is made on a story, even the flight of imagination of the screenwriters is not controlled. This is the main reason for big long films and very long web series. The web series which cannot be more than three episodes, is also pulled up to 9 episodes. It is argued that in web series there is freedom of many sub-plots and parallel tracks, but to give priority to certain characters, scenes are written around them and about them and inserted into the script. Scenes that can be shown with the same intensity in barely 10 seconds, turning it into a full 2 ​​minute long sequence, leave the audience running after some time. For example, director Neeraj Pandey’s films are interesting, but in his films, the chases are very long, the actors are often shown walking and those scenes are also long, due to which there is a slight cut in his films. And can be a great thriller. This story is the new victim of the script length Disney+ Hotstar’s new web series “Dahan – Rakan Ka Mystery”. Interesting, but too long.

The story of Shilaspura village is where there is a mine, in which unlimited minerals are present. There is a cave in this mine where the secret of Rakan is hidden. The villagers think that the rakan (there will be some relation with the dakan) in that cave turns the mind of whomever it comes on, it turns every living person into a zombie or kills it. If the government means a rare mineral, then a useless type of IAS (Tisca Chopra) is posted there, who wants to start digging again. A village priest (Saurabh Shukla) warns them of the age-old elusive curse, Rakan’s cave and the Holocaust, but the excavations begin. Some unforeseen incidents happen, the villagers raise their voices of protest, but the collector madam from the city does not believe in the words of ghosts. Many episodes culminate in a battle for the supremacy of science and faith. When some more dead bodies are laid, it is known that what was the mystery after all. The viewer feels cheated and after wasting 9 episodes, he feels that if the story had been finished in 2-3 episodes, Shadab could have happened. But this could not happen.

The writer of the series, Nisarg Mehta, first wrote Hostages (a remake of Israel’s web series) for Disney + Hotstar, then wrote the dialogues of G5’s very absurd film Caller Bomb. Second author Shiva Bajpayee was also the author of Hostages with Nisarga and third Nikhil Nair was co-author of Collar Bomb with Nisarga. Together, these three gave so much detail to the story that along with the mystery, super natural, thrill, boredom also happened. First of all, it is good to know that the IAS can get their posting done from the Secretariat with so much pleasure. Tisca Chopra is a capable actress, but she is rarely seen. Since the arrival of OTT, they have started getting work. She might also suit in such a role, but her character looks very strange, seems weak. Saurabh Shukla is a player artist but got type cast in this series. He became an astrologer in Lage Raho Munna Bhai, that attitude has also come here. Corrupt leaders and landlords were made in the film Red, the same anger and dialogue delivery is here too. His character was written with the intention of making a film. There is a lot of over acting. More or less the same is the case with Mukesh Tiwari. As a cop, he is expected to add heat to the story, but he continues to do dialogues with Collector Sahiba. Rajesh Tailang will do this web series as a friendship, it is certain.

If we look at the origin of the story, we have heard many such haunting stories in our childhood. There is Dakan, there is a ghost, etc. No one has seen ghosts or Dakan, everyone has narrated stories to them by their relatives or acquaintances. However, even science has not yet succeeded in breaking some superstitions and for this reason logic puts weapons in front of superstition. Second, education has also not been capable enough that a promising person can question the existence of these ghosts and prove them wrong by doing research. Till this happens, we will continue to be fools. However, one should not be so foolish that the story does not progress in long episodes and time is wasted only with the help of the script. This is the first web series of director Vikrant Panwar. If he handled a long and wide plot, then he is right, so he will continue to get work as a director. At the same time, his co-director Jai Sharma, who has worked as an assistant director in many big films, will continue to struggle for him.

Technically, some scenes in the series have definitely been made better. The mutual conversation between Mukesh Tiwari and Tisca is funny somewhere. The climax is well made. Computer graphics have also appeared fine, rough work is not. The cinematographer is Arkodeb Mukherjee who has been associated with the world of web series for the last few years and his work is also good. One person who disappointed is editor Gyanand Samarth. There are so many strange cuts in some scenes that the audience keeps waiting for the completion of that scene. Also there was scope to remove many episodes from this series and a good editor can keep the story from getting long and boring. Watch the middle one or two episodes in fast forward or even if you score a goal, then the story does not matter. Dahan: Rakan’s Mystery is aboard two boats, Rahasya and Horror, in which mystery is given such priority that horror looks like a second-class citizen. Disney + Hotstar launched the Hindi remake of Tamil Rakshasan Puppet in this genre a few days ago. Due to the random acting of Akshay Kumar, that film also starts boring and the same thing happens in Dahan. Puppet is tolerated at least because it is a film. Dahan is a very long and boring web series. Watch Dahan only when you are ready to fast forward the middle episodes.

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