Corona is having a bad effect on physical relations, the problem of sleepwalking or restlessness is also increasing: Research


Headache, restlessness, loss of smell and taste are common in long covid patients.
The problem of walking in sleep or feeling restless can persist for months.

new Delhi. The lack of sense of taste and smell in the symptoms of corona is no longer given much importance. Even after this, it is the most important of the long-term Kovid symptoms. According to a new study, one-third of the patients of Long Kovid lose their sense of smell. At the same time, every fifth patient stops getting taste. In the same study, it has been found that long covid patients are also becoming an obstacle in making physical relations. Many patients are also complaining of being a victim of sleep walking disease.

A team of researchers from Britain’s East Anglia University is studying the relationship between Covid and parosmia. This study has been published in the journal International Forum of Allergy and Rhinology. Karl Filpo, the chief researcher of the team, said that long covid is a complex condition. This situation is created either during or after the corona. If the symptoms remain in a corona patient for more than 12 weeks, then he is considered a patient of long covid.

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Loss of taste and smell has a bad effect
Karl told that the symptoms of long covid include headache, restlessness, loss of smell and taste. The problem of sleepwalking or feeling restless may persist for several months after the initial infection. Not only this, the memory of the patient can also be affected. He told that every third patient of Kovid involved in the study said that now he does not feel the smell. At the same time, according to every fifth patient, he does not taste anything anymore. This is a big problem because the loss of taste and smell has a great impact on life.

Due to long covid, the desire to build relationships among people is decreasing.

Growing reluctance to have sex
Lead researcher Filippo said that according to the previous study, the rate of depression, anxiety, the habit of living in solitude as well as problems in personal relationships have increased significantly in people who lost their ability to smell due to corona. This has a bad effect on every aspect of life. Due to this, a feeling of reluctance starts to arise from personal cleanliness to making physical relations. Due to this, there is a rift in the personal relations of the people. 3,60,000 people were included in this study.

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Many patients came to know themselves, they have long covid
The problem of long covid was found in 10,431 patients from the people included in the study. When they were talked to, it was found that about 3 percent of the people themselves had come to know about suffering from Long Kovid. If it is calculated on the basis of the total population of Britain, then about 18 lakh people in the country are suffering from this problem. Some other experts believe that Kovid-19 has badly affected the personal life of married couples.

How is the erectile dysfunction issue triggered?
Physical exhaustion, weakness and other diseases can trigger the disease of erectile dysfunction in a person after recovering from the corona virus. At the same time, due to the fear of infection, the desire to build relationships has decreased among people. According to a report published in The Week, sexual response depends on arousal and arousal. Workload, changing lifestyle, fear of infection and stress, depression and psychosis have reduced people’s desire to have a physical relationship with their partner during the Corona period.

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