Cosmetic Surgery Part 6: How Much Should You Budget for Popular Cosmetic Surgery? would be surprised to know


The cost of breast augmentation surgery ranges from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.50 lakh.
20 to 25 thousand rupees have to be spent for getting botox surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery Part 6: Many people want to have cosmetic surgery, but they do not have the right information about it. Most of the people think that having cosmetic surgery means costing lakhs. People often keep guessing about the cost of this surgery. A large number of people are not aware of this. of this special series part 5 I told you about the reversal of cosmetic surgery. Today, you will know from the experts that how much does cosmetic surgery cost approximately. Apart from this, we will also try to know on what factors the cost of surgery depends.

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What do experts say?
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (New Delhi) Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Raman Sharma According to this, cosmetic surgery consists of different parts. The cost of this surgery depends on the type of surgery you are going for. For example, there are many types of nose surgery. Sometimes surgery is done only on the front part of it, and sometimes surgery of the whole nose is done. Many people get implants inserted in breast and butt augmentation. Inserting implants increases the cost significantly. Apart from this, you will get different prices in different hospitals. In many places, there will be a difference in the cost of cosmetic surgery for Indian and foreign people.

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Know the Cost of Popular Cosmetic Surgeries

  • The number of liposuction people in the country is the highest. Generally, the cost of liposuction ranges from Rs 60 thousand to Rs 2 lakh.
  • The number of people who have undergone rhinoplasty is in the thousands. There are many types of rhinoplasty and it costs about Rs 60 thousand to Rs 1.80 lakh to get it done.
  • The cost of breast augmentation surgery, which increases the size of the breast, ranges from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.50 lakh. After inserting the implants, this price reaches up to Rs 1.70 lakh.
  • Breast reduction ie the surgery which is done to reduce the size of the breast, costs about 1.50 lakh to 2.50 lakh rupees.
  • The cosmetic surgery to increase the size of the hip is called Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). In this surgery also some people get implants inserted. Its cost comes to around 1.50 to 2 lakh rupees.
  • A face lift cosmetic surgery costs around Rs 1.50 lakh to Rs 2 lakh. However, in India only few people do this surgery.
  • About 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees are spent for eye lid surgery. To keep the skin young, 20 to 25 thousand rupees have to be spent for botox surgery.
  • The cost of scar revision surgery to remove permanent scars on the body is 40 to 50 thousand rupees. Apart from this, the cost of laser hair reduction is 7 to 8 thousand rupees.

These factors affect the cost

cosmetic surgeon Dr. Raman Sharma It is said that it is difficult to tell the fixed cost of surgery. Its cost depends on many factors. These include many things including surgery type, area of ​​surgery, hospital, surgeon, medicines, implants, facilities. You will get the difference in its cost in different hospitals. However, the most important thing is that cosmetic surgery should always be done from a good hospital and qualified surgeon.

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