Covid-19 Variant BF.7: Will Corona virus once again wreak havoc in India? Experts said this


According to experts, the new variant of Kovid can spread the infection very fast.
To avoid this, people should strictly follow the Covid protocols.

Covid-19 Variant BF.7 In India: The new variant Omicron BF.7 of Kovid-19, which has made millions of people its victims in China for the last several days, has also entered India. This variant is considered very dangerous and due to this the speed of infection can increase very fast. Now once people are worried about the havoc of Corona. In view of the new danger, the central government has also become active and measures are being taken to deal with it. Now the question arises whether the new variant of Kovid-19 can bring a new wave of corona in India? Could this make the situation worse once again? Let us know the opinion of health experts on this.

New variant can spread rapidly

of New Delhi Dr. Sonia Rawat, Director, Preventive Health Department, Sir Gangaram Hospital It is said that coronavirus is mutating from time to time and new variants are coming out. The new variant of corona can spread more rapidly and can become the cause of severe illness. There may be an increase in the cases of infection in India in the next few weeks, but if caution is increased, the situation can be controlled in time. Vaccination has been done on a large scale in India, so the possibility of the new variant being fatal is less. However, it is too early to say anything on how much the vaccine will affect the new variant. Right now everyone needs to be cautious.

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Corona wave may come again

Former President of Delhi Medical Association and Retired CMO of NDMC Dr. Anil Bansal If you believe, then the new variant has increased the danger of new wave of Corona in India. Nowadays, due to international traveling, the virus easily reaches from one country to another. Initially its symptoms are not visible for 5-7 days, but it keeps on infecting people. Talking about the vaccine, the effect of the vaccine on the new variant is greatly reduced, but it will be known correctly only after research. If cases increase in India, then the situation can become serious, because the health system gets overwhelmed due to sudden increase in cases. It is also an important thing that people should get treatment from a qualified doctor only after getting infected with Kovid, otherwise the infection can spread badly.

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Such people are most at risk from the new variant

Doctors say that those people who are suffering from diabetes, blood pressure, HIV or other serious diseases are most at risk from the new variant of Corona. It can cause viral severe condition by reaching the lungs of people with asthma, breath or other respiratory diseases. That’s why people suffering from weak immunity and diseases should take special care. If someone has not got the booster dose of the vaccine, then one should strengthen his own security by getting this dose as soon as possible.

Only universal precautions can avert danger

According to experts, people will have to be careful about the new variant from now itself, otherwise the situation can be dire. In the next few days, there will be Christmas and New Year parties, in which there is a high risk of spreading the virus due to overcrowding. To avoid this, people have to wear masks, follow social distancing and stay away from crowded places. The new wave can be stopped by strictly following the Covid rules as before. If carelessness is taken in these things, then the risk of spreading the infection will increase.

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