Criminal Thinking: Why criminal thinking is increasing among youth, psychologists are telling this big reason behind it, know


Everyone is seeing the flamboyance spread in the society.
Love angle is increasing in youth towards ‘Passion of Crime’
the law needs to be tougher

Criminal Thinking increasing in Youth: the way in which new age young criminal Incidents are being carried out, it is a matter of concern. Be it Aftab or the case of Dwarka in Delhi. It is continuously seen that the mood of the youth is becoming vengeful. What is the reason behind this. With all this we psychological Had a detailed conversation with Dr. Deepak Raheja (Psychologist Dr Deepak Raheja), about which he is telling here.

Nowadays the way in which the structure of the society is changing. The youth’s ability to handle frustration and tolerance is getting lost somewhere. We are living in such a social environment where this ‘Dil Maange More’ every man sees big car, big house, fame of others… Every person is seeing the flamboyance spread in the society.

Ghaziabad Ankit Murder: A sinister conspiracy was hatched after watching a film on YouTube, the body of a PhD student was cut into 4 pieces and thrown at different places.

But the hard work, blood and sweat behind this is not visible… It is changing the thinking of our youth and the gap of ‘have or have not’ is increasing… and nowadays the angle of love in the youth has become ‘passion of crime’. Attachment towards ‘ is increasing, it is changing their condition and their state of mind. And this is the reason why the youth are not afraid of carrying out any criminal incident.

But the biggest concern is the manner in which these incidents are being carried out. No one thinks about what happens to that girl, that victim. What circumstances her family has to face and how much she breaks down, it is beyond anyone’s imagination. And the victim has to pay for the changing thinking of the youth throughout her life because these wounds are not on her body but on her mind.

The way criminal thinking is increasing among our youth, whether it is Aftab or Dwarka’s case, there is a need to make the law even more strict so that the fear of the law remains in the mind of the criminal. And he could stop himself from committing this type of crime.

He said that along with the society, the responsibility of the family also increases to spend enough time with their children. Keep an eye on their every activity. If you see any kind of change in the child, then definitely consult a psychologist. Because today the way in which the practice of organized family has reduced a lot. Nuclear families have increased. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of the parents towards the family to spend time with their children. Ask about them. Take full care of their every activity about their friends.

It has been told that when someone executes such an incident, then his mood is completely different at that time. At that time he loses the ability to think about anything and only the thought of revenge dominates somewhere inside him.

It becomes the responsibility of the family and the society that if this type of mood is being generated in a child. If some way of revenge is awakening in the mind of the child, then it should be explained. He should be told the difference between right and wrong and must consult a psychologist to help the child eliminate the feeling of revenge. Show the child because the condition of this method can be very fatal for the child later.

Dr. Raheja told that the way in which today’s children are getting away from outdoor activities and spend their time at home on phone, mobile, social media. Somewhere, seeing the reel, he executes the same type of incidents in his real life, which are going to create trouble for his future. That’s why insist on children to do outdoor activities. Keep children away from mobile and social media so that these things do not affect their mood.

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